Understanding Communist Jargon Words Reveals Hidden, Real Agendas

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We’re all very familiar with the words “diversity” and “social justice.” I could give you thousands of English words you are not familiar with, probably never even heard of them. So why are the American people so familiar with the three words noted above?

Truth is, the two terms are intentional Communist hypnotic conditioning mechanisms. They have very different definitions than you may know, yet by adopting the terms, we are propagating foreign ideas unknowingly. It’s like trying to speak some words in a foreign language before you know their meanings. You will receive laughter or very odd facial expressions from native speakers when their language terms are used incorrectly.

So it is with the Communist-invented terms of diversity and social justice. Diversity really means to replace traditional, white patriotic Americans with foreign agents intended to destroy America from within our own borders. Diversity means to give unfair, preferential treatment to minorities and other groupings who accept Communist ideas to the detriment of those who do not. It seeks to enlarge the Communist world. Social justice really means only justice for people who adhere to Communism while denying all justice to those who don’t. In effect, Social justice believes that it is fair to be unfair, a direct contradiction. Both terms reveal the psychotic nature of Communism. But the Communist Party wants all of America to use their subversive political terms constantly. They are hoping that if we hear them and repeat them enough, we will come to believe them fully as good Communists are supposed to; hook, line, and sinker!

And these words are not only dishonest, they are destructive of American institutions, even deadly. For example, consider a recent report by Leo Hohmann that the “Killer Cop Mohamed Noor was Diversity Hire.” http://www.wnd.com/2017/07/killer-cop-mohamed-noor-a-diversity-hire/ In the beginning, there was the legislative act of “Equal Opportunity.” Then, this became “Affirmative Action.” In order to expand unfair hiring practices out more to the unqualified, it became “quota hiring.” Then, it became “Diversity.” Remember, the impulsive officer was a “diversity hire” which truth be known, meant he was really unqualified to be hired as measured by the standard of rational sanity. The gradual changes in terms were only a disguised way to broaden-out the same Communist idea.  Equal opportunity eventually led to one minority (black police officer) killing another (white female).  The officer would not be qualified to hire by traditional standards,  only by Communist standards.

The same Communist thought process was also responsible for what Shannon Spada reported as another case of “social justice” where a white female student was told she couldn’t talk at a meeting and then told to stand at the back of the room. https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=9451 This was a case of social justice because it was being unfair to the American while being fair to the Communist agitation group at Evergreen State College.

The two cases have much in common although most would not see the connections. Both stories were really about the regular activities of the Communist Party in America. Both claim to have high ideals of fairness and equity, yet their actions contradict these very ideas. Normal Americans call this hypocrisy. This Communist method is called the Dialectical Contradiction. It could also be called Communist agitation to “transform America through hope and change.” Bring this logic forward and, what do you guess the new terms “repeal and replace” really mean? Since there is no constitutional basis for the federal government to be involved in healthcare of its citizens, only a repeal is appropriate. I suggest they mean neither repeal or replace.

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