New Study by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Highlights Millennials

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Did you know that President Trump declared November 7, 2017 as our “National Day for the Victims of Communism?” The day of remembrance was intended to remind America of the extreme amount of mass murder and misery the Communist Party has wrought on the world since it recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary of the forced takeover of the Soviet Union.

Each year the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation performs a survey of American attitudes toward the evil doctrines of Communism.  This year’s survey was conducted October, 2017 and billed as the “Annual Report on US Attitudes toward Socialism.” I’m going to summarize some of the findings from that survey and let you be the judge.  How aware are we as a country of the very real dangers of the deadly doctrine of Communism?

For openers, only 31 percent of Americans know what Communism is, according to the survey.  The primary reason I wrote the book The Hypnotic Communist was to educate and warn my fellow Americans of this satanic organization’s objectives, methods, and activities.  [Looks like I still have a lot of work to do].

Let me summarize some of the other findings below. [Note:  Their survey treated Communism, Socialism, and Fascism as separate concepts.  But as I argue in my book, Socialism and fascism are not conceptually distinct from Communism.  They’re all just different flavors of the same poison:  Communism].

The 2017 Annual Report on US Attitudes Towards Socialism found the following:

  • Sixty percent view our former president Ron Reagan as a hero, but 40 percent view Bernie Sanders, an admitted Communist, also as an American hero.
  • Only 4 percent of baby boomers and 3 percent of older Americans believe Communism has never been a problem, but this contrasts with 12 percent of Millennials who believe it has never been a problem for humanity. [This should be considered a measure of the degree of Communist hypnotic propaganda’s influence].
  • Thirty-two percent of Millennials view the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, favorably.
  • Fifty-eight percent of Millennials prefer Communism over Capitalism compared to 41 percent of the general population. [I added Socialism, Fascism, and Communism percentages together to come up with a single measure of the Communist worldview].
  • Only 51% of Millennials correctly define Capitalism compared to 67 percent of all Americans.
  • Only 44 percent of Millennials would be offended if they were called a Communist versus 63 percent of Americans.
  • Forty-eight percent of Americans think our economic systems works against them, but 53% of Millennials do.
  • Seventy-three percent of Americans believe all speech should be protected.

The reason I cited Millennials so much is that this segment, those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, appears to be the most left-leaning segment of the US general population.  They are still young adults but they are now about to become upper-level decision-makers, and a person’s values and worldviews directly influence the decisions they make.  What do you think? Will Millennials come to appreciate Capitalist America or push us closer to becoming The Soviet States of Amerika?

California Governor Jerry Brown Admits the Democrat Party’s Method is Mass Brainwashing

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I hate to tell I told you so, but I will:  I told you so one year ago this month with the publication of The Hypnotic Communist.  One of the main points in the book is that the Democrat Party has been taken over by the Communist Party and that Party’s main method of influence over people is mass-hypnotic seduction, more commonly known as brainwashing.  What I didn’t expect so soon was for one of their leaders to come out, if I may, and actually admit this is their method to influence world populations to accept the lie that the earth’s environment needs to be tightly controlled by humans, a major objective of the Communist plan.

The truth is that the creation of the earth and all that’s in it is already well under control by its creator and it is only He who manages its delicate balance.  It is the height of arrogance to assume mankind can control the earth and weather.  That’s why the Communist Party has to use mass brainwashing.  Nobody in their right mind would willingly accept such a preposterous plan if they weren’t influenced by intentional deception.

Christopher Cadelago has provided us with a significant insight into the mind of the Communist Party in his article entitled “World needs ‘brain washing’ on climate change, Jerry Brown says at Vatican” in The Sacramento Bee [November 4, 2017].  Cadelago points to sociolingistic indicators of the Communist mind and covert agenda in Brown’s speech, although Mr. Cadelago himself didn’t say these are specific indicators of Communism.

For example, democrat governor Brown referred to the need for “transformational change,” a Communist concept first popularized by another Communist, Barack Obama.  Similarly, he pointed to the need for “transformational approaches,” another linguistic version of “transformational change.”  This is Communist jargon for Communist methods of mass persuasion such as mass hypnosis.  The words people use indicate their worldview.  It this case, they reveal the doctrine of Communism.  Remember the Democrat Party’s campaign slogan “Change We Can Believe in?”

