No Political Fix Will Stop School Mass Murdering; Only a Return to God Will Stop the Massacres

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Who’s Fault is All this Mass Murdering?

The systematic mass murder of innocent children in government schools continued this past week, this time in Florida, killing seventeen young men and women.  Did this murderer kill these young people, or did the gun by itself?  The psychological principle of “attribution theory” should provide some insight on this question.  This theory says that people seek to explain causation of other’s behavior by attributing to them either internal or external causes.  For example, if one has an underlying negative feeling for another, he will attribute everything the other does to his internal characteristics, e.g., he has evil intentions.  In contrast, if one has a positive feeling for another fellow human, he attributes the other’s actions to external or situational factors beyond his control, e.g., it’s not his fault, he just shouldn’t have had a gun. This is an external attribution since they attribute evil intentions to a gun instead of the gunman himself.

How does this provide insight about the assassin’s motives?  Those who have the worldview of the Democrat Party, attributed the event to an inanimate tool, in this case the AR-15 rifle.  Those holding the worldview of the Republican Party attribute the event to the murderer himself and his own evil intentions to carry-out the mass murder.  Which view is correct?  The democrat view attributes his actions to an external factor, the weapon itself, while the republican view attributes his actions to his own, internal motives, more specifically, revenge. Since no guns have motives or intentions, nor can they think or move on their own, only the internal attribution of individual human accountability before God can be valid.

Do the democrats have any negative feelings about mass murder?  If they did, they would attribute the murder’s anti-social behavior directly to his own internal, evil motives and intentions.  But they didn’t and they still don’t.  By miss-attributing blame to the gun instead of the gunman, they simply let the criminal off the hook! That’s because the Democrat Party cares nothing about the mass murdered victims.  They do care about the mass murderer himself, but only to the extent that he performed a political event that the Democrat Party could then use to manipulate public attitudes into giving up the centuries-old right to self defense.  This is the same tactic that a Mr. Adolph Hitler used to disarm all German Jews just prior to their mass murder of around six million innocent people in the 20th Century.  Many, many more have also been mass murdered by other Communist dictators.

Psychological Explanations only go So Far.

Since the Democrat Party is only a front for the Communist Party, USA, some of their leaders are demon possessed.  But attribution theory says they are liars since their attributions don’t line-up with generalized psychological principles.  Remember, they don’t attribute evil to the young mass murderer, they attribute blame only to the gun he used.  But it’s impossible to attribute blame to an inanimate object, unless one assumes that in this instance, the gunman’s external circumstance is the secret fact that of demonic entry into his soul, mind, and body. This would explain why they attribute to the gun instead of to the gunman.  They dare not mention the issue of demon possessions lest they lose what little credibility remains.  [And it very well may be that leading democrats are aware of this special circumstance].  As such, this is not a normal human attribution process.  On the surface, it appears that the leaders of the Democrat Party are making false external attributions. The truth lies within the realms of spiritual powers.  In these continual mass murders, we are dealing with satanic activities which are misunderstood by the large majority of everyone who covers these stories.

So What’s the Truth, Then?  We Let it Happen in 1962

The truth is that the mass murderer was, and still is demon possessed.  According to Jessica Finn at [February 16, 2018], the alleged mass murderer admitted that “voices in his head told him how to carry out the shooting.”  From my prior research on The Hypnotic Communist concerning demonic statements made during exorcisms, the voice(s) of demons are only heard by the victim if he is already possessed.  During exorcisms, these hateful and hostile voices can also be heard by the assisting exorcists.  In this case, as well as many other similar cases that are misunderstood and misreported by the so-called “press,” demons are behind these most evil of mass attacks.  This unappreciated pattern, is also the pattern of the Communist Party’s mass murders that all their dictators eventually commit to eliminate all opposition, imaginary or not.  By the way, Communist monsters suffer from psychotic delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution even when there is no threat.  This mental illness is part of the overall profile of the demon possessed.

I recall a common refrain after 1962:  “Where were you in ’62?”  I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I do now.  History was made. The truth is that the outlawing of Christian prayer in our government schools in 1962 is what has opened Pandora’s Box to all these mass murders.  While the First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees public prayer, it is the Communist Party from the Soviet Union that misinterpreted the phrase “separation of church and state” to justify the elimination of public prayer.  All Communist monsters eliminate prayer as a roadblock to the achievement of total mind and body control. What does this imply?

It indicates that the US fell to Communism in 1962 when we began the process of apostasy, or a falling away from God as a country.  We did not stand firm and defend God’s laws, the US Constitution, or even our own domestic defense of our country and children. More evidence for this is that in 1973, child sacrifice became legal, but it was just given the sterile and misleading name “abortion” so it wouldn’t sound so bad.  The result is that we now legally and routinely murder our own children, even before they get a chance to go to the federal slaughter houses still commonly referred to as “public schools.” Even if our children are fortunate enough to make it through the birth canal alive and unharmed, they may still be mass slaughtered by Communist Party operators and their dupes once they enter our “school system.”  We don’t even have the slightest moral courage to train and arm the stewards of these schools who could most effectively defend against these mass murders; teachers and school administrators, as the US Constitution allows.

