The Words We Use Influence How We Think [and Behave]

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In my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, I say that word selection influences how we think.  If we choose to curse a lot, for example, our minds gets cluttered with nastiness.  The more we prevaricate, the more dishonest our minds become.  Similarly, the more we use negative words, the more negative our thinking and behavior become.  All this implies that if we change the words we use, we change the way we think, for better or worse. But what if an unknown agent chooses the words we are forced to use, particularly if those terms are false and misleading?

Seems the Department of Agriculture agrees with this paradigm.  In a recent article by Oliver Milman, the wording of what I identify as Communist hypnotic language is now being intentionally modified for the purpose of nullifying the hypnotic hooks of the Communist language of “environmentalism.” See here.  As I said in my book, the environmentalist front campaign is the most malignant of Communist front groups in America since they are used to take away our property rights.

For example, Milman says that the term “climate change” is no longer allowed in preference for the new term “weather extremes.”  This new term refocuses attention onto “weather” instead of the term “climate.” This is correct, since use of the term “climate change” conditions the human subconscious to accept the idea that there is “global warming” when in fact, the globe is cooling. It really doesn’t matter whether the earth is cooling or warming since it is the height of arrogance to believe that mankind can control climate trends. Only God manages the weather with its seasonal patterns.

The Communist Party has been intentionally tampering with weather measurements for years in order to make the weather appear to be heading toward a global climate crisis of either overheating or freezing.  This is one way they create crises in order to use them to sneak-in more of their Communist plan while causing human minds to become paralyzed with irrational fear and anxiety. Creating mass panic with their Communist terminologies is one way they destabilize and then manipulate entire populations into accepting the big lies of Communism.

Another example of linguistic change noted by Milman is the replacement of the Communist hypnotic meme of “reduce greenhouse gases” with [to] “build soil organic matter” as the Trump Administration is wisely doing.  Since the issue of greenhouse gases has been shown to be empirically false, they don’t need to be reduced.  The new term refocuses attention on something more productive.  There is no need to reduce gasses since nature has already been endowed with a natural equilibration mechanism that corrects potential imbalances.  Mankind can enrich soil to make it produce more food and agricultural products for the human race as well as our domestic livestock.

The takeaway for me is that we can and should replace false Communist terms with true and accurate American terms.  I got the distinct impression, however, that Milman thought it a bad idea to change terminologies, especially since he referred to the changes as “censoring” the false terms instead of “correcting” them.

There are lots of types of war; military, psychological, political, economic, and so on.  It is a very good move by our new governmental leadership to stop the hypnotic influences of deceptive Communist jargon on the American psyche!  What do you think?

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Do You Want to Keep Your Property? Better Quit Voting Democrat, Californians!

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As I said in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, what the public knows as the environmentalist agenda, is in reality, only a cover label for the Communist Party’s long-term agenda to abolish all property rights in America and around the rest of the world.  As I said, this agenda is the most aggressive and dangerous of all their tactics since private property ownership is essential to the survival of a free republic such as America.

It’s no secret that the formerly great state of California has already collapsed under the Communist boot.  It’s already past time for the voters of California to wake-up and vote-right if they want to reclaim any of their lost freedoms and properties.  Many in that state are fleeing just like other countries who’ve already lost all their freedoms to the Communist Party.  Otherwise, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

Most recently, it was reported in the Sacremento Bee that almost two million acres were confiscated by the Obama regime.  Dale Kasler, Carolyn Wilke, and Bryan Sabalow reported that three species of frog and one of toad are the culprits.  Right now, the Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog, the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog, and the Yosemite Toad are sitting mighty pretty.  They just got a huge bail-out in the form of affirmative action preferential treatment.  Unfortunately, their human co-habitants just lost a big chunk of their constitutional property rights.  Guess these amphibians are a lot more important than the human California inhabitants, cattle ranchers, and tree loggers.

Seems strange doesn’t it?  Since California is a solid democrat state, the voters themselves chose to have their property confiscated by the federal government.  The environmentalist agenda is one of the most radical planks of the Democrat [Communist] Party.  Are they aware of this ironic fact?  Timber logging and cattle ranching on federal land has been a cooperative effort for years, but now, with these smothering regulations, the property rights of likely Republican voters, i.e., rural logging and cattle ranchers, will be snuffed-out due to the increased costs of doing business in the hostile environment of environmental Communist Policies.