What I didn’t know was that Cadelago indicated democrat Governor Brown studied at the Jesuit seminary himself at one time, a convenient point since the current pope he was endorsing is also a covert Communist whose zeal for the climate change agenda is shocking.  The climate change agenda is certainly not based on any biblical teaching, but to hear propagandists such as Brown and the pope talk, one might think so.

Brown also demonstrated his commitment to materialism, an indicator of atheism, when he said “So, let’s be about it and combine with [i.e., “faith” and “prophecy”] the technical and the scientific and the political.”  This statement indicates the Communist Party’s intention to water-down Catholic doctrine by combining it with humanistic methods of Communism instead of holy faith alone.

Make no mistake about it.  The Democrat Governor of California admitted and professed his faith in the false religion of climate change.  He also gave away one of the Communist Party’s most cherished secrets. Cadelago reported that Brown said that “At the highest circles, people still don’t get it,” “It’s not just a light rinse” [of mass hypnosis that must be forced on the public].  “We [the Communist Party] need a total, I might say ‘brain washing” [of the American public].  “We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.”

Yes, Jerry, Communism is indeed an extremely “different kind of world”.  What other bunch has mass murdered over 100 million innocent people in the 20th Century alone? [The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation]  Now that’s different!

Communist Hypnotic Propaganda is Like Nuclear Fallout on the Minds of Americans

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A landmark survey study by Emily Ekins was published recently by the prestigious Cato Institute entitled “The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America.” [October 31, 2017].  The study examines a wide variety of issues regarding the political attitudes of liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, and independents.

As I said in my book, The Hypnotic Communist, it is the unique Communist language that is used repetitively to hypnotically condition people to accept the ideology of Communism.  The reason for this deliberate attempt to train Americans to accept Communist ideology is so that we will fall from within, or in the event of war, it will be limited due to the large numbers of Americans who will betray their own country in preference for the Communist side.

The influence of Communist dialectical language on Americans is prevalent in all US Colleges and Universities. Once installed in the academic culture, it expands outward over time to become new parts of American traditional culture. Eventually, much of the unwary public begins to unconsciously accept and adopt the usage of the Communist words and phrases instead of traditional American terms.  The newly introduced terms “smuggle-in” the anti-American assumptions and premises of Communism.   People are often deceived because this subversion is framed as “popular culture.”  The gullible youth of the “pop culture” simply think it’s the latest new fad and just plain “cool” to be a member of the “elite,” even though Communism is anything but elite.

In Table 1 below, you can see six terms that indicate the Communist notion of “social justice” according to Elkins [under heading: “Have You Heard of Safe Spaces?”].  Few seem to know that social justice is really only one of the sociolinguistic tools used to covertly brainwash the naïve.  It was first envisioned and implemented by the Communist Party’s [CP] Soviet branch.  In fact, the entire “politically correct” method of intimidation and self-censure was first created and introduced by the Soviet Union.

I borrowed Ekins’ data on the “familiarity” of liberal terms here as evidence for one of my contentions:  These odd sounding words and phrases are really intentionally invented and dispersed in higher educational institutions to mislead and hypnotically condition our young adults into unknowingly accepting Communist ideology.  Evidence for my claim in this case would be differing levels of familiarity among subgroups, some closer to and some farther removed from the direct targets of the Communist Party’s influence attempts.  Ekins’ data illustrates such a pattern. [Elkins defined “familiarity” operationally by asking survey respondents if they had heard about any of the six words and phrases listed below in the left-hand column].

                                                                                           Table 1.

Hypnotic Communist Propaganda Terms

                                                       Percent of Familiarity Comparisons

Ekins’ Terms                                             College Students                                                     Americans

Safe Spaces                                                      86%                                                                       66%

Cultural Appropriation                                       76%                                                                        50%

Trigger Warnings                                                75%                                                                        49%

“Check Your Privilege”                                        77%                                                                        48%

Microaggressions                                               66%                                                                        43%

Mansplaining                                                     69%                                                                        41%



mean percent                                                  74.83%                                                                     49.5%

[diff= 25.33%]



Her familiarity-percent data from college students and the general American public are presented below with my additional calculation of means for both columns. [Ekins characterizes her data as representing “…familiar(ity) with the new language of social justice terms and phrases that have emerged on college campuses”].  I build on her premise by suggesting that the patterns of familiarity indicate a conscious plan of subversion using hypnotic Communist terms.]

