It’s as if The Communist News Network Wanted to Prove They are Good Communists

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In last Monday’s article, I explained how the Communist Party operates to deceive entire countries with their false and misleading terminologies, false identities, and staged public melodramas; all techniques of Communist hypnotic propaganda to influence the unwary into accepting the doctrines of Communism.  Now come to find out, apparently these staged melodramas, originally used so successfully on college campuses during the 1960s youth demonstrations and protests, are expanding outward to include the exploitation of the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

I invite you to carefully watch this U-Tube video of a fellow whose white pickup just happened to drive off into a flooded area in south Texas at the exact time the reporter began speaking.  What are the odds of a vehicle driving off into the water behind the newscaster at the exact time of the “news report”?  Did you see the journalist seemingly switch from khaki shorts to dark, long pants as he rushed to “save” the victim?  And what about the straw cowboy hat on the white pickup’s dashboard?  By appearances, the “rescued” victim was no cowboy, this Texan can assure you.  The CNN script offended real Texas cowboys by asking the victim, who, had a hard time keeping a straight face, if he got the rope.  Texas cowpokes know full-well the comment was intended to be demeaning to them.  Notice the interviewer-rescuer seemed to also be coaching the victim during the interview as if to help him along with his phony act.

As I said in last Monday’s article, the Communist Party has been staging skits for decades, but mostly they were episodes framed on college campuses and in the streets of America.  So what was the Communist Party trying to say to the American subconscious with this act?

Not only were they trying to degrade Texas cowboys, they were trying to degrade and insult a tradition of American patriotism, since cowboys are among those who have the most patriotic blood running through their veins and who symbolize our American heritage of freedom out of adversity.  CNN was attempting to deceive their viewers with this Communist propaganda film into believing the same lie that the Communist [democrat] Party has been propagating for decades, i.e., that they are the only political party that cares for the “little guy” and all the other helpless victims of American exceptionalism.  In this case, their dupe was posing as a flood victim. Was CNN trying to convey the message that they were the good guy?  Texans do not see themselves as victims.  If you recall, we Texans may be heard with the patriotic refrain, “Remember the Alamo!” And I’m sure they’d love to tear down the Alamo, a proud symbol of Texas and American patriotism.

I have been known to refer to CNN as the Communist News Network, which they literally are.  When most people hear me say that, they often laugh because it sounds so odd yet they secretly believe it to be true.  If it’s been hard for any of my readers to see and believe what I was saying in my last article [Communism: There are Many Flavors But They’re All Still Just Ice Cream] is true, maybe this latest example will clear things up a bit.

The CNN “news report” is the most blatant and unethical example of so-called “fake news” I’ve ever seen, but the video in question is much worse than journalistic prevarication. It’s an undeniable example of hard-core Communist hypnotic propaganda, a tactic being forced on us by a foreign power!  I don’t even think Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would be proud of this poorly executed propaganda film.

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Communism: There are Many Flavors ButThey’re All Still Just Ice Cream

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If you listen to the tremendous surge of media reports about this and that violent so-called “hate group,” you might become thoroughly confused about who’s who.  You might even notice quite a few conflicting reports. Specifically, these conflicting reports indicate the presence of Communist hypnotic conditioning through a barrage of intentional, propagandistic disinformation.  Who is doing this?  Why?

The Communist Party is totally based on deception and deception feeds confusion.  A striking pattern feeding this confusion is the mis-identification of the real perpetrators.  For example, white American patriots are not neo-Nazis, bigots, or white supremacists as the phony press has tried to convince us.   White patriots are simply Americans who love their country. So-called bigots are those who stubbornly hold a single viewpoint and are totally intolerant of all other viewpoints.  Did you really think the Democrat Party believes in tolerance of all people?  If you did, then you have been affected by Communist hypnotic conditioning. These are all characteristics of the Communist Party, the ugly insides of the Democrat Party.

If you find this hard to believe, check out how many democrats voted with republicans to repeal Obamacare.  The answer is zero.  Nazis can only be Nazis; there is no such thing as “neo” Nazi as the prefix indicates. The Communist Nazi Party would never allow any part of their religious belief system to be watered-down by the prefix “neo.” Nazism is only one of many “flavors” of Communism, more accurately called Fascism.  The methods of fascism are the same as red Communism, they just had a different leader in the 1930s and 1940s Germany. Instead of Stalin’s flavor of Communism, Hitler favored the Fascist flavor.