Do you see how the Communist Party is taking away constitutional freedoms? In this case, the party hides behind the Democrat Party label.  Then, they get the Democrat Party to make nonsensical, excessive regulations for a seemingly good purpose.  Many fail to see how their new “laws” will play-out years down the road when they are enforced and expanded.  In this case, environmental regulations are not really intended to preserve the toads and frogs.  The Communist Party cares absolutely nothing for these creatures.  Like all the other human victims they deceive, they only use gullible voters as stepping stones to enact destruction on their real targets, i.e., the bourgeoisie! These are the class of people Karl Marx bitterly hated as the middle and upper classes, you know, the ones who make all the new jobs for the lower class.  Maybe the hypocritical environmentalist Al Gore should quit using so much electricity too.

Did you know that the production of electricity pollutes the environment even before it is consumed as energy by dishonest Communist minions such as Al Gore? Yes, that’s right.  It is a frequently used propaganda tool of the Communist Party that electricity production and consumption is “clean energy,” but this is all a lie.  Coal is used to produce the heat that produces electricity.  If you want to see your future, just read how Venezuela is being destroyed from within by the Communist Revolution being forced on them! Is that what you democrat voters really want?

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What do “White Nationalist,” “Illegal Alien,” and “Ghost Forests” all have in Common?

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What do the terms “white nationalist”, “illegal alien”, and “ghost forests” have in common?  On first blush, you might think there is very little connection, especially the latter term.  However, there is a very direct connection between them all.  They all point the human subconscious mind in the same direction, but each term does so in a different way.

But first, let me digress just a little.  The Communist Party uses terms such as the ones above to hypnotically condition the human subconscious mind without awareness.  They have to do this covertly because the Communist agenda diametrically opposes the laws of human nature.

An Aesopian term is one that has a completely different meaning from the commonly understood one of American English.  The unique definition is then trained into Communist Agents for secretive communication.  A Weasel word is one that has a different meaning like the Aesopian term, but which is achieved by adding a prefix to an existing word.

For example, the Weasel word “social justice” is the Communist Weasel word that replaces the simpler, honest term of “justice.” Both Aesopian and Weasel words form the underground language of “Communese.”  Only Communists are trained to understand these alternate meanings.  The American public assumes terms such as “illegal alien” and “nationalist” refer to what we all assume them to refer to, but this is an incorrect assumption.  That’s why our national policy makers usually perform poorly when up-against their Communist counterparts.  They don’t understand the secret tricks the Communist Party is seducing them with by their covert word meanings, especially when treaties or other agreements are negotiated.

Let’s take the term “white nationalist.”  A “nationalist” according to Webster (1966) refers to one who has excessive patriotism to one’s country.  However, when the term “white” is added to “nationalist;” the new term is a Communist Weasel word intended to deceive and mislead the free world into accepting Communism without awareness.  “White nationalism” is a term that was originally constructed from a perspective external to the traditional American lexicon.  Hitler was a white nationalist and this is a Communist term that is falsely applied to deceive the American public that President Trump is the same. That’s one way you can determine its Communist origins.  As a Communist Weasel word, it seeks to deceive the conscious mind by convincing the subconscious mind that all white people, like the people who founded America, are mentally ill, i.e., imbalanced and dangerous.  It attempts to undermine traditional American loyalty and patriotism by suggesting to the subconscious that there is something wrong with patriotic Americans. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democrat Party is anything but democratic.

Now, let’s take a look at the term “illegal alien.”  This American term is intended to convey the message that people who enter America illegally are foreign-born, therefore have no legal status as American citizens.  They cannot vote in American government elections because they are foreigners.  Yet, when anyone tries to continue using this traditional American term, Communist resistance and agitation become evident.  The Communist Party in our government is trying to “turn” the attitudes of average Americans against their own country to be replaced by loyalty to Communism, the exact opposite of our American constitutional Republic! They also want to overwhelm our patriotic American voters with millions of illegal voters who will vote for the Communist Party which is presently cloaked as the Democrat Party.

You are most likely quite familiar with the previous two terms since they are Communist Hypnotic terms repeated thousands of times to your subconscious mind.  But the Communist Party always comes up with new terms that add-to and expand-out to the influence of previous terms.  One such new term is “ghost forests.”