My analysis of her original data showed that the percent of college students [middle column] were much more familiar with the terms than the general American public [right column].  Overall, the mean Communist influence was 25% greater among college students, suggesting they are the primary initial targets.  This suggests that college students get a stronger “dose” of Communist mind training than the general public.  In contrast, Americans outside the “detonation site” of universities get only the “nuclear winds”, i.e., lighter, indirect doses.  Evidence for this is the pattern in the right column that initially begins at a lower starting point, i.e., 66% familiarity [public] versus 86% [college students], but both columns show a descending pattern of term familiarity.  As would be predicted, the drop-off in familiarity among the American data subset is much earlier and lower, illustrating the point that the dose effect is much less than that of college students.  As the frequency of use of these terms, as well as others like them continue to increase over time, the general public becomes more familiar and comfortable with them, unknowingly soaking-up the hidden premise and assumptions of each term and phrase.  [One wonders whether the familiarity of college students and general public evens-out over time to be essentially equal. This would indicate an overall saturation of the American public by Communist anti-American propaganda].

This exercise supports my assertion that the Communist Party uses subversive hypnotic conditioning to persuade the subconscious minds of college students.  As the conditioning terms later spread out from ground zero to the general public, all Americans become exposed and adversely influenced.  As new terms are introduced by the CP, those that were once novel, become familiar.  Then those that were once only familiar become habitual, institutionalized parts of the language and culture of America.  Then, what does our culture become? The words people use influence the way they learn to think.


Finally, a New College Course that Teaches Good Old American Patriotism!

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Despite all the dire warnings I have continued to provide the public, there are some wins for America that should be mentioned in this ongoing cultural and spiritual war America has been pushed into.  For example, the College of the Ozarks at Point Lookout, Missouri has recently announced a new course for all incoming freshmen; and it’s not a diversity-inclusive trap either.  To the contrary, it’s a very refreshing change for the better.

According to Valorie Coleman writing for News from Hard Work U., [October 23, 2017] “The purpose of…the new military science course, [is] Patriotic Education and Fitness, to the College and community.” In essence, a military science course is now required for all incoming freshmen regardless of their major.  The patriotic mission of the college is therefore: “To encourage an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibilities, love of country, and willingness to defend it.” There is an urgent need for these kinds of courses at all American universities.  Perhaps College of the Ozarks  can lead the way!

But this should be only the beginning.  Young American freshmen desperately need core course requirements on the US Constitution, a patriotic American history course, and two Bible courses, one old and the other new testament.  And these courses should be taught only by faculty who are themselves loyal to the US Constitution.  The courses should be required not only at private and/or Christian colleges, but all American public colleges and universities.  This high regard for our original ideas and documents of the heart of freedom, the heart of our country, has been seriously neglected, and must be restored lest we all perish!

Did You Know that so-called “Tax Brackets” Originated in “The Communist Manifesto?”

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Tax brackets and tax rates sound boring to a lot of people until time to pay them.  Then, boredom changes to frustration and anger.  To make a long story short, we Americans are taxed numerous times on the same dollar.  But the current debates and wrangling about tax rates is only one dimension of the tax issue.  What is not discussed is the absolute number of taxing categories.  Virtually every human activity is taxed at some point, either directly or indirectly.  So why the issue of fiddling only with tax rate brackets?  Why not delete some taxing categories?  That would be a real tax cut. Oh, I forgot, I guess that comes under the political category of “tax reform.”

Regardless of these common-sense concerns, the current federal review of excessive taxation seeks only to fool around with the taxation rates, the different proportions of taxes taken from different segments of the American public.  That works to divide us. Deep down, we all know that taxing one at a higher or lower rate than another is fundamentally unfair. Since it’s an unfair policy, why do our representatives continue to perpetuate it by only lowering rates?  At best, that provides anesthesia to temporarily reduce the pain of an unfair taxation scheme.