The dishonest term “white supremacists” came from the activities of the Ku Klux Clan, and you really should know that the clan was invented by democrats, not patriotic republicans.  The Ku Klux Clan was an organ of the Democrat Party which was intended to function as the street fighter against the Republican Party to restore slavery and their agrarian lifestyle in the American south.  Do you believe that the “Clan” was a so-called “white supremacy” group of the Republican Party?  If you do, then you have been significantly influenced by Communist hypnotic propaganda.

The point here is that the Communist Party street agitators, along with their willing accomplices, the press, are calling patriotic Americans the very labels that they themselves are!  Can you think of any better way to conceal the true intent of a global criminal organization than to constantly blame everybody else who opposes them? Continual repetition of the same Communist hypnotic narratives over months and years induces many to accept and even promote Communism, and far too many do so without conscious awareness.

Did you know that one of the Communist Party’s tricks is to create an acting play where one half of the group plays the part of street fighters (the ultra-left) while the other half play the role of their (phony) opponent, such as, for example, when the false term “white supremacists” is used to discredit the Republican Party? But both groups are really only two flavors of the same Communist Party and its co-conspirators working in concert to deceive the American public with a very big set of lies.

Another little insight I wish to share is the Communist Party always wants to make an exciting melodrama in the streets to draw video coverage to use later as hypnotic propaganda on what many believe to be the local and national “news.”  If the video media refused to come, the staged “play” would be either postponed or cancelled until they could get the press to cover their antics for popular consumption. Otherwise, these staged peaceful-turned-violent mobs would not waste their time.

Be very careful what you believe.  Have an open mind and check assertions with independent, objective, confirmatory research of your own. The Communists agitators wear many different masks intended to deceive the American public, but don’t be fooled.  They’re all still different flavors of the same poisonous dessert:  Communism.  See what happens when a country buckles under the pressure of persistent Communist violence with the example of Venezuela here.

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Just What is a “Triggering Event” and What Does it Mean for America?

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As everybody who keeps up with the “news” these days knows, another sign of madness has reared its head again with the job re-assignment of an American of Asian ethnicity simply because he happened to have the wrong name:  Robert Lee, according to Fox News.  As I update this article today, August 25th, I note as predicted, that Trip Gabriel  has also noticed this spread of Communism through their deceptive vehicle of monumental history erasure.

This turn of events is quite interesting, not because the announcer was reassigned, but of the term “triggering event” that was used as the reason for the move.  It appears that the results of constant Communist hypnotic agitation in the streets has now come home to roost.  Communist hypnotic terms are typically used to induce gullible victims into a chain of behaviors that advance the Communist agenda such as what is going on now with Confederate monuments, i.e., the destruction of American culture, rule of law, and morality.  In this most recent case, however, the triggering event that the Communist Party itself created, i.e., those names of Confederate leaders and their representative statues, has backfired badly.

As I report in my book, The Hypnotic Communist: The Satanic Seduction of America, the Communist Party intentionally conditions their victims’ minds into accepting all or parts of the Communist program.  To accomplish this, various psychological cue words such as “racism,” “racist,” “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” to name only a few, are constantly repeated in the public domain by popular opinion leaders as well as in virtually every other public media venue. The Communist Party calls these leaders “influence agents.”  These terms become embedded in the human subconscious mind to be activated later by their leaders’ cue words that  trigger the desired behavioral sequences in their co-conspirators.

Right now, this is evident in the numerous mob riots taking place. Cuing terms such the now popular “fascists” become the psychological stimuli that “trigger events” that incite their violet mobs into action. Over time, this conditioning of peoples’ minds and behaviors expands throughout the population.  In this most recent case, widening their net has even caught an innocent minority member, which isn’t supposed to happen. The hypnotic conditioning has expanded out so much now that the conditioned cue words of Communese are triggering the wrong behaviors.  Now, they are snagging the wrong people; those who are already politically correct.

Minorities in America have been the Communist Party’s most useful weapon against American institutions for more than just a few decades.  These minorities often don’t realize they are being used to advance Communist objectives, but the tiny group of their Communist leaders do know what they are doing. The press refuses to call them the Communists that they are.  Instead, you will hear the proxy term “liberal elite” to describe them.