In case you haven’t noticed, the environmental front of the Communist Party has been struggling since their many hoaxes claiming “global warming” have been exposed as complete frauds. There is a significant accumulation of good science that provides convincing empirical evidence that previous hot temperature measurements are absolutely fraudulent.  Since the Communist Party must lie at every turn, word manipulation of the human mind must be employed.

For example, we have a recent example of this where the relatively old term of “We are the world” is being cued-up with the new term “ghost forests” to cue in the human mind a false panic that all the worlds’ forests are being murdered by capitalism.  The first term is Aesopian, suggesting the world Communist Party is the only worldwide political party.  The second term, “ghost forests,” is a Weasel word. Since the term “ghost” modifies the normal meaning of “forests,” the two words tell the human subconscious mind that American capitalism murders all forests, therefore, capitalism is terribly bad and should be eliminated. That also includes all capitalists, by the way.

The term “We are the world” cues in the subconscious mind the global level, which is necessary since Communism seeks a “One World Government.” The new term “ghost forests” has been piggybacked on top of the “We are the world” meme. “Ghost forests” seeks to instill an emotionally hysterical reaction in the mass American mind, the same way “white extremists” is intended to do. Together, they both work in tandem to convince patriotic Americans to hate their own country. They work together as expressions of the Communist Fifth Column front of environmentalism.

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Who is “Special Prosecutor” Robert Mueller Anyway?

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Robert Mueller is the so-called special counsel being used to investigate President Trump even though there is no legal justification to do so since (1.) former FBI Director Comey had already stated that President Trump was not being investigated, and (2.) the requirement of credible, material evidence necessary to justify a special counsel has not been met.  This suggests there is a hidden motive for Mueller’s so-called “independent counsel.”

President George W. Bush hired Mueller as Director of the FBI in 2001.  After Obama came into office in 2008, he retained Mueller for the first two years.  By all outward appearances since then, Mueller still seems to have a top-notch resume.  However, that may be changing.  For example, he has hired a vast majority of democrats for his new job as special counsel. [Remember, the Democrat Party is the Communist Party].  Shouldn’t that be more like fifty-fifty republican-democrat?  Further, as Jerome Corsi notes, there is a little something else that is not yet displayed in his resume.  That little something is that in 2009, Mr. Mueller played a significant, direct role in actually giving control of twenty percent of the US uranium reserve to our arch rival, the Communist Soviet Union.

According to Corsi, in 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had Mueller take some uranium, you know, the stuff that makes atomic bombs, to the Soviet Union; I believe that would be V. Putin.  The delivery was reportedly in the form of a “plane-side” meeting.  That means that the two planes pulled up beside one another at the airport.  Putin’s people apparently thought the sample was good stuff, kind of like a cocaine sampling before two dope peddlers make a trade.  After that, the Soviet Union managed to get control of twenty percent of all of America’s uranium!

Consider the key facts here.  Mueller is hiring virtually all democrat operatives for a so-called independent investigation of a republican president even though  Mueller has already been found to have worked for democrat [Communist] operatives of the worst kind.  In that work, the end result of giving control of twenty percent of US uranium to the “Evil Empire” is an outrageous violation national security!  And Mueller is said to be an impartial judge of our patriotic president?

Ask yourself, who is Mueller really working for now?  What is the real plan? It is impossible to imagine it to be an impartial investigation. Communists are fond of boasting that their strategies are never as they appear to be on the surface, and that is a rare true statement by them. Consider Mueller’s previous compromise of US security in 2009, why wouldn’t the next step be to then undermine president Trump?  You know, the commander-in-chief of our national defense?  Anyone who has already compromised the national security of our nuclear weapons is certainly disqualified from heading-up any impartial investigation of the commander-in-chief of that security!


More Communist Agents Revealed in the US Senate

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There’s nothing quite better than a good voting record to reveal what a representative truly believes.  Remember, actions are a better indicator of underlying ideology than words, or US Senate speeches.

Most everyone knows that Senator John McCain has come down with brain cancer so that automatically qualifies him as a victim in good standing.  He portrayed the hero role yet again when he returned to DC for the sole purpose of casting a vote Wednesday on H.R. 1628.  You know the Bill that Senator Rand Paul called a “clean repeal” and the very one that the Republican Party has vowed to repeal for years.

I listened to McCain’s extended speech, but kept being distracted by his long string of stitches above his left eyebrow.  More important, however, was the clear intent and message of his speech to the senate. Along with his recent diagnosis of brain cancer, the graphic stitches sealed the perception of his public persona, that McCain was a victim.  [Victim-hood is yet another indicator of the presence of Communist ideology]. This garnered sympathy in the psyche of the public.