The premise of differential taxation is based on the unethical assumption that those who have the most money should be taxed at the highest rate.  So, corporations get taxed at around 40% while the middle class gets taxed at 15% to 25%, or more.  Of course, a huge number of people pay no federal taxes because they are assumed to be too poor.  All the assumptions of different taxation rates are false and destructive.

The idea of different tax rates came from the mind of the Communist Party.  Yes, in The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels clearly state this as their number two goal, which reads [to require] “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax” [Signet Classic, 1998, p. 75].  What does this mean?  It means that America’s entire federal income taxing scheme is in reality a Communist policy of income confiscation and redistribution from the “haves” to the “have-nots.” The increase in federal entitlement programs continues to serve as the primary excuse for increasing tax rates.

Since the ideas of Communism stem from the ideologies of Satanism, we should refocus the debate off of fiddling with the various rates, since taxing some more than others is unethical and should be illegal.  The progressive [This term is itself a synonym for Communism] and graduated [This term refers to the idea of a graded scale based on some variable, for example, amount of money owned].  As a result of a federal taxation system based on the worldview of satanic Communism, no adjustment of tax rates will satisfy the federal appetite for more and more private income.

What would fair taxation look like?  It would be a flat-rate taxation system where everyone pays the same low rate.  [Only Steve Forbes has consistently advocated such a change in the national public arena]. In reality, a flat tax would bring-in more to the government coffers since the entire country would pay their fair share, not just the middle and upper classes.  [By the way, these are the classes that Karl Marx sought to destroy.  Excessive taxation at different rates is a potent weapon in the class warfare Marx advocates].  To put it in context, the Bible mentions only one reasonable rate, that of 10%.  Why shouldn’t Americans be able to keep 90% of their own earnings?

The burning question our government should debate is why isn’t the majority of our legislature focused on implementing a fair policy instead of perpetuating the wrong policy?  why does our own government demand us to pay up to 40% when God only asks for 10%?

Just What is the Real Motive for Failure to Rise and Honor the Star-Spangled Banner?

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Communist inroads into a country are like a long city street that has name changes all along the way.  Have you ever encountered the frustration of a street name change even though it is literally the same street, just with a series of zigs and zags?  That is another sign of Communist Party activities.  Communists themselves even talk about their activities using the very same terms; zigs and zags.  So it is with the NFL.

Most NFL fans are frustrated and angry with the NFL’s apparent lack of leadership and backbone to discipline unruly players, i.e., those who violate US law when they show public contempt for their own country.   In fact, Title 36 of Chapter 3, Section 301 indicates that military as well civilians are expected to stand for The Star-Spangled Banner, remove their cap or hat, and place their right hand over their heart. [View law here]. But the Communist Party seeks new agents who are already predisposed to criminality and unfortunately, the NFL may have more of their share of these folks. [See here]. Their offenses are much worse than simply un-American since they have such popular influences on our culture.

Failures to rise indicates a criminal act, for if a citizen cannot show high regard for his own country, he is being disloyal, perhaps treasonous.  That’s just what the Communist Party seeks in stirring-up NFL trade union members to demonstrate public rebellion.  The Communist Party is trying to turn the NFL into yet another Communist agitation front they hope will encourage all Americans to follow their example.  They are being converted into another popular front organization for the purpose of influencing Americans to accept the ways of Communism.   To successfully take over a country, one must first turn a country’s own people against itself.  These types used to be called the more obvious term “Communist Agents.”

Trying to destroy the NFL, an emblem of American strong culture, is to destroy America’s allegiance to our own country.  Communist seductive propaganda always seeks to instill the lie that we are all victims as a way to seduce gullible minds into accept the premise of Communism. First, the trick was for the press to publicize the negative propaganda of dangerous head injuries among players. This was to create dis-affection for the principle of male aggression.  Then, they switched to the plight of women’s breast cancer with all the “pink propaganda” in our faces every week.  This was to encourage mass identification with the weakness of female victimhood. Now, they have a new inroad, the outright rebellion against our sacred national ceremony, allegiance to our own country! This is another attempt to use assumed victimhood to encourage outright rebellion against constitutional freedoms and liberties and to loosen the attachment of Americans to our own country’s patriotic traditions and values.