We Should Blame Ourselves,…We Let America’s Soul get Stabbed.

Nowadays, when I see the flag being flown so often at half staff, I wonder how many more died today of negligent homicide?  America has been murdered as we stood by a watched.  [Reminds me of when Saul stood by and watched Stephen being stoned to death. (Acts 7:54-8:2)].  God is now holding us accountable today by reminding us today that it is we who died in 1962 and again in 1973. We neglected our Christian duties to defend our constitution, our God, and our children born, and unborn. We now deserve and are receiving God’s rebuke.  The same thing goes for our Christian churches where these same mass murderers like to prowl.  Most of our Christian churches are in the stage of apostasy.

The Only Solution is the Very One the Press Will Never Mention.

The solution is not to ban any guns for guns cannot kill by themselves.  We also cannot ban the ones who misuse them so badly.  The seventeen children just murdered are our victims.  Their attacker is Satan’s victim.  Our sin is that since 1962, our country has corporately turned our backs on God.  We have failed to be faithful and obedient to Him.

Historical examples in the Bible indicate that God allows a country like this to be destroyed if they don’t humble themselves and repent.  Perhaps our people were weary after WW II and just wanted to coast along and enjoy life.  But in our coasting, we strayed.  We became self-absorbed.  Our indulgences blinded us to the dangers of corporate apostasy.  We let our guard down in the early 1960s and still have not recovered.  But since God is the God of grace and mercy, we can still humble ourselves, admit our negligence, repent, and turn back to God.  I believe the unlikely election of Mr. Donald Trump is a sign of God’s respite, but our underlying rebellion remains.

I’ve Already Told You about the Communist “Trojan Horse” Strategy; Now See it in Action

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I wrote about the Communist Trojan Horse strategy in The Hypnotic Communist in 2016.  Last Tuesday was the annual meeting of our US intelligence officers’ annual reports.  Machal Kranz at the Business Insider [February 13, 2018] says that China is probably the greatest security threat to our “whole society.”  He said that we must be better prepared militarily, but also as a society in general.  In particular, he cites the Confucius Institute as a particular potent threat.  Its constitution calls their plan “…promoting the development of multi-culturalism,..” [in America].  And I wonder how many thought the idea of multi-culturalism was an American invention?

Rachelle Peterson at Foreign Policy [May 9, 2017] suggested that this so-called “institute” is really a united Communist front for the more sinister purposes of using Communist propaganda to merge American culture with Communist China culture by “planting” this particular propaganda front in US universities. This is done under the auspices of a student foreign exchange program in order to indoctrinate US students into Chinese Communist ideologies and condition them to censor their own speech, i.e., learn to willingly give up their First Amendment right to freedom of speech in order to please a future Communist dictator’s whims right here in America.  [No need to go abroad to get recruited into being a Communist spy.  Just enroll in one of our own universities and you get the same thing].

Peterson says that this Communist “institute” that began operation in the US around 2004, now has 513 worldwide “plants,” with the majority of them, i.e., 39%, now located in American universities.  The reason this Chinese front organization is so dangerous to America is that it is an official Communist organization that is legally operating to undermine the teaching of truth in our higher education institutions by force-feeding American students with an ever-stronger dose of Communist poison.

Individual Communist professors and administrators have already been in academia for decades now but this new strategy is intended to reinforce the existing Communist influences with this Confucian, Communist organization.  Looks like the Party is really building up some momentum, unfortunately.  This literally “transforms” the participating universities into formalized Communist government puppets, no different than in red China. [Remember how the Communist term “fundamental transformation” stuck in your head even after the 2008 presidential campaign?] In China, there is no private property, privacy of thought, or speech whatsoever. One must think only the thoughts approved by his dictator, and that thought sure better not be critical or offensive.

Money and careers are now more at risk than ever.  According to the Confucius website linked above, the Communist Party provides money to the Confucius Institute, but I can practically guarantee you that this money then moves on into the US university system as bribes to allow this Communist front to brainwash American students more systematically and thoroughly.  It’s an oddity that Marxists eschew money because of their utopian dream, but the fact is, they love money more than any free market capitalist. [Notice the Obama regime invented a new Communist political term by calling their illegal alien dupes “dreamers.”]

Professor Perry Link is an American Sinologist who has translated many Chinese literary documents.  After he translated the Tiananmen Papers, he was banned from entering Communist China.  For those you may not know the significance of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, after freedom loving Chinese gathered to protest the oppression of human rights in 1989 by the Communist Party, the Communist Party’s military came in and murdered a large number of unarmed protesters.  This incident made international news reports and is most important for its exposure of the satanic nature of the Communist Party.

Peterson refers to Perry Link’s comment that “Chinese censorship operates like a dangerous snake suspended overhead, quiet and still, its very presence nudging passerby to move beyond its reach…People censor themselves in an effort to avoid the anaconda-…” The Soviets have already helped to paved the way for this anaconda effect with the help of the hypnotic conditioning of university students to resonate, and even defend the self-destructive game of “political correctness” in order to make room for this more formal organizational implant from red China.  More and more pressure is being applied to US university students to submit to Communist brainwashing methods.