Distilled down, the message Mr. McCain sent to the American voting public Wednesday was that it was time for the senate to straighten up and fly right.  He said it was time “to get things done” but without saying what those things were.  I came away from the speech with a clear impression that he was going to vote for a clean repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHCA).  That’s why I couldn’t have been more shocked when the record showed that he voted against its passage!

A total of seven Republican US Senators voted against the message Americans sent to the congress when they voted for Donald Trump, i.e., get “obamacare” repealed now!  These Republican Senators were:  Lisa Murkowski (AK), John McCain (AZ), Susan Collins (ME), Dean Heller (NV), Lamar Alexander (TN), Shelley Capito (WV), and Rob Portman (OH). The following day, the senate voted on the “skinny amendment,” (Amendment 267 to H.R. 1628) to repeal only several of the most egregious aspects of Obamacare.  The result?  John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted against their own party, enough to sink even a tiny bit of Obamacare repeal. I always wondered how Obama could have figured this when he said years ago “…and you won’t be able to repeal it.”  Now I see.

Hopefully, all of these senators will be defeating soon in upcoming elections, but these senators who voted against America’s best interests, especially after years of being told by voters to cleanly repeal the AHCA, demand a serious explanation, especially about McCain. McCain was the influential agent.

These seven individuals are not republicans, they are covert Communists.  As I discovered years ago from my own independent research into the Communist Party, the Communist leadership has stated they intend to infiltrate and turn the Republican Party.  The evidence for that was apparent in the recent votes.

And McCain is the most outstanding Communist among this bunch. McCain played-out the Dialectical Contradiction, a big part of Communist Theory, by indicating he would vote for the bill in his above-board speech, only to contradict his earlier position in his private, below-board vote.  And a proud Communist he is since he knew the contradiction between his statements and subsequent vote would be made a part of the public record.  I’m sure the Communist Party in America, as well as in other countries, must have been extremely gratified. In essence, he poked America straight in the eye! One gets the feeling that America is in the choke-hold of Communism even now!

Former military men will tell you the only war heroes are the ones who died in action.  McCain survived, and I believe he was turned in that Vietnam POW camp so many years ago.

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The Communist Alphabet: The Beliefs and Demands of Communism

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When I was a university professor, I once had the question: “What is Communism?”  That question made me realize that the doctrine of Communism is very hard to condense into one or a few sentences for instructional purposes.  I did my best, but I wish I had had a better answer at the time.  Since then, I have come to a list of defining traits that capture the nature of Communism that anyone can understand. This is a simple list distilled from the mass of Communist writings the author has read and examined over many years.  These are listed below and appropriately entitled “The Alphabet of Communism.” Key words and phrases are italicized.

a:  Has a worldview that is primarily Communist [One does not have to believe in all traits to be considered a Communist, only a majority].

b:  Believes in forced equality, if not voluntary

c:  Total centralization of authority and power of a country

d:  All power reserved for a tiny ruling elite of atheists

e:  Mass deception the primary method of acquiring and retaining power, authority, and control

f:   Rejects all individual freedom

g:  Rejects all authority of the Bible

h:  Rejects all principles of the US Constitution with its protections for individual freedoms

i:   Rejects the impartial rule-of-law

j:  Adheres to and promotes the principles of Marxism

k:  Rejects all principles of free-market Capitalism

l:  Views centralized government as a substitute for the authority of God; government is the god

m: Rejects all religions, especially those that worship the one true God

n:  Seeks to undermine and destroy all Western civilizations

o:  Desires to replace Western civilizations with Communism through organized violence

p:  Seeks the total control of all humans on earth under one totalitarian rule; mind, body, & soul

q:  All criminal activities are condoned if they advance the goals of Communism.

r:  Seeks unlimited power and authority over world populations

s:  Driven by the power of Satanism

t:  Indoctrinates ignorance, gullibility, and naivety of entire populations

u:  Fosters dependency of populations on the tiny Communist dictatorship

v:  Hypnotically conditions and brainwashes entire populations from birth into Communist beliefs

w: Punishes or murders any deviations from Communist ideas by rugged individualists

x:  Demands total loyalty and obedience to the small Communist ruling group

y:  Only Communist dictator must be worshiped

z:  No private property or individual privacy allowed

Question of the Day:  Is Robert Meuller a Communist Agent attempting to destroy our duly-elected American President, thereby nullifying an election by forming an independent council without any evidence a-priori?  This is what Communist Revolutions around the world attempt to do, i.e., to nullify election decisions.  All such formations are required to have, at a minimum, credible evidence and judicial approval to go forward based on that evidence.  This commission has neither, yet this miscarriage of justice continues as if an Alice in Wonderland story.