The point I’m trying to make is that the real question should be:  “When does all this criminal destruction of public property stop?”  Is there an end to all the tearing down of America’s historical traditions and institutions by these hypnotically conditioned mob rioters?  What about all the statues that are not associated with the former Confederacy? Will they also be destroyed to completely wash our minds of all American history or will they be given a pardon if they advance the Communist plan? The clear answer is the Communist Party has no off button.  That political party is a runaway train whose mindless conductor believes that railroad tracks never end. Dorothy can just click her heals together and all their dreams will come true.  No, there is no end once it gets-up a head of steam and we all decide to go-along in order to get-along.

The result?  All Americans are in grave danger, not just the politically incorrect.

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Mob Violence in the Name of “Peace” Exposes the Deceptive Nature of Communist Tactics

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Most of you have at least some idea of the activities of the Communist Party when you watch the so-called “news.”  All media networks are salivating to expose you to the latest mob violence on the foundations of America; but they exercise journalistic malpractice when they neglect to tell you that all of these social disturbances, for example, the attacks on our national statues, are the activities of the Communist Party.  This international political organization organizes and controls all the various protest and anarchy groups as their central command and control.

As a former professor, I knew that the best way to reach all students is to stimulate as many of the five senses as possible.  In this article, I’m going to share with you three U-tube videos that expose different aspects of the visible workings of the world Communist Party.  The first video presents an individual’s testimony of his experience in his former Communist country of Bulgaria and compares it with the mob violence we are shown and being told about here in America.  The second video exposes the activities of George Soros, perhaps the most evil of Communist operatives in the world right now, and how he is funding all the mob violence.  The final video is an undercover look at the real North Korea and illustrates what America will surely become if we cannot stop what you saw in the first two videos.

In the following U-Tube interview, Alex Jones of InfoWars talks with a former citizen of Bulgaria who describes the recent Communist mob attacks on the American police or anyone who disagree with their agenda.  His point is that these are the same mobs that attacked his country and turned eastern Europe into a Communist bloc. The same Communist methods are used in both countries.

Then, Pamela Sue reveals the Communist agent behind most of these Communist attacks as Mr. George Soros, originally a citizen of Budapest, Hungary.  It is important to note that while Soros is the most visible symbol of the funding of these violent mobs in America, the funds are ultimately being funneled to his many front groups by the International Communist Party.  Notice in the video by R. Finn how the deceptive Communist Party is focused on destroying our country’s institutions, culture, morality, and history with the camoflauge of  all their Communist Party front Organizations.

Finally, Lisa Ling unveils the real North Korea from behind the cover of the deceptive and misleading propaganda props of that Communist regime.  Notice that the country is essentially a military police state of impoverished slaves oppressed by the tiny Communist elite in power.  Do you really want to live like the North Koreans?  I provide this video in order to show you the final result of what is happening now in America as illustrated in the two previous videos.  In other words, the first two videos indicate what happens before the complete Communist takeover of a country, and the last video shows you what that final result for America will look like if these kinds of Communist uprisings continue unabated.

Do you want to live the impoverished lifestyle of the North Koreans?  We must realize that the model of North Korea is the same model that the Communist enemies of America are now working to install with these riots!  These are Communist-mob agitations.

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What are the Communists Trying to Accomplish by Eliminating National Symbols of Identity?

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The recent Charlottesville skirmish is only one among many that indicate a pattern of Communist incursions into the fabric of American cultural history.  It’s important for the remnant of patriotic Americans to not be deceived into believing that we can survive without public symbols that serve to remind us all, for better or worse, of our history.  Don’t forget the aphorism that “those who forget history are destined to repeat it.” But that’s just what the Communist Party desires.

Unfortunately for us, the Communist propaganda machine, masquerading as “the press,” has diced-up all the various actors in the Charlottesville skirmish as the fault only of their manufactured label “the far right.”  Remember, deceptive political rhetoric is that which seeks to manipulate others by focusing on only part of the story, i.e., the part that advances their agenda in the minds of the gullible. The perpetrator behind the tactic of mass-lying is the Communist Party. [As an aside, isn’t it curious that this dramatic domestic event suddenly distracted attention away from what seemed like imminent war with North Korea? Could this have been a face-saving device to avoid the perception of weakness when North Korea backed-down?  Yes, and yes].