It is far, far past time to recognize how destructive China’s Communist Party is to the United States’ national security.  On the other hand, it’s encouraging that our intelligence community is finally talking openly about this issue and giving it the first priority it deserves. But we have a huge amount of catching-up to do if we are going to repel the overwhelming influences of Chinese Communism.  We must outlaw this Chinese Trojan Horse immediately, or else; I’d rather not think about the alternative. Why not use the Communist Control Act of 1954 for the opening salvo? I think it needs a little exercise about now.

How are the Catholic Church, dreamers, and white men all Connected in the Communist Plan for America?

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If you thought the free world was under attack under comrade Obama, the attacks have only increased in frequency and intensity since we now have a genuine American president in office.  In combination, the attacks have the psychological affect of mass disorientation and confusion.  Individually, each attack appears as a separate incident which is unrelated to the others, but they are all parts of the whole, integrated and coordinated political war against America by the satanic Communist Party.

The Catholic Church is Now the Communist Church

Last time, we looked at evidence that the Catholic Church has fallen to Communist control [February 9, 2018] via its Pope Francis and Bishop Sorondo.  Further evidence for this contention is the response of the Communist world.  The Catholic Herald published a commentary [February 6, 2018] from the Communist Party’s Global Times, which is only a mouthpiece for Red China’s Central Committee Chairman Xi Jinping, saying “…thanks to the “wisdom” [sic] of Pope Francis,…” the Chinese Communist Party and the Vatican [i.e., Catholic Church] are getting-along a lot better these days. The substance of the commentary was the agreement that the Chinese Communist Party is now going to be able to appoint new Catholic bishops, thanks to Pope Francis’s capitulation. This being the case, the result will be a Catholic Church run by the Communist Party, the same as already in all Communist countries.  In effect, the Catholic Church is being undermined by its own leaders at the bequest of the Communist Party, resulting in its nullification.

Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Finally Wake-Up

As I said in The Hypnotic Communist, the Democrat Party cares nothing for “the little guy” as they purport.  Now, here’s more evidence in support of that statement.  Reporting from the Daily Caller, Amber Athey [February 10, 2018] says in reference to an original Fox News report that a recent immigrant, Hilario Yanez, accused the Democrat Party by saying they “…have used people like him as ‘pawns’ to score political points…We have been confused, I think at the end of the day they have been using us as pawns.”  So if the democrats are really honest, wouldn’t they rebut this comment?  No, they don’t because they can’t.  As I have repeatedly argued, the Democrat Party is a disguise for the Communist Party USA, and has zero interest in these little guys beyond using them as battering rams to get their Communist dupes into positions of influence. It seems like their “dreamers” might be finally waking-up after all,…but don’t get too optimistic just yet.

White, American Men are the Real Endangered Species, not the Spotted Owl

In another article that appears on the surface to be unrelated to those just reviewed, Robert Kraychik reports at Brietbart [February 10, 2018] that one of the two most influential leaders of the so-called Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, is calling all white male Americans criminals.  This is especially strange since Nancy, herself, is a wealthy white female.  [By being a radical feminist (i.e., a Communist), Pelosi’s exempt from the same unfair accusation as her white male counterparts.]  Kraychiko cites credible Michael Savage as saying they only intend to “target the white male…for extinction.” You may have heard the hidden Communist Party’s prior announcements that there is a “war on women.” [Remember, Nancy’s exempt from any blame no matter how foolish].  This is Communist hypnotic propaganda to sensitize minds to receive the real message that this war is really on white men, you know, those who led in the founding of America as well as other strong white men, for example, like President Donald Trump.  The absence of white men will work only to make America weaker, but this is exactly the purpose of extinguishing all American white men by the Communist Party.

Can You See the Big Picture any Better Now?

Now let me pull together these seemingly disparate reports so you can see the forest instead of only a few individual trees in the foreground.  The Catholic Church is now being converted by the Chinese Communist Party into an influential united front for the world Communist Party.  Similarly, the so-called “DACA Dreamers,” that popular front created by comrade Obama’s previous Communist policies, may be waking up to the reality of their exploitation as popular fronts by the Communist Party, USA.  One of the objectives of the use of these two fronts, and many more not discussed here, is apparently to fire-up the old Nazi extermination camps once again, but with one new slant.  The targets are not only white Jews, but a greatly expanded mass extermination of all white men.  This objective can only be satanic in origin.

I just knew affirmative action would be deadly as some point, and that point is coming into view now.  Recall, affirmative action implements a government preference for everyone except  young white men, resulting in blatant “reverse discrimination” in employment against white men.  You might say, it will end once hiring quotas make the balance equal, but you’d be wrong.  Communist policies never have an off button once begun…That’s true madness.  First, the Communist Party prevented young white men from getting jobs  by creating a government spoils system for blacks and women.  It’s affirmative action label was deceptive.  Now, they plan to take our lives as well.