Many people are confused about these odd events.  Most believe it is putting liberal politics in a place where it doesn’t belong.  That is true.  But like the difficulty in determining the motive of the last mass murderer, the Las Vegas massacre, there is missing an accurate assessment of the real motive and methods behind players’ refusals to honor America.

The motive is the same as the one that seeks to censure all public speaking if it doesn’t follow the required Communist Party line of Anti American attitudes and conduct.  That is the same motive that seeks to remove all our national statues of American civil war history.  It continues to be the same motive that banned the Holy Bible and prayer from all our public schools in the early 1960s.  [Have you heard the national anthem just prior to an NFL game lately?  The networks are tolerating the Communist Party’s inroad by not enforcing the law that Americans should honor their own country when the anthem is presented.  This is a mistake and will only encourage more Communist Party aggression].  Can you see the pattern and trend?  These are all inter-related steps with the same overall motive of destroying our strong, patriotic American cultural values. The banning of the national anthem at NFL games is the goal of the Communist Party, but the NFL doesn’t realize they are being used as useful idiots.

The seductive Communist rhetoric that has previously laid the groundwork for the current acts are the Communist terms: “affirmative action,” “tolerance,” “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and “inclusion.”  With the public’s gradual acceptance and eventual promotion of these false but hypnotic terms has come a sense of apathy and learned helplessness developed.  We cannot halt this lawlessness unless we understand the enemy’s motives and clandestine methods.


The Drag Queens of Communist Indoctrination at US Public Libraries

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Have you noticed the uptick in television shows about the Occult, demons, Satan and the dark underworld in general?  Well, there is a new concentration of satanic videos and even public events that are targeting primarily young adults as well as our young children.  I promise you Satan is a real being and I’m certain that he, formerly named Lucifer, is aggressively promoting his evil agenda through Communist Propaganda in America today.

For example, consider Alicia Powe’s article entitled “Drag-Queen Demon Reads to Kids at Michelle Obama Library” [, October 16, 2017].  She reports that public libraries are now being used to make reading presentations to young children while their mothers watch where the reader is often dressed as a demon with horns who happens to also be a “drag queen.”  A drag queen is a male who is dressed as a female, most likely a homosexual, transsexual, bisexual or any sexual perversion imaginable.  The text of the book being read is pro-homosexual Communist Propaganda designed to promote acceptance of Communism via the linguistic hooks of “diversity” and “inclusion,” the language of Communese. [Refer the Powe’s picture of horned drag queen].

What’s most revealing about all this is not so much the revelations of satanic activity to promote acceptance since Satanism has been promoted for thousands of years.  What’s new is that it’s being formally promoted using America’s public libraries.  [This new Communist front adds to an already long list of Communist propaganda outlets in the US, the most prominent being public schools and universities, television shows, movie houses, and more recently, even the NFL’s player’s union]. Unfortunately, a new twist is that what’s being promoted to young children seems to have the approval of some mothers at these events who seem to think the indoctrination of their child into satanic Communism is just great!  It remains to be seen whether such foolish tolerance is prevalent among our population at large, however.  Until this is known, shall we call this parental malpractice or child endangerment?

Powe’s article documents two of these satanic indoctrination workshops; one at the Michelle Obama library in Long Beach, California, and another at the Brooklyn Park Library in New York. [Click Powe’s video].  Notice the words being used and promoted by the man dressed as a woman.  The propagandist opens with the question to these preschoolers “Who wants to be a drag-queen when they grow up?” In the “Drag Queen Story Hour” presentation, the perverse Communist propagandist reads the book title “Worm loves worm.”  What does that suggest in the context of sexual perversion? Then the propagandist says “The hips on the dragon go swish, swish, swish” as his hips gyrate from side to side!  What do you think that means?  The propagandist is making hypnotic suggestions to these vulnerable childrens’ uncritical minds. What hypnotic messages are these very young children being seduced into believing and accepting?  What’s equally bizarre is the mothers are completely taken in by this satanic deception dressed-up by the deceptive Communist terms of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

Also notice that one of these events is being sponsored and promoted at a library named after Michelle Obama, a former US President’s First Lady.  Also notice that as Powe points out, the library is located in Long Beach, California, the district of Representative Maxine Waters, a democrat.  Like Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama is also a democrat.  We already know the Democrat Party is only a united front to conceal the Communist Party.