This brings us to the point of this essay: Why is the Communist Party, in all its various deceptive manifestations, trying so hard to erase parts of American history? Recall from my book, a fifth column is a political grouping that comes into a country prior to the other four columns, the military columns, to soften-up the country prior to a complete military invasion.  In short, one of this fifth column’s objectives is to erase America’s national identity.  Why would it be important to erase a nation’s identity prior to a full-scale military invasion?  Here are five reasons that an erasure of our national identity weakens our country making us ripe for an eventual Communist takeover.

One, a common, accurate set of historical facts provides a country’s populace with a reality-based perspective on the past, present, and future.  Because history does repeat itself, a complete accounting of history provides a country with an accurate perspective based on past mistakes so that the same mistakes won’t be repeated.  The repetition of past mistakes is often cited as an indicator of insanity and is diagnosed as “repetition compulsion,” a sign of mental illness.

Two, a sense of national identity provides for and supports national social cohesion.  Take away the national identity and destroy its cohesiveness.  Destroy social cohesion and you destroy national moral values.  Destroy commonly-held moral values and America becomes increasingly fragmented.  Increased social fragmentation is a catalyst for more violence.  More violence, in turn, leads to civil war, a war against ourselves.

Civil war is just what the Communist Party is trying to foment. The recent skirmish at Charlottesville sure looked just like a civil war.  The Communist Party was the agent that organized and instigated this public drama. (Notice in Ian Mason and Amanda House’ Breitbart report, that a Finish witness reported that “the police force…in fact funneled the right-wing protesters, the people defending the monument, right into Antifa, [making them run] a gauntlet of Antifa to the monument….Then…” “[the police] declared the gathering of right-wing protesters unlawful.”) The police were obeying orders from their chief, but the chief was likely obeying orders from the city mayor and most likely, the mayor was obeying the state governor, a democrat of the left.  It therefore appears that the entire incident in Charlottesville was indeed the result of an artificial drama orchestrated by influential Communist agitators in the background.

Three, common law is based on historical precedent.  Delete all historical precedents, including past civil war facts, and destroy the rule of law.  Law is built-up from historical precedents leading to legal principles of human dignity and freedom, individual rights and responsibilities. The rule of law is special and necessary for a free people because it judges impartially.  National civil war monuments are symbolic representations of prior struggles for the impartial rule of law.  Delete these symbolic representations, and you delete the national memory for the rule of law.  The deletion of the rule of law leads to rampant lawlessness further weakening America, making us even more vulnerable to eventual Communist takeover. What we saw in Charlottesville was the result of a breakdown in the rule of law. Today, this breakdown is being implemented by government officials giving orders to their police to “stand down” instead of restore order and enforce existing laws.  It is these government officials who are showing the known patterned characteristics of Communist agitators.

Four, lost national history is a metaphor for Alzheimer’s Disease.  If a country begins to suffer from a degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimer’s, you eventually forget who you are, where your country should be going, and how you are supposed to get there.  We Americans believe in all constitutional rights as intended by our founders.  We were intended to be the New Jerusalem to exemplify human dignity and freedom to the world.  And we got here through divine leadership from the one true God almighty.  If we begin to suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, we will forget our national history. Like God’s first people, we will wander in the wilderness for a long time as strangers to ourselves and our God.  We will become a lost people, a country lost to God’s original purpose.

Five, memory is a very important part of intelligence.  Lose your memory, and lose your intelligence.  General George Washington set the standard for intelligence gathering in the Revolutionary War.  He was wise enough to realize that you have to have accurate information about the enemy in order to win military battles.  As such, Washington was not gullible or cowardly as many of our current leaders, but he was a very wise man who saved America from defeat at the hands of the British. It’s curious, then, that we cannot seem to even call our common enemy who it really is; the Communist Party. The best we can do is use substitute terms like “liberals” or “leftists.”  And the Communist Party, which represents itself as all-loving and accepting of everyone, is anything but liberal, leftist, loving, or accepting. The Communist Party is really an extremely rigid and brutal dictatorship, if the truth could ever be made known.