This is How Bad it is: Pope Francis and Bishop Sorondo are Fellow Comrades

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Pope Francis is undeniably a Communist Agent using the credibility of the Catholic Church to propagandize as the Communist Party’s new popular front.  Now, we see that his comrade Argentin Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo has now “…praised the ‘extraordinary’ Communist state…” [of Red China]. Sodorno is a former professor of Philosophy and has accumulated many publications to bolster his personal credibility and associated Communist influence.  That,  combined with his position of authority in the Catholic Church, makes him a perfect agent of influence for the world Communist Party.  Remember, the Catholic Church is also an influential worldwide organization that can be used to deceive the worlds’ masses.

The staff news at the Catholic Herald reports that he said, for example, that “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese,”…Translated, Sorondo is saying to the world that Communism is the most effective representation of the doctrines of Catholicism and vice versa. This ludicrous statement is like saying the Chinese Communist Party is a bunch of Christian evangelists.  Of course, this is patently false.

I had personal experienced with this same mindset when my contract was not renewed at a protestant church-affiliated US University in 2008 because I had been “…tagged as an evangelical.” [Remember, the US Universities are one of the strongest United Communist Fronts in America today].  I also heard this same position stated to me directly by one of the deans I worked for at another US university.  He explained that [also reported in my book, The Hypnotic Communist], “Communism and Christianity are the same.”

Bishop Sorondo continued to heavily praise Chinese Communism as a superior vehicle for the spread of what he thinks is Catholicism, according to the February 6, 2018 Herald. After criticizing our patriotic, capitalist president, Mr. Trump, Sorondo said that “…the Chinese are working for the greater good of the planet.”  The phrase, “for the greater good” is in reality, Communese political jargon straight out of Communist doctrine.  In making this comment, Sorondo clearly identifies himself as a Communist.

As a capitalist, I found the following lie to be especially offensive to the truth:  Bishop Sorondo said “What I found was an extraordinary China,” [This invokes Communist exceptionalism over American exceptionalism]…” What people don’t realise [sic] is that the central value in China is work, work, work. [Also, notice that he’s subconsciously telling us he’s deceiving us when he says “…people don’t realize.”] There’s no other way, fundamentally it is like St Paul [sic] said: he who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.”

This last statement by Bishop Sorondo is very deceptive and misleading since St. Paul’s comment is taken out of context, as Sorondo plays-up satanic Communism. One revealing but subliminal statement in this is the phrase “There’s no other way,…” Communist workers in Red China literally do not have any choice but to work long slave hours under their masters, but I don’t think Sordondo realized he was letting the cat out of the bag with this particular comment.

The actual quote by Paul is from 2 Thessalonians 3: 10-11 which says “10  For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either. 11  For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing no work at all, but acting like busybodies. [2 Thessalonians 3:10-11 (NASB)]

In this biblical passage, the apostle Paul was admonishing lazy disciples who were working for the early Christian Church to continue to be industrious workers for their evangelical mission to spread the gospel, certainly not satanic Communism.  In contrast, Mr. Sorondo is promoting Communism by saying there is no difference between secular [Communist Chinese] workers and evangelical Christian workers.  I hate to use such a worn-out expression, but it fits here:  Once cannot [validly] compare apples and oranges like Mr. Sorondo tried to do.

Furthermore, Sorondo praises Communist Red China’s work ethic, but a work ethic has to be voluntary and what Sorondo doesn’t say in the last quote is that there is no such thing as voluntary work in Communist China.  All work is forced slavery!  Why do you think Chinese products are so much less expensive than those made in the US?  It’s because they have no cost of labor factored into the price of goods produced and sold in the US.

The Catholic Herald post ends with a final insult to the intelligence of the free world with Sordono’s comment that “You cannot think that the China of today is the China of [the time of] John Paul II, or Cold War Russia,…”  Here, Sordono is using two common deceits:  One, he is trying to seduce the free world into believing the lie I documented in my book that the Soviet threat is no longer the case, i.e., that the Soviet Union fell in 1996.  I explain that this is untrue, the Communist Party merely feigned this as a world deception technique of disinformation.  [By the way, this is the same way the so-called “press” misleads and propagandizes the US every day].

Two, the phrase he uses to blind is also the phrase that gives away his intention:  “You cannot think…”  This is dead-ringer language for the Communist identity.  [This so-called “politically correct” linguistic device originally came to the US via the Soviet Union. They used it the same way there as here, to turn us into mindless robots]. Communism demands that all its slaves not think, i.e., they are only permitted to be mindless, Communist robots.  For example, once around 1990, a department chairman at a state university told me “…You are too independent” [i.e., in my thought and teaching, but professors are in reality independent contractors, so what did that really mean do you think?].  To think anything but satanic Communist dictates is a fierce danger to totalitarian dictatorships, also known as just another united front for the Communist Party; the Catholic Church under new leadership.