As I report in my book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party is the political party of Satan the Devil.  I document that many of the key leaders of that Party are actually demon possessed.  Most of their followers are not literally possessed but are under the hypnotic influence of the demon possessed, most likely without their conscious awareness.  [The Communist Party uses demonology to degrade, demoralize, and subvert Americans into shirking their relationship with God and the truth, making them vulnerable to seduction by Communist Party propaganda such as illustrated in Powe’s report].

But lack of awareness does not excuse one from being held accountable for promoting evil, especially when forced onto innocent children.  I guess the same bunch who demands legal baby killing [abortion] are also the ones who want the children who made it through the birth canal to quickly become satanic Communists without even giving them the chance to decide on their own who they want to follow. Doesn’t sound very democratic does it? If a public corporation promoted this kind of commercial, the Democrat Party would charge them with false advertising.

The famous demon possessed and Communist mass murderer, Joseph Stalin, once said to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill “Everyone knows that Satan is a Communist.”  Notice that Stalin did not say that Satan was a Communist.

Your Local Movie Theatre may be Owned by the Communist Party: Spell it-Communist Propaganda!

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Communist Red China is currently expanding their hypnotic propaganda network of influence throughout America using our own visual media companies.  From their perspective, this kind of psychological warfare makes perfect sense because they are acquiring movie production and distribution channels that make and spread visual imagery, potent psychological stimuli that sway the attitudes of the subconscious human mind.

Take for example, the document by Aaron Bandler about the question of “Has China Taken Over Hollywood?” at the [February 17, 2017].  From my own work, The Hypnotic Communist, we already know that the Communist world has been very busy for years capturing a variety of our companies and institutions for the purpose of spreading Communism, but Bandler gives us more specifics about how this is now being accomplished.

Bandler says that it is the acquisition of American Multi-Cinema [AMC] that is allowing Communist China to vastly expand the hypnotic power of Communist propaganda movies thrust into the American culture.  According to Bandler, the Chinese Communist Party’s acquisition firm is named the Dalian Wanda Group which is owned by Wang Jianlin, a Communist agent picked by the Red Party specifically for this expansion of Communist influence on America. It is important to add that the Dalian Wanda Group is not really a business, but is only a united front organization that does the actual work of the Chinese Communist Party.  That way, the Party never gets exposed.

Bandler says that Jianlin has accomplished the following acquisitions:  AMC, which, in turn, acquired Carmike Cinemas; Legendary Entertainment, and Dick Clark Productions. The Communist Party is also planning to invest heavily in Paramount to the tune of one-billion dollars as well as working with Sony Corporation.  Bandler suggests that our new attorney general should intervene since our law prohibits the ownership of both  production and distribution companies due to conflicts of interest and monopoly concerns.  Unfortunately, the Communist Party cares nothing about American rule-of-law since it is the corruption and destruction of America that they seek. Communism is an extremely corrupting influence.

There is another relevant piece that clarifies the magnitude of the threat of Communist hypnotic propaganda on the American people.  Carrie Gracie’s October 13, 2017 essay at entitled “The Thoughts of Chairman Xi,” provides a psychosocial profile of the ultimate individual behind this strategy to increase hypnotic control over American minds via the Hollywood film industry.  It is Xi Jinping, the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.  Communist countries do not have an elected president, only an appointed Communist Committee Chairman.

Gracie suggests that Jinping is trying to turn Americans against our own country by changing our patriotic American identity to the Communist Chinese identity.  Although Gracie does not mention the method of hypnotic induction possible through propaganda movies, she does thoroughly identify and explain what Jinping’s goals are for the world.

For example, Chairman Jinping, a notoriously devoted Communist, wants to eliminate any diversity of ideas or values characteristic of a free country according to Gracie.  She states that he seeks “absolute loyalty” of all Americans to the Communist Party’s way of thinking. He wants to eliminate any influences of American culture in videos and films to be replaced by Communist Chinese culture and values.  She suggests in this vein that the reason for this is that Communist dictatorships feel threatened by politically active citizenry.  Of course, patriotic American films encourage and reinforce increased political activism.  [The 2016 election of Mr. Donald Trump was an event the Communist world abhorred, no doubt.]