Memory of past challenges, defeats, and victories is essential to success of all future endeavors.  That’s because memory of the past predicts knowledge of the future.  Lose memory of the history of America, and we lose our ability to defeat future enemies.  Our own government has consistently undermined our national security by eliminating patriotic American history in its schools. This covert Communist agenda is disguised by the misleading label of “common core.”  It is common only in the sense that it is a rotten Communist “core,” and it certainly is not the core of American values of historical identity! Public statues remind us of our important national history that must not be forgotten. Lose this historical knowledge, and we disable ourselves in ability to continue to adopt and survive in the future!

We must stop the destruction of our national public symbols of American history lest we lose our country to Communist tyranny.  Would you rather live in North Korea, the Soviet Union, or Red China?  Anyone for Venezuela? That’s how serious this question is to America.

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Is the Charlottesville Riot a Product of the Left or Right, or Some Other Agent?

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Recall last week, the news headlines continued to be obsessed with the activities of the Communist world, in particular, the motives and moves of the committee chairman of the North Korean Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, and the American President, champion of capitalism and the free world.  By the end of the week, the news shifted quickly to street violence in Charlottesville.

In that street violence, the so-called right-nationalists were said to be protesting the decapitation of a long-standing symbol of their southern cultural heritage by a  Communist agitation mob.  And there is credible evidence provided by Ian Mason and Amanda House that Virginia’s own democrat governor, Terry McAuliffe, was the organizing Communist agent in this case. I am writing this to place this event in its proper perspective so the public will better understand what was really going on there.  Remember, understanding the function of mass-deception by propagandists cloaked as “the press” is the key.

Here’s what really happened from the perspective of a powerful, wide-angle lens.  “The left” is a misleading term, a euphemism for the Communist Party, yet few perceive this meaning. Those that do are afraid to use the correct term, “Communist Party.”  One of the main objectives of all their underground activities in America is to incite mass violence against anyone trying to uphold the cultural integrity of their own country, in this case, America.  In stark contrast, the “right-nationalists” are not nationalist at all in the same sense that Hitler’s Nazis were nationalists. When the Communist street agitators and their co-conspirators, “the press,” characterize patriotic Americans as nationalists, the Communist Party is trying to stigmatize these freedom-loving Americans in the minds of the public at large.  They are trying to convince the public that it is the conservative Republicans who are the Nazis.  This is patently false. Hitler’s henchmen were not really nationalists either. They were a manifestation of the German Communist Party, a bunch of Leninist thugs. No, these so-called nationalists are freedom-loving, patriotic American citizens who resent their southern cultural heritage from being uprooted and replaced with Communist dictates.

The so called “far left,” is left all right, but even that characterization is deceptive.  One primary purpose of the Communist Party cloaked as the far left is to oppose and shut-down what they see as an uprising of the patriotic middle class in defense of country. To characterize them implicitly as Nazis is a degradation ceremony that functions to discredit these defenders of their own country.

Frankly, the Communist Party members love to fight.  Ever heard them shout that they “are going to fight for this right and fight for that right?” [The so-called “rights” they refer to don’t even exist in the US Constitution although they make it sound as if they do exist.]  That’s because these kinds of constantly repeated words and phrases are Communist hypnotic propaganda meant to subconsciously induce Americans into voluntarily submission to Communism!

But here’s what you probably haven’t thought about because of the hypnotic nature of sudden, unexpected violence of one group against another.  It’s all a repeat of the same tactic used time and again in our American streets and universities during the 1960s and 1970s.  Then, the street fighting of the Communist Party at and around our universities primarily was intended to demoralize American support for the Vietnam War, so the Communist Vietcong could more easily force us to withdraw and give up the war, which we eventually did. We must learn from that mistake and never back-down again from this type of intimidation.

Now, the real purpose of these street attacks on patriotism, is to deflect attention away from the other story, the confrontation of North Korea with the United States.  The Communist Party is intentionally igniting domestic violence once again to intimidate American patriotic culture, but the objective is to distract, confuse, and discourage our culture from standing up to the Communist monster of North Korea.  You see, if these Communist street agitators expand all over the country, our enemies hope, we will become so preoccupied with our own internal, domestic conflicts, that we will be so weakened that we will drop our opposition to North Korean intentions to attack America with nuclear devices. [This is also what Robert Mueller’s so-called “special counsel” is trying to do on the executive branch as another agent of Communist agitation and subversion].  Internal agitation by Communist mobs is always intended to destabilize, distract, and overcome a country’s resistance to Communist take-over.  As before, they again seek to discredit patriotic Americans so they can defeat us from within.  If they can again turn public opinion against ourselves, North Korea can continue to develop their weapons of mass destruction.  Who knows, they may not even need them.  The war will have already been won by internal subversion!