Edina, Minnesota’s Communist Brainwashing Public Schools in Action

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Just a look at Edina, Minnesota’s public school mission and curricula might not tip us off to what’s going on behind closed doors.  However, a rare, inside look reveals a perfect transplant of a Communist brainwashing camp no different from the ones in Communist Red China, the Soviet Union, or North Korea…no different.  This is an implication from Katherine Kersten’s investigation published February 1, 2018 at The Weekly Standard.

This important case study presented by Kersten describes a complete breakdown of public education in Edina, Minnesota, through a transformation to a Communist brainwashing camp.  It is neither an approximation or exaggeration of Communism, as most are in the US to hide their true purposes, which makes this blatant example all the more frightening.  Everyone knows that Minnesota is a liberal democrat state, but Communism is anything but liberal.  It’s one hundred percent totalitarian and authoritarian, even satanic.  This fact is what most don’t understand, but you sure would if you had to live in this insane nightmare called a Communist dictatorship.

I’m going to briefly list the activities, goals, and methods that the school staff are using on their students in the Edina Public Schools according to the information provided by Kersten, in order to give the reader a clearer idea for the methods of Communist indoctrination being used in American public schools and what it means for America, if left unchecked.

  • Most important is the young age at which the indoctrination begins.  Introducing a suffocating menu of Communist propaganda to Kindergartners, around age five, robs childrens’ minds of a legitimate education by not waiting until their brains’ analytical and critical reasoning abilities develop sufficiently so they can make up their own minds about what each child decides to believe.  This method literally crams a false reality of lies down the throat of helpless children and amounts to nothing less than massive child abuse.
  • The next worst thing being done to abuse their community’s children is robbing them of the competencies they need to be successful in life.  Since all the curricula are focused only on Communist indoctrination, student’s academic achievement begins at a stunted level, only to later render them intellectually incompetent and ignorant; this produces a learned helplessness that facilitates the spread of Communism in the US.  [As adults, it makes them desire government handouts, for example].  Academic achievement slides far behind other states’ average peer test scores, as Kersten indicates, because students are not being taught legitimate academic subjects.  Instead, students are being indoctrinated into a satanic cult, otherwise known as Communism.
  • There is extreme social and coercive pressure being applied to helpless children by “teachers” and “administrators” in Edina that force students to mindlessly turn-of their own critical-analytical and evaluative thinking, in preference for only the distorted feelings and sensations of atheistic Communism.  This renders them incapable of discerning truth and making wise decisions in the future.  Authoritative pressure to force-feed impressionable children damages their ability to become emotionally, spiritually, and behaviorally competent as mature adults.  [Of course, the end-game is to force these children to one day vote for the Communist Party via its major front group, the Democrat Party, but if asked why they did, they will not be able to tell you how they reasoned to vote that way, for there is no reasoning process allowed under Communism].
  • There is mob violence going on in this public school system according to Kersten, that targets anyone who either doubts or refuses to accept the Communist regime.  This is certainly a crime.  Communist “confessionals” are being used to make any such student to feel guilty if they do not accept Communist notions, which amounts to the force of totalitarian, coercive power on young, defenseless childrens’ innocent minds.
  • Especially the young, white male children, are being “taught” to hate themselves and to believe they don’t deserve to be treated fairly.  [The purpose of this is to weaken America.  The Communist Party believes that white males are the strength of America, thus a threat to a corrupt system that tries to make the entire population weak and dependent on a tiny group of evil, Communist dictators who demand absolute power over everyone].
  • Students are also being taught a uniquely coded Communist language, which means American English words and phrases are changed to alternative, often opposite meanings.  As such, the children will not be able to effectively communicate in American civilization later in life since their worldview is completely opposite of a normal, patriotic adult’s views.  [For example, contrast Communist terms “social justice” mentioned by Kersten, with the American term “equal justice under the law”, and the Communist dictate “All for All” that Kersten mentions, with the American “…and liberty and justice for all,” and you can see how the Communist Party twists our English language and turns it against impressionable minds].

As one who has researched this phenomenon extensively over many years, I can say without question that what Katherine Kersten presents to the reader in her article is no joke, nor is it an exaggeration.  What is happening in Edina is happening to our children all over the country to one degree or another.  The take-away is parents, please carefully read your school’s curriculum and stop these kinds of “programs” now.  If not, we’ll all be speaking Russian and Chinese in the not too distant future.  In that case, we’ll all be forced to forget the wonderful American guarantee…”and with liberty and justice for all.”

How Far Down Does Communist Corruption go in the FBI? Consider This

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The news this week shows accelerated movement toward potential indictment of high level FBI Administrators because of credible evidence they have obstructed justice repeatedly and conspired to conceal their clandestine activities.  Robert Mueller has been found to have lied and covered-up an FBI investigation into what appears to be 9/11 co-conspirators and now, we learn that the current Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, took this a step further recently, some seventeen years after the twin towers destruction by Communist Muslim operatives.