More specifically, Jinping has a specific program he calls “four identification,” according to Gracie. [Also notice that if you take-out the “u” in “four,” you have “for identification” indicating an additional Communist code that implies a plan to identify for future arrest anyone who doesn’t soak-up and exhibit the newly implanted Communist culture in the altered movies.]

The coded four identification program is apparently to be achieved by the replacement of the pro-American identity with the anti-American Chinese Communist identity by way of the concepts of:  The “Motherland,” “race,” the “socialist road,” and the “Chinese Dream”, i.e., world conquest, power, and Chinese domination, according to Gracie.  “Motherland” is the same love of land that Hitler once espoused as was the Communist concept of “race.” The “socialist road” refers to the desire to keep America on the road to becoming a full-blown Communist dictatorship and satellite of Red China.  And of course, the overall “Chinese Dream” is to make Red China replace America as the premier world power according to Gracie.  They believe this is only possible if America’s patriotic culture is destroyed and replaced by the foreign, anti-American, Asian Communist culture of complete submission to tyrannical authority.

Bandler suggests we should be on the lookout for more films with Chinese and Asian characters playing pro-Communist roles with their attendant anti-American themes.  And it wouldn’t hurt to contact Attorney General Sessions and demand an inquiry into China’s breaking of US law in these illegal acquisitions, as he aptly points out.

Soros and Sanger: What a Great Tag-Team!

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As I indicated in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party is Satan’s political party.  My research for that book shows that there is a demonic social structure which is organized vertically among demons, each having a level of authority. But only one all-powerful dictator, Satan, has absolute authority over the demonic world.  As I researched the book, I was struck by the similarity of Satan’s organizational structure and the organizational structure of the Democrat Party as well as its heart, the Communist Party.

Known today as George Soros, he was originally named at birth Gyorgy Schwartz, a native Hungarian.   [Communist Party leaders are often known to change their names once indoctrinated and active].  Name-changing is also true of converts to the Muslim ideology, one of many front organizations that serve as proxies to conceal the Communist Party itself.

Soros is a wealthy individual who uses his money to destroy capitalism so that world Communism can take its place.  Soros believes that the concept of free markets is not a viable concept since it doesn’t solve social problems well enough. Soros obviously doesn’t believe in free markets. Instead, he endorses an anti-business ideology he calls ” market fundamentalism.”  His term sounds pro-business doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  Communists love to invent new but misleading terms that mimic existing words, but have the opposite meanings.  This Communist Dialect is how they’ve been able to deceive so many.  As you might suspect by now, Soros believes in his “fundamental” platform of creating more strangling business regulations that are already so popular with the Democrat Party.

Soros believes that the Communist Party should exclusively decide whose social problems are solved and whose are not.  But left free of government regulation, free market capitalism solves most of society’s social problems better since it inspires and frees-up human motivation and ingenuity to produce wealth which, in turn, benefits society at large.    The term market fundamentalism turns out to be just as deceptive and misleading as the new name he chose for himself to hide his birth name. [By the way, aliases and name changes are a common practice among the criminal class].

As I said earlier, Communism is Satan’s political party. Victoria Friedman [October 10, 2017] says in her article  “The Soros Plan is a Satanic Assault on Europe, says Hungarian Lawmaker,” that their government’s prime minister, Andras Aradszki, sees Soros’ influence going beyond rejection of free markets to also destroy the nuclear family.  [The nuclear family is a large part of the foundation in support of capitalism].  Indeed, Aradski is correct in his assessment.  Communism destroys every traditional Christian institution.  Similar to what I say in the subtitle of my book, The Satanic Seduction of America, Aradski sees Soros’ Communism as “…A Satanic Assault…”

Just a day after the above article was published, Kristian Rouz [October 11, 2017] reported a U-Tube video at One America News network that “Planned Parenthood, Satanic Temple Attack Missouri Abortion Law.”  Briefly, Missouri has tightened-up regulations on their abortion clinics over the last two years only to see the opening of yet a third abortion clinic in the state recently.  The video suggests that the opponents of pro-life Missourians, Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple, have now teamed-up to defeat the state’s increased efforts to save the unborn.  As I report in my book, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a Communist Party member whose objective was a massive eugenics program of infanticide.  That’s what Planned Parenthood still is today, although the organization’s name is highly misleading, just like the name George Soros.  Like Soros, she also intended to destroy the entire institution of the human nuclear family.  It appears now that Soros has the same ambition as Sanger.  I’m sure if she were alive today, George Soros and Margaret Sanger would be the best of friends. To be anti-human is to be satanic.