According to Kellyanne Conway, five out of a total of six of Meuller’s hit-team are devoted to the Democrat Party [the primary US front group for the Communist Party].  “Devotion” is indicated by the five out of six “attorneys” in question having endorsed Democrat Party candidates in the past, i.e., that is a proportion of 83.33 out of 100!  Since the Democrat Party is the Communist Party, the selection of a clear majority of their partisans for an investigation of the president, clearly indicates the creation of a Communist Fifth Column. A primary requirement for any independent counsel is impartiality. Isn’t it true you can determine a person’s values and beliefs by where he spends his money?  One’s decisions and behaviors are the best predictors of future decisions and behaviors. Remember, Communists believe it’s fair to be unfair, a dialectical contradiction.

The answer is “Yes.” Comrade Mueller is leading a Communist coup against the Executive Branch of the US Government.

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Understanding Communist Jargon Words Reveals Hidden, Real Agendas

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We’re all very familiar with the words “diversity” and “social justice.” I could give you thousands of English words you are not familiar with, probably never even heard of them. So why are the American people so familiar with the three words noted above?

Truth is, the two terms are intentional Communist hypnotic conditioning mechanisms. They have very different definitions than you may know, yet by adopting the terms, we are propagating foreign ideas unknowingly. It’s like trying to speak some words in a foreign language before you know their meanings. You will receive laughter or very odd facial expressions from native speakers when their language terms are used incorrectly.

So it is with the Communist-invented terms of diversity and social justice. Diversity really means to replace traditional, white patriotic Americans with foreign agents intended to destroy America from within our own borders. Diversity means to give unfair, preferential treatment to minorities and other groupings who accept Communist ideas to the detriment of those who do not. It seeks to enlarge the Communist world. Social justice really means only justice for people who adhere to Communism while denying all justice to those who don’t. In effect, Social justice believes that it is fair to be unfair, a direct contradiction. Both terms reveal the psychotic nature of Communism. But the Communist Party wants all of America to use their subversive political terms constantly. They are hoping that if we hear them and repeat them enough, we will come to believe them fully as good Communists are supposed to; hook, line, and sinker!

And these words are not only dishonest, they are destructive of American institutions, even deadly. For example, consider a recent report by Leo Hohmann that the “Killer Cop Mohamed Noor was Diversity Hire.” In the beginning, there was the legislative act of “Equal Opportunity.” Then, this became “Affirmative Action.” In order to expand unfair hiring practices out more to the unqualified, it became “quota hiring.” Then, it became “Diversity.” Remember, the impulsive officer was a “diversity hire” which truth be known, meant he was really unqualified to be hired as measured by the standard of rational sanity. The gradual changes in terms were only a disguised way to broaden-out the same Communist idea.  Equal opportunity eventually led to one minority (black police officer) killing another (white female).  The officer would not be qualified to hire by traditional standards,  only by Communist standards.

The same Communist thought process was also responsible for what Shannon Spada reported as another case of “social justice” where a white female student was told she couldn’t talk at a meeting and then told to stand at the back of the room. This was a case of social justice because it was being unfair to the American while being fair to the Communist agitation group at Evergreen State College.

The two cases have much in common although most would not see the connections. Both stories were really about the regular activities of the Communist Party in America. Both claim to have high ideals of fairness and equity, yet their actions contradict these very ideas. Normal Americans call this hypocrisy. This Communist method is called the Dialectical Contradiction. It could also be called Communist agitation to “transform America through hope and change.” Bring this logic forward and, what do you guess the new terms “repeal and replace” really mean? Since there is no constitutional basis for the federal government to be involved in healthcare of its citizens, only a repeal is appropriate. I suggest they mean neither repeal or replace.

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An Indicator of Agenda 21: Population Concentration

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We should recall that America was founded on the core value of individual freedom within the reasonable constraints of the rule of law.  This rule of law, in turn, was to be based on Judeo-Christian values and principles.  It worked then and will always work as long as a people value freedom above safety.  If humans have no freedom, they have no human dignity or reason to live.