According to Vince Lanci’s blog reported  By Tyler Durden at, “…McCabe may have instructed FBI agents to alter their ‘302 forms’ – the paperwork an agent files after interviewing someone: …” This is consistent with the Communist radicalization of the FBI years ago, by the Obama Administration, to use the FBI to undermine the rule-of-law in our country in order to pave the way for an accelerated pace of the [Communist] restructuring of America.  As the Communist Party [CP] used our own commercial planes against us on 9/11, so they use our own law enforcement institution [FBI] against us as their weapon of choice.

Two important points about this development:  One, the FBI has been under virtual control by the CP for at least seventeen years, and two, McCabe’s more aggressive recent attempts to conceal their activities within the FBI have progressed beyond Mueller’s lying and denials, to now include actually forcing otherwise honest agents to falsify their own reports.  Reporting for, Alex Pappas says that viewing the classified memo that indicates government subterfuge in the FBI, was … “likening the details to KGB activity in Russia.”  But America is not Russia.  This means the Communist Party is becoming increasingly brazen in the FBI in order to undermine and control our top law enforcement agency.

Let’s remind ourselves of the bigger picture this represents.  It indicates the satanic CP’s activities are in the process of forming the One World Government, as I suggested in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist.  The recent revelations will ultimately point to the chief Communist Fifth Column agent, Barack Obama himself, as the instigator behind FBI corruption.  According to Adan Salazar, Dan Bongino, a former US secret service agent said, “The secret FISA memo will likely reveal former President Obama was privy to intel obtained from spying on the Trump campaign,…” If he was privy, then he was also the chief co-conspirator.

As I said in The Hypnotic Communist, it is the leaders that are targeted most often for internal espionage.  That’s because leaders have the most influence over everyone else.  I believe the FBI just needs to drain the swamps at the highest levels in this case.  By comparison, notice how our new top leader has set a new, patriotic American tone at the executive branch.

Robert Mueller is a Communist Dupe Leading a Conspiracy to Overthrow a US Presidential Election

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We already know that the Muslim faith is a false religion intended to lead the world astray.  We also know that the Muslim religion was radicalized by Hitler during WW II.  This religion is now one of the many united fronts for the Communist Party [CP] used to conceal its clandestine activities.  Therefore, it is the CP who is spreading terrorism around the world, not the religion per se. Of course, that includes the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Now,  Dan Christensen reports at the [January 18, 2018] that “about two weeks before [the] 9/11” attacks, two Muslims located in a residence at Sarasota, Florida, quickly fled their home, leaving all their belongings behind.  He says that the then Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller [Recall Mueller worked for  the George W. Bush administration then, and later, for the radical Communist Obama Administration for two years], knew that Saudis Abdulaziz and Anoud al-Hijji’s were suspected of being 9/11 co-conspirators at the time, but failed to arrest them.  Even worse, and this is the most important point, Mueller knowingly lied by denial that there was any evidence linking the couple to the 9/11 conspiracy according to Christensen.  Christensen says that other FBI agents’ records clearly indicated that these two Muslims were a part of the 9/11 conspiracy to attack the United States.  And this is the same individual now using any fabricated claim he can manufacture to investigate President Donald Trump?

Since the CP works under the cover of the Muslim religious facade, and since Mueller gave two of their known 9/11 conspirators a pass and then lied about it, that makes Robert Mueller a co-conspirator working to overthrow a US election.  The Mueller “special counsel” is not what it appears.  A look behind the veil shows that the term “special counsel” is deceptive Communist language that hides the Communist conspiracy to overthrow the US Government via the deceptive cover of a former FBI Director, of all things.  He’s worked for a CP objective in the past, and he is now working to achieve another CP objective.  Mueller is trying to pin any crime he can manufacture on our president to achieve the CP’s objective of getting Mr. Trump impeached. [Might this also be CP revenge for the impeachment of another one of their own, comrade Bill Clinton, by the House of Representatives in 1998?] The historical record of Mueller’s crimes of omission as well as commission, indicate that it is Mueller, not Trump, who should now be on the catbird seat.


I’m Confused: Can We Just Kinda Pull-Together all these Investigations into One Coherent Pattern?

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As I have stated before, the Communist Party [CP] uses two types of front groups to hide and promote their illicit activities behind their masks:  United fronts and popular fronts.  These fronts infiltrate our institutions in order to corrupt and redirect them. I’m going to refer to recent political events here to illustrate how all these activities are connected to and implemented by the CP.  Most everyone is already aware of these issues but maybe less so about the accurate understanding of their source, purpose, and deceptive methods [John 8:44].

The NFL Communist Popular Front

One by one, our beloved cultural pastimes are being infiltrated by the CP, corrupted, and turned against Americans.  The latest to fall is the NFL. Warner Todd Huston at [January 24, 2018] says that the undermining of the NFL is only going to increase.   This means the CP will continue to push the NFL down the Communist road as a popular front using the hypnotic terms “social justice” and “equality for all.”  These are satanically inspired Communist propaganda terms that deceive.  Social justice is code intended to corrupt and ultimately ban American rule-of-law.  Social equality is code that everyone must be made to be equally unjust and unequal.  [Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it?  That’s because it was intended that way].  As you can see, the Communist Party hides their different definitions within common English terms in order to deceive and covertly manipulate American minds.