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The Words We Use Influence How We Think [and Behave]

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In my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, I say that word selection influences how we think.  If we choose to curse a lot, for example, our minds gets cluttered with nastiness.  The more we prevaricate, the more dishonest our minds become.  Similarly, the more we use negative words, the more negative our thinking and behavior become.  All this implies that if we change the words we use, we change the way we think, for better or worse. But what if an unknown agent chooses the words we are forced to use, particularly if those terms are false and misleading?

Seems the Department of Agriculture agrees with this paradigm.  In a recent article by Oliver Milman, the wording of what I identify as Communist hypnotic language is now being intentionally modified for the purpose of nullifying the hypnotic hooks of the Communist language of “environmentalism.” See here.  As I said in my book, the environmentalist front campaign is the most malignant of Communist front groups in America since they are used to take away our property rights.

For example, Milman says that the term “climate change” is no longer allowed in preference for the new term “weather extremes.”  This new term refocuses attention onto “weather” instead of the term “climate.” This is correct, since use of the term “climate change” conditions the human subconscious to accept the idea that there is “global warming” when in fact, the globe is cooling. It really doesn’t matter whether the earth is cooling or warming since it is the height of arrogance to believe that mankind can control climate trends. Only God manages the weather with its seasonal patterns.

The Communist Party has been intentionally tampering with weather measurements for years in order to make the weather appear to be heading toward a global climate crisis of either overheating or freezing.  This is one way they create crises in order to use them to sneak-in more of their Communist plan while causing human minds to become paralyzed with irrational fear and anxiety. Creating mass panic with their Communist terminologies is one way they destabilize and then manipulate entire populations into accepting the big lies of Communism.

Another example of linguistic change noted by Milman is the replacement of the Communist hypnotic meme of “reduce greenhouse gases” with [to] “build soil organic matter” as the Trump Administration is wisely doing.  Since the issue of greenhouse gases has been shown to be empirically false, they don’t need to be reduced.  The new term refocuses attention on something more productive.  There is no need to reduce gasses since nature has already been endowed with a natural equilibration mechanism that corrects potential imbalances.  Mankind can enrich soil to make it produce more food and agricultural products for the human race as well as our domestic livestock.

The takeaway for me is that we can and should replace false Communist terms with true and accurate American terms.  I got the distinct impression, however, that Milman thought it a bad idea to change terminologies, especially since he referred to the changes as “censoring” the false terms instead of “correcting” them.

There are lots of types of war; military, psychological, political, economic, and so on.  It is a very good move by our new governmental leadership to stop the hypnotic influences of deceptive Communist jargon on the American psyche!  What do you think?

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Do You Want to Keep Your Property? Better Quit Voting Democrat, Californians!

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As I said in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, what the public knows as the environmentalist agenda, is in reality, only a cover label for the Communist Party’s long-term agenda to abolish all property rights in America and around the rest of the world.  As I said, this agenda is the most aggressive and dangerous of all their tactics since private property ownership is essential to the survival of a free republic such as America.

It’s no secret that the formerly great state of California has already collapsed under the Communist boot.  It’s already past time for the voters of California to wake-up and vote-right if they want to reclaim any of their lost freedoms and properties.  Many in that state are fleeing just like other countries who’ve already lost all their freedoms to the Communist Party.  Otherwise, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

Most recently, it was reported in the Sacremento Bee that almost two million acres were confiscated by the Obama regime.  Dale Kasler, Carolyn Wilke, and Bryan Sabalow reported that three species of frog and one of toad are the culprits.  Right now, the Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog, the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog, and the Yosemite Toad are sitting mighty pretty.  They just got a huge bail-out in the form of affirmative action preferential treatment.  Unfortunately, their human co-habitants just lost a big chunk of their constitutional property rights.  Guess these amphibians are a lot more important than the human California inhabitants, cattle ranchers, and tree loggers.