Today, we look at a different front group, most likely only vaguely known by the US public.  This is the Communist conspiracy to manipulate populations.  The name given to this strategy is called Agenda 21, which sounds mysterious.  In short, what the Communist Party aims to do is centralize virtually all the US population into big cities.  The objective is to push rural residents into urban concentration centers.  The environmentalist popular front is used to outlaw private rural property so people will lose their will to remain independent and free.  The purpose is to allow the “controllers” to more conveniently and effectively control a country’s population.

For example, the common memes of “wetlands” and “loss of habitat” are two hypnotic terms that this particular front group is conditioning into our subconscious minds.  According to this lie, animals deserve human rights, even more than humans.  Therefore, the property rights of humans in rural areas have to be disregarded so all animals can have total freedom to live and move around without the limitations of human-made property boundaries.

Ever noticed how industry is now trying more than ever to miniaturize everything?  More and more automobiles are becoming ever so smaller and lighter as well as the trend toward mini-houses.  Before that, the first miniaturization theme was only to replace electronic resistors and tubes with “chips.”  Unfortunately, one of the unexamined downsides to this “progress” has been that smaller, lighter vehicles are deadlier in traffic accidents and smaller houses lead to increased social problems caused by the dehumanization of overcrowding.  These negative consequences are never identified or discussed, however.

The Communist strategy of Agenda 21 is to cram as many people as possible into the big cities.  This is an adaptation to Hitler’s method of moving all Jewish residents to German slums, a form of concentration camps. These cubicles are much smaller than even the tiniest apartments known today.  The new buildings would house thousands of individuals, each in an apartment of one small bedroom, at most.  It reminds me of the tiny houses being promoted which can be either stationary or put on wheels.  You may have seen this Communist propaganda on the television by now.  They make it look cool and trendy, but most Americans are still freedom-loving and find this abhorrent.

The method behind the madness is what Paul Bremmer discovered about voting patterns. Big city voters usually vote for the Democrat (Communist) Party while rural America votes republican.  Even in conservative Texas, Fort Worth is the only major city that now goes republican. Bremmer says that there’s just something about big cities that makes people want to vote democrat. I guess big city dwellers just prefer the safety in numbers.  Maybe it’s a human manifestation of the herd mentality. Ironic isn’t it?

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Illegal Aliens: The “Western” Invasion You Probably Don’t Know About

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Okay, most everyone knows quite a bit about our southern invasion.  That is, the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border.  We still don’t know enough about the full extent of the type of aliens entering illegally from the south as we ought to know nor do we know how many aliens are entering.  I suspect illegal entry is down since we have a genuine American president, but how much?

Ironically, there is an under-reported invasion through our west coast entry point, and in this case, we DO know the nature of their dark identity.  Did you hear about this from the Communist press on television or the newspapers?  Not so likely.  If you had read my book, The Hypnotic Communist, what I am about to inform you of, would not be a big surprise.

A new revelation has been published by Bill Gertz [The Free Beacon, July 11, 2017] that a certain Chinese dissonant named Guo Wengui disclosed, that up to 25,000 Chinese Communist espionage agents have entered the US illegally or been activated who are already in our country.  They work for the Ministry of State Security (MSS) of Communist China and their missions are, in descending order of priority according to Gertz:  (1.) steal classified military information about new weapons, (2.) bribe and extort US politicians and other influential officials, (3.) bribe and extort the family members of these officials and leaders, and (4.) corrupt and overwhelm the US internet with viruses and malware. [This would explain, for example, why the Republican Party seems to oddly self-destruct when, instead of voting-in the legislation their voters put them there for, they join in with the Communist democrats as a form of suicidal death-wish.] As I say in my book, it also explains why we have treasonous republicans in the legislature, especially the senate, who simply will not vote for constitutional common sense laws.  Notice the resistance to the repeal of Obamacare.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party has been engaged in this subterfuge for a long time. [Don’t forget China fell to the Communist Party in 1949]. It’s just that Gertz indicates that this activity has accelerated greatly from a defensive posture to an offensive one since 2012 when Xi Jinping came to power in Red China.  The ultimate goal is to destroy the United States and make us a Communist country.  That means loss of all freedoms then massive death, if their espionage offensive is successful.