The DACA Communist Popular Front

Illegal immigration to the US is just that:  Illegal.  Then why are Communist agents pushing for more of this?  In effect, the agents of DACA were the ones most responsible for shutting down the US Government last weekend, but their own best ally, the Communist united front, the Democrat Party [DP], got the blame.  So, we see here that a popular Communist front is working in concert with an influential united front, the DP, to force the American people to accept the break down of the rule-of-law leading to the overthrow of the country through a mass invasion by foreigners.  Most recently, however, they have now turned on one of their own, US Senate minority leader, Mr. Chuck Schumer. John Binder reported January 23, 2018 at that one such “United We Dream” group went to Schumer’s home and yelled at him “If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!” They see their own Communist colleague failing to effectively undermine US rule-of-law and national security.

The FBI Communist United Front

For many months, we have had to read, see, and listen to heaps of evidence that our Federal Bureau of Investigation is itself corrupt.  There is increasing evidence, for example, that Communist Obama personally orchestrated its corruption along with just about every other federal agency.  In this case, Obama forced the FBI to spy on then presidential nominee Donald Trump prior-to, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  This was an all-out effort by the CP to keep the American patriot, Mr. Trump out of office, and the Communist Party’s own, Hillary Clinton into office.

For example, John Nolte reports in the January 24, 2018 issue of that the US public actually wants the FBI itself to be investigated.  Imagine that.  The CP has created so much corruption already that there is a need for one legal federal agency to investigate another.  What if they’re both corrupt?  If our own federal law enforcement agency is completely corrupted, how will we be able to enforce legal immigration by prosecuting illegal immigration? Nolte concludes that this issue amounts “…to the erosion of trust the public has for the FBI…” which is precisely the goal of the Communist Party.  [It would help greatly if we would stop using terms such as “deep state” and use the accurate term:  Communist Party front groups and agents. That way, the real perpetrator would be investigated instead of its masked front groups.]

The Special Prosecutor United Front

This [“special prosecutor”] Communist front is working with the FBI united front described above to breed confusion, chaos, and corruption in American rule-of-law.  Enough corruption will discredit federal law enforcement leading to the loss of our national boundaries and America all together into complete chaos. Robert Kraychik reports in his interview with Peter Schweizer in his piece [January 24, 2018] that Schweizer says that one of Meuller’s “special” prosecutors was seriously compromised with a strong, pre-existing anti-Trump bias making it impossible to be an objective third-party investigator, the main reason for this special office.  Mueller himself is responsible for hiring this corrupt agent [Peter Strzok]  and his accomplice, Lisa Page, so what does that say about the integrity of Robert Meuller?  Kraychik concluded by citing quotes from Mr. Schweizer that “The problem is that the investigative process has been corrupted.  Let’s remember, the FBI is a law enforcement agency.” “We follow the same procedure whether we’re investigating the janitor or the CEO” said Schweizer to Breitbart News Tonight’s Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak according to Kraychik.

Apparently, our federal government is now run by the method of special favors only for those who accept and abide by the dictates of Communism.  I guess the rest of us are supposed to play dumb and go along.


Have You Ever Thought that Un-Funding the US Government is a War Tactic?

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According to my calculation, about ninety percent of democrat senators just voted to shut the US Government down while 88% of republican senators voted to keep the government funded according to voting data at the U.S. Senate Roll Call.  Now why would the big-government democrats want to stop funding the Government?  Isn’t that contrary to their established pattern of wanting more and more dependent-making giveaways and false promises by the government god just to get more votes to stay in power over the American people?

In fact, it is the US military who is hurt more than any other federal program by this interruption.  The Department of Defense [DOD] is one of the few constitutionally chartered parts of our government.  They protect us from all external and internal military enemies, but what if our most dangerous military enemy is cloaked in suites and skirts pretending to be US Senators?  You might call them Communists disguised as democrats, or you would be more accurate to call them a Communist Fifth Column, a plain-clothed, clandestine Communist inroad into American government designed to undermine our government, then the rest of us, prior to military attacks.

I hope you are beginning to get my drift here.  An indicator of internal subversion by the Democrat Party’s cutting-off of financial resources to the US Government is that it’s the opposite of common sense.  Democrats now risk alienating their own base, the majority of which dearly love big government control at any cost to everybody else.  Why would their leadership suddenly make such a risky move?  It could be to achieve a far more valuable Communist Party goal:  Permanent shut-down.  This is their utopian, collective dream from the beginning with Karl Marx.  Remember, Hitler shut-down the German government in order to take totalitarian control and wage world war against his neighbors.  Our US democrats are made from that same, hitlerian fabric.

But rational judgement is scarce among democrats.  On the surface, they look insane, but if you understand that their actions betray their intentions, it makes perfect sense.  This step is what many misunderstand about the democrats.  Their controlling Communist Party has been arduously trying for decades to get absolute control of the US Federal Government and they are  determined to undermine and eventually destroy the US Government.  Destroy our federal government organization and we’re defenseless.  Remember, the Department of Defense’s most important function is to defend the country from hostiles, and with no money to continue to fund its personnel and equipment, our country becomes extremely vulnerable to attack.  Only a strong military keeps the peace, not the other way around.  [From another perspective, our most important wars were fought with an all volunteer military.]