Seems strange doesn’t it?  Since California is a solid democrat state, the voters themselves chose to have their property confiscated by the federal government.  The environmentalist agenda is one of the most radical planks of the Democrat [Communist] Party.  Are they aware of this ironic fact?  Timber logging and cattle ranching on federal land has been a cooperative effort for years, but now, with these smothering regulations, the property rights of likely Republican voters, i.e., rural logging and cattle ranchers, will be snuffed-out due to the increased costs of doing business in the hostile environment of environmental Communist Policies.

Do you see how the Communist Party is taking away constitutional freedoms? In this case, the party hides behind the Democrat Party label.  Then, they get the Democrat Party to make nonsensical, excessive regulations for a seemingly good purpose.  Many fail to see how their new “laws” will play-out years down the road when they are enforced and expanded.  In this case, environmental regulations are not really intended to preserve the toads and frogs.  The Communist Party cares absolutely nothing for these creatures.  Like all the other human victims they deceive, they only use gullible voters as stepping stones to enact destruction on their real targets, i.e., the bourgeoisie! These are the class of people Karl Marx bitterly hated as the middle and upper classes, you know, the ones who make all the new jobs for the lower class.  Maybe the hypocritical environmentalist Al Gore should quit using so much electricity too.

Did you know that the production of electricity pollutes the environment even before it is consumed as energy by dishonest Communist minions such as Al Gore? Yes, that’s right.  It is a frequently used propaganda tool of the Communist Party that electricity production and consumption is “clean energy,” but this is all a lie.  Coal is used to produce the heat that produces electricity.  If you want to see your future, just read how Venezuela is being destroyed from within by the Communist Revolution being forced on them! Is that what you democrat voters really want?

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What do “White Nationalist,” “Illegal Alien,” and “Ghost Forests” all have in Common?

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What do the terms “white nationalist”, “illegal alien”, and “ghost forests” have in common?  On first blush, you might think there is very little connection, especially the latter term.  However, there is a very direct connection between them all.  They all point the human subconscious mind in the same direction, but each term does so in a different way.

But first, let me digress just a little.  The Communist Party uses terms such as the ones above to hypnotically condition the human subconscious mind without awareness.  They have to do this covertly because the Communist agenda diametrically opposes the laws of human nature.

An Aesopian term is one that has a completely different meaning from the commonly understood one of American English.  The unique definition is then trained into Communist Agents for secretive communication.  A Weasel word is one that has a different meaning like the Aesopian term, but which is achieved by adding a prefix to an existing word.

For example, the Weasel word “social justice” is the Communist Weasel word that replaces the simpler, honest term of “justice.” Both Aesopian and Weasel words form the underground language of “Communese.”  Only Communists are trained to understand these alternate meanings.  The American public assumes terms such as “illegal alien” and “nationalist” refer to what we all assume them to refer to, but this is an incorrect assumption.  That’s why our national policy makers usually perform poorly when up-against their Communist counterparts.  They don’t understand the secret tricks the Communist Party is seducing them with by their covert word meanings, especially when treaties or other agreements are negotiated.

Let’s take the term “white nationalist.”  A “nationalist” according to Webster (1966) refers to one who has excessive patriotism to one’s country.  However, when the term “white” is added to “nationalist;” the new term is a Communist Weasel word intended to deceive and mislead the free world into accepting Communism without awareness.  “White nationalism” is a term that was originally constructed from a perspective external to the traditional American lexicon.  Hitler was a white nationalist and this is a Communist term that is falsely applied to deceive the American public that President Trump is the same. That’s one way you can determine its Communist origins.  As a Communist Weasel word, it seeks to deceive the conscious mind by convincing the subconscious mind that all white people, like the people who founded America, are mentally ill, i.e., imbalanced and dangerous.  It attempts to undermine traditional American loyalty and patriotism by suggesting to the subconscious that there is something wrong with patriotic Americans. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democrat Party is anything but democratic.

Now, let’s take a look at the term “illegal alien.”  This American term is intended to convey the message that people who enter America illegally are foreign-born, therefore have no legal status as American citizens.  They cannot vote in American government elections because they are foreigners.  Yet, when anyone tries to continue using this traditional American term, Communist resistance and agitation become evident.  The Communist Party in our government is trying to “turn” the attitudes of average Americans against their own country to be replaced by loyalty to Communism, the exact opposite of our American constitutional Republic! They also want to overwhelm our patriotic American voters with millions of illegal voters who will vote for the Communist Party which is presently cloaked as the Democrat Party.