Putting Together Pieces of the Communist Puzzle

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All things are interrelated in some ways although we often can’t see these hidden relationships and connections.  Some are direct relationships while others are indirectly related.  Still other relationships contain both direct connections as well as indirect, more subtle connections.  By their nature, the indirect relationships are much more difficult to detect.

Think about this another way, perhaps.  When putting together the pieces of a new puzzle, can you visualize where the next piece fits?  Moreover, can you visualize where several new pieces fit simultaneously?  Similarly, can you see several moves ahead of your opponent in a game of Chess or Checkers?  If you can, then you understand hidden interrelationships.

As I suggest in my book The Hypnotic Communist, the American institution of higher education has been completely expropriated by the Communist Party.  In other words, it has been subverted from its primary purpose of education and is now a Communist propaganda front.  For example, studies have consistently demonstrated that Christians and other conservatives are not welcome as students or professors.  The most recent article  on this particular issue is by Tom Ciccotta’s “Survey:  Only Nine Percent of Yale Professors are Conservative” [October 6, 2017] at I worked as a professor for about twenty years and can testify to the truth of this survey finding.  If you are a conservative of any type, Christian or not, you are either passed over for hiring, tenure, or have a shortened career.  This puzzles me since so many conservative parents send their children off to be indoctrinated into Communism while paying huge tuition hikes all along the way.

How bad is the Communist culture of today’s American universities?  I can tell you it’s much worse than you know, and consistently getting worse.  How obvious does it have to get before parents will begin to consider sending their children to trade and technical schools instead?  for example, just consider Simon Kent’s piece “Students Protest After Cambridge College Uses Image of Auschwitz on Welcome Leaflet” [October 6, 2017] at  Granted, the University of Cambridge is not an American university, but it doesn’t matter a whit since the higher education disaster is a worldwide phenomenon foisted on us by the worldwide Communist Party.  The school denied that the menacing image of the entrance to Hitler’s mass murder factory was intended to suggest students should imagine themselves entering the gas chamber at Cambridge, but don’t believe it because lying is the most prevalent Communist pattern.  It’s just another piece of the puzzle of Communist hypnotic conditioning lodged in the minds of our young people. Why would anybody send their children to institutions such as this?

Then what happens to a country whose citizens are willingly blind and deny what’s really happening to them that is evil?  The German citizens denied that Hitler was evil.  Instead, they cheered him on all the more.  Frances Martel writes  in “China Unveils Over 100 Smartphone Apps to Track ‘Loyalty’ to Communism” [October 6, 2017] at  Communism is total and complete mind, body, and soul control, in a nutshell.  Anyone who wavers even the slightest into independent, rational thought, behavior, or attitude, will be arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, brainwashed, or disappeared by murder.  Forcing all human subjects to be monitored 24/7 by clandestine technology defines a Communist police state.  People who have lived under these conditions describe it as a paranoid hell on Earth. The technical infrastructure for this is already built and installed in our own national intelligence bureaucracies and there have been many stories about the abuse of this technology already.

I brought you the three references noted above to demonstrate something.  What appears to be three separate issues; the total mind control of Communism on students and faculty at universities puts the mind into bondage to Communist “controllers” which are later reinforced with the stark images and reminders of Communist intimidation such as the mass murders by Hitler and associates.  After years of hypnotic conditioning, this training eventually morphs into complete Communist control of entire countries as it spreads out from academia into the broader American culture.  [Notice, for example, how television topics are now trending toward Satanism].  And their mind-control is getting ever more effective now with the continued sophistication of modern communications technology.  Taken together, the three stories noted above are three related pieces of the same puzzle.  What is happening in China today will be coming to America tomorrow if we don’t return to our constitutional principles and begin loving human freedom and dignity more than peace, safety, and comfort.