Think about the political context right now in the US and among our most dangerous, external Communist enemy countries; North Korea, the Soviet Union, and red China.  We now have a war of words with all three of these Communist countries.  Wouldn’t it make sense, now, that their fifth column spy operations in our Senate and House are trying to do everything possible to cut off our DOD supply lines?  At the least, it leaves us weaker and lethargic once we get the government back on line.  In the meantime, much can be gained by our enemy countries while we are stuck in the mud.

Good News! A Communist Agent has just been Outed and Thrown-Out of UT-Austin

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What’s the Difference Between a United and Popular Communist Front?

As I have said in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party [CP] uses united fronts and popular fronts to conceal their activities in each of their target countries.  A united front is one which collects a large number of separate groups, but each with the same common interest that binds them together.  You might think of them as political pressure groups, but those are not necessarily run by the Communist Party.  But the Democrat Party is a united front controlled by the Communist Party.  Actually, it is the Communist Party’s biggest front in the US.

Popular fronts are also a collection of groups but they are focused on popular culture as their binding element. For example, the Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood’s labor union, is a popular front since it both creates and drives new cultural fads and trends in today’s fallen secular, humanistic culture.  Virtually any popular trend or national icon is used by the Communist Party to capture the minds of the unwary, those who believe it is just “the latest thing” in fashion, the newest technology, belief system, language, values, Hollywood star, idol, or hero.

Both types of Communist front groups have the same goal:  They capture the American mind and body which is then secretly turned against our own country in preference for the goals and values of the International Communist Party.  [Recall that the destruction of our two World Trade Center Towers were destroyed with the use of our own commercial planes.]

Some people are vaguely aware of these CP front groups that secretly undermine our country slowly until it can be conquered militarily, but there are few actual examples of their accurate identification and expulsion. Each front’s name is cleverly chosen to deceive us of their true identity and purpose. Fortunately, Josh Rogin writes in the January 14, 2018 issue of the that one such united front has been caught trying to influence and manipulate the minds of students at the University of Texas [UT].

Even more uplifting is that by correctly identifying the leader of the CP front group, its clandestine objective of using UT to unwittingly continue to spread Communism in the US has been slowed. This is great news, America! The downside is that virtually all US universities have already been undermined by the CP for decades now.  If you don’t believe me, just follow the seemingly crazy but very true stories at

It’s Not Only Academic Freedom at Stake; It’s Human Freedom that’s at Risk!

Virtually everyone is aware of the importance of academic freedom to our universal institutions of higher education.  But how can our institutions of higher learning accomplish this goal if there is no freedom to express individual viewpoints without fear of retaliation?  I for one, can personally testify that viewpoint discrimination against conservative views is the norm, not the exception in US universities today.  It is only the isolated, rare exception to this rule that student evaluations in concert with lazy administrators and Communist faculty allow views that are conservative, patriotic, or otherwise unpopular.  The punishment that is doled out for these kinds of expressions comes from the instructions of Communist Party leaders and enforced by their student evaluations of faculty teaching, administrators, and faculty who have already fallen prey.  I emphasize; this condition is the norm now, not the exception.  And it is the CP that is the organization ultimately behind all this oppression.

Rogin reports that it is a certain Tung Chee-hwa, Vice Chairman of the China United States Exchange Foundation [CUSEF], who is the front group leader who was caught and denied access, thanks to the heads-up of Senator Cruz. This CP front leader was correctly identified and caught trying to give money to UT in return for opportunities to brainwash Texas students and recruit internal spies among the students, but was denied access thanks to Mr. Cruz’s initiatives.

How do People Become Agents for Communism?

But who is Tung Chee-hwa?  His disguise, or personal front, is that he is an industrialist from Hong Kong who inherited the business from his father.  There are many ways people get sucked-into becoming dupes for Communism.  Here’s the way Che-hwa succumbed to Communism.  Since he had inherited the company, he knew nothing about the business, and the firm quickly ran into bankruptcy around 1985, but the Chinese Communist Party bailed him and his company out. This meant that Chee-hwa owed the CP a huge debt he could not pay, and this is one personal weakness the CP uses to seduce vulnerable people into doing their bidding for them.  That way, if any law is broken, only the dupe is exposed and punished instead of the real instigator, the CP.

This is but one important lesson.  It is an illustration of one way the Communist Party recruits and gets control of new agents, either individual people or institutions, which are then used to spread the CP’s seductive control of a country.  Any subsequent loss of loyalty to or betrayal of the CP by a recruit such as Mr. Che-hwa, would result in financial ruin or “accidental” death. This is also an important example of a government official responsible enough to call a Communist a Communist and take appropriate action.

Thank-you Ted!  You truly are, in word and deed, The Honorable Ted Cruz!