You are most likely quite familiar with the previous two terms since they are Communist Hypnotic terms repeated thousands of times to your subconscious mind.  But the Communist Party always comes up with new terms that add-to and expand-out to the influence of previous terms.  One such new term is “ghost forests.”

In case you haven’t noticed, the environmental front of the Communist Party has been struggling since their many hoaxes claiming “global warming” have been exposed as complete frauds. There is a significant accumulation of good science that provides convincing empirical evidence that previous hot temperature measurements are absolutely fraudulent.  Since the Communist Party must lie at every turn, word manipulation of the human mind must be employed.

For example, we have a recent example of this where the relatively old term of “We are the world” is being cued-up with the new term “ghost forests” to cue in the human mind a false panic that all the worlds’ forests are being murdered by capitalism.  The first term is Aesopian, suggesting the world Communist Party is the only worldwide political party.  The second term, “ghost forests,” is a Weasel word. Since the term “ghost” modifies the normal meaning of “forests,” the two words tell the human subconscious mind that American capitalism murders all forests, therefore, capitalism is terribly bad and should be eliminated. That also includes all capitalists, by the way.

The term “We are the world” cues in the subconscious mind the global level, which is necessary since Communism seeks a “One World Government.” The new term “ghost forests” has been piggybacked on top of the “We are the world” meme. “Ghost forests” seeks to instill an emotionally hysterical reaction in the mass American mind, the same way “white extremists” is intended to do. Together, they both work in tandem to convince patriotic Americans to hate their own country. They work together as expressions of the Communist Fifth Column front of environmentalism.

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Who is “Special Prosecutor” Robert Mueller Anyway?

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Robert Mueller is the so-called special counsel being used to investigate President Trump even though there is no legal justification to do so since (1.) former FBI Director Comey had already stated that President Trump was not being investigated, and (2.) the requirement of credible, material evidence necessary to justify a special counsel has not been met.  This suggests there is a hidden motive for Mueller’s so-called “independent counsel.”

President George W. Bush hired Mueller as Director of the FBI in 2001.  After Obama came into office in 2008, he retained Mueller for the first two years.  By all outward appearances since then, Mueller still seems to have a top-notch resume.  However, that may be changing.  For example, he has hired a vast majority of democrats for his new job as special counsel. [Remember, the Democrat Party is the Communist Party].  Shouldn’t that be more like fifty-fifty republican-democrat?  Further, as Jerome Corsi notes, there is a little something else that is not yet displayed in his resume.  That little something is that in 2009, Mr. Mueller played a significant, direct role in actually giving control of twenty percent of the US uranium reserve to our arch rival, the Communist Soviet Union.

According to Corsi, in 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had Mueller take some uranium, you know, the stuff that makes atomic bombs, to the Soviet Union; I believe that would be V. Putin.  The delivery was reportedly in the form of a “plane-side” meeting.  That means that the two planes pulled up beside one another at the airport.  Putin’s people apparently thought the sample was good stuff, kind of like a cocaine sampling before two dope peddlers make a trade.  After that, the Soviet Union managed to get control of twenty percent of all of America’s uranium!

Consider the key facts here.  Mueller is hiring virtually all democrat operatives for a so-called independent investigation of a republican president even though  Mueller has already been found to have worked for democrat [Communist] operatives of the worst kind.  In that work, the end result of giving control of twenty percent of US uranium to the “Evil Empire” is an outrageous violation national security!  And Mueller is said to be an impartial judge of our patriotic president?

Ask yourself, who is Mueller really working for now?  What is the real plan? It is impossible to imagine it to be an impartial investigation. Communists are fond of boasting that their strategies are never as they appear to be on the surface, and that is a rare true statement by them. Consider Mueller’s previous compromise of US security in 2009, why wouldn’t the next step be to then undermine president Trump?  You know, the commander-in-chief of our national defense?  Anyone who has already compromised the national security of our nuclear weapons is certainly disqualified from heading-up any impartial investigation of the commander-in-chief of that security!