Like I say in my book, the Chinese Communists (Chicoms) are expanding their agent base outward to more minority groups who are already in America.  This is what I called the Trojan Horse Fifth Column in my book.  Among the greatest dangers we face today is this flood of both foreign and domestic Communist Agents.  [If you have a job in an influential area of government, business, or are a government contractor, you may be a target so be very careful who you associate with and what you say and do]. Communists produce very little new technology.  They simply steal our plans and copy our technologies.  Why do you think China’s new military jets and ships look so much like America’s?

Mr. Wengui warns our elected officials to beware of attempts to influence them in unscrupulous ways such as gifts, bribes and threats to them and their families.  He also warns that “…the U.S. insistence in relying on the Chinese government to deal with North Korea is ‘madness.” North Korea is a firm satellite of Red China.  To expect China to stop North Korea’s nuclear missile program is like expecting a snake to walk on all fours. This means that Communists are ruthless; lie, murder, and rob without shame, and do not respect the rule of law as we do.  He calls the Chinese Communist Party and their spy army who seek classified information “the mafia.”  Correction…they are the Communist Mafia. Wengui also says that our government’s current naïve and gullible approach to the Communists is …”tantamount to [national-mine] suicide.” He’s right as I argue in my book because we can’t even call our enemy by their correct name:  Communists!

So, as you listen to news about “leaks” of “classified documents” and watch the Communist agitation groups “protest” on American streets and elsewhere as indicators of Communist activities, don’t forget that there is also a vast army of both domestic and foreign termites eating up our freedoms by stealing our best knowledge only to be used against us now, and later in a military war.  Right now, it is a “moralitical” [moral + political] war. Later, it will be a shooting and bombing war.

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Mankind Does Not Cause Global Warming and Here’s Why: New Study

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There is a new scientific article of importance by Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller (February 13, 2017), entitled “New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temperature Model” [Environmental Pollution and Climate Change, 1 (2)], that provides rigorous empirical evidence that mankind does not contribute to so-called global warming by the CO2 emitted from human activities.   This is important stuff.

As I have said in my book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party wants you to believe that their disinformation and misinformation hypnotic campaigns are truthful.  By definition, Communist hypnotic campaigns are all tempting but in the end, entirely false.  If that Party could convince mankind that we are at fault, especially if industrial business activities cause their idolized god, Gaia, to be offended, then all business activities could be outlawed; precisely the outcome the Communist Party has been salivating for, for a very long time. It is also the reason for the false hypnotic meme of man-made global warming.

Let’s briefly review the oft-cited theory which originated as early as 1824. Briefly, the old theory of global warming states that warmth to the earth comes from the sun, but then part of that warmth bounces off the earth.  Unfortunately, as the theory goes, certain man-made “Greenhouse Gases” interfere with by forming a barrier around the earth prohibiting the release of this run-off warmth, causing the earth to re-heat due to the excess heat being retained instead of escaping into space.  Psychologically, this paints a subconscious picture in human minds of panicked-suffocation inside a prison-camp hotbox.  In other words, mankind is to blame because our activities prevent this excess warmth from escaping into space as it should.  These gases are assumed to be carbon dioxide (humans exhale), methane (cattle and other mammals produce), water vapor, and nitrous oxide (from agricultural fertilizers). I don’t see how water vapor is man-made by any stretch of the imagination though. Maybe the gasses travel on the water vapors.

Nikolov and Zeller developed a new method of analysis by comparing other planetary data with earth’s in order to make a more rigorously controlled and objective test of an old theory.  What they found pulls the rug out of the entire argument that mankind is the culprit in hypothesized atmospheric and temperature changes.

They found that the so-called “greenhouse effect,” is actually caused by natural atmospheric air pressure, not some hypothetical barrier of man-emitted gasses collecting upwards to trap heat from escaping earth.

The authors state, “The down-welling LW radiation is not a global driver of surface warming as hypothesized for over 100 years but a product of the near-surface air temperature controlled by solar heating and atmospheric pressure.” In other words, the entire premise of the global-warming explanation if false!

There is no man-made barrier trapping us into an unbearable hothouse.  When it gets hot, relative atmospheric pressure increases, which makes it even hotter.  Haven’t you ever watched the nightly weather broadcast and noticed that when there is a high-pressure dome over an area that won’t move, it continues to get hotter and drier until a low pressure area comes in to move it out?  When that happens, it’s more likely to get cooler and rain.

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