Evidence the Alabama Senate Election was Compromised by Voter Fraud and Judicial Corruption

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It has been known for some time that there is very significant voter fraud in US elections.  What’s not commonly recognized is that the Communist Party (CP) is the organization committing these crimes.  The CP was especially worried over the potential election of Roy Moore last Tuesday, and it may very well be the CP pushed his opponent, Doug Johnson, over the winning line just in time. Remember, the CP strongly believes that any crime is justified if it advances its goals.  Here’s some recent evidence in support of my suspicions.

It’s no secret the black vote is overwhelmingly for the democrat party (DP).  As I documented in The Hypnotic Communist, that party is only a united front of the Communist Party (CP).  Therefore, as logic would plea, a vote for the DP is really a vote for the CP.  So, as I watched the Alabama election returns last Tuesday, I noticed FoxNews.com reported that 87% of black females voted for Doug Jones.  Usually, that number is about 3 to 5 % higher, but the pattern remains the same.  Now, Paul Joseph Watson reports in a December 13, 2017 article at infowars.com that “Leftists Demand Black Women be Paid for Helping Defeat Roy Moore in Alabama.” In that article, Watson reports that 98% of black females voted for democrat Doug Jones.  In my November 13, 2017 article “More Survey Results: Why do Blacks Still Vote for Communism,” I said that “…blacks vote for democrat candidates at a consistent rate of about 92%…”  So, if we average these figures from the two reports, 87% (black females voting for Doug Jones) and 98% (black females for Jones), we come up with the rate of 92.5% of black females who voted for the democrat candidate. I cannot stress enough that the Democrat Party is in reality, the Communist Party.

And there’s more.  Converging evidence comes from information about where some of the voters for democrat Doug Jones came from.  Paul Joseph Watson reports in an Infowars.com article [December 14, 2017] entitled “Alabama Vote Fraud? Doug Jones Supporter Says ‘We Came From Different Parts of the Country.” He says that he noticed this at Fox10 News.  The law says that only Alabama voters can vote in an Alabama election.  That’s also a natural law that maintains our country’s national sovereignty. But Watson found evidence suggesting that an organization of voters from outside Alabama came in to help push Jones over the winning finish line.

Watson reported that an excited voter blurted out in an interview that “…we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship and all of us pitched in to vote…” If that statement doesn’t indicate an organized plan of voter fraud, I don’t know what would.  Why would anyone admit to voter fraud on national television?  Only members or allies of the Communist Party would be so boastful and that’s because these people represent the only international political party organization in the world.  That means they do not believe in national sovereignty or borders.  They seek to dissolve all national borders to eventually create a one world government, the nation of world Communism.  They don’t believe election fraud is a crime, but it is.

Communism is an especially potent, evil force arrayed against individual freedom and national sovereignty because its members are indeed extremely well organized.  They are best at working the group model.  Frankly, I believe they are more committed to their atheist, satanic organization than Christians are to Christ, unfortunately.

If the first two data points noted above haven’t convinced you yet of a Communist Conspiracy to control US elections, consider what Clifford Cunningham reported the day before the December 12, 2017 election.  In his December 13 Infowars.com article “Alabama Court to Election Officials:  Don’t Preserve Electronic Ballot Records,” Cunningham says “…the Alabama state Supreme Court granted local election officials permission not to preserve electronic ballot records less than 24 hours before polls opened – records that could form the basis of a recount.” And the state court did this unusually fast and at the same time a Fox News opinion poll was predicting a win for Doug Jones.  Cunningham says that “Alabama law does not provide for manual recounts – only a machine recount of the digital images that are taken at the time each ballot is cast.” Well, that’s really convenient isn’t it?  In effect, Alabama does not seem to allow for any ballot recounts, even if the margin of victory is as tiny as it was in this state election to fill the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

Okay, so what do we have here?  We have black female voters consistently voting for Communist candidates in extremely disproportionate numbers.  We have evidence that there was a national organization who infiltrated the Alabama voting ranks, a crime:  And, we have interference from the Alabama judiciary to prevent any recounts, even though the margin of victory was extremely small.  Ask yourself…What do these three events suggest to ordinary Americans?

According to my work, The Hypnotic Communist, Mr. Doug Jones should be classified as a Communist Agent.  Just read a summary of his activities courtesy of Aaron Klein’s December 9, 2017 article entitled “Klein: Doug Jones is a George Soros-Tied Radical Leftist Rebranding Himself as Moderate” at Breitbart.com.  If you truly understand the characteristic values and behaviors of Communist agents, I think you’ll have to agree.


New Chinese Communist Propaganda Technique is Devastating

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Xie Wenting just put out a piece that shows a new angle in the seduction of the masses by hypnotic Communist propaganda.  We know Communist propaganda is going on in America today, but it’s even worse in Communist countries as one would expect.  In the article by Wenting entitled “China programs virtual youth icons to instill correct thinking into millennials” [globaltimes.com, December 7, 2017], we can see what’s ahead for America based on how it’s already being used against the Chinese population now.  [I can’t help but wonder if this has somehow already influenced our American Millennials].

Wenting reports that the Chicoms are now using two-dimensional holograms in public concert settings to seduce unsuspecting young adults as a revved-up propaganda tool.  The Chinese Communists [Chicoms] are already buying-up US movie houses as they become available. This innovation is a highly seductive tool in the war against the human mind, much more so than conventional political media weaponry.  You see, the actor doing the propagandizing is an electronic image, a hologram.  [Notice the cynical, anti-Christian, atheistic messages in this particular Luo Tianyi U-tube video entitled “Sense of Presence Zero Girl”]. As evidence of its hypnotic influence, Wenting ponders that “It is unclear if these fans are truly aware that their idol is just a hologram.”

China is targeting their age group of 14 to 28 year olds with their plan to “…instill correct thinking into the younger generation with her [the icon named Luo Tianyi] singing” according to Wenting.  She [the singing and dancing icon] is used to “promote positive [Communist] values to the [Chinese] youth.” Another common message is the notion that “We are creating a new world,” according to Wenting. Yes, that new world refers to the Communist new world order. By the way, it is that UN-led “Order” that is currently trying to eliminate Israel.  And the Chinese young people seem to be going bonkers for this new psychological weapon being used against their free will.  For example, Wenting reports that a Chinese college student paid $193 in equivalent US dollars to see one of Tianyi’s artificial performances.

Wenting says the Communist Youth League is the Communist organization in China organizing and implementing this latest innovation in the old art and science of mass mind manipulation and control.  These “Young Pioneers” are not new, being invented by Vladimir Lenin around 1922, in the Soviet Union, as a satanic version of our western “Scouts” organization.  All Communist countries have some version of childhood brainwashing programs such as this.  For example, Hiter’s program was named “Hitler’s Youth” which served the secondary purpose of funneling under-aged boys straight into the World War II battlefield.

The reason the “virtual idol” as Wenting refers to it, is so wildly effective, is that the Communist Party harvests content for its songs, appearance, and routines straight from the minds of the idol’s fans.  They open-up the creative process to the fans so the fans themselves can provide the content they prefer, which is then used as the material for the idol. In effect, the fans themselves write the songs, design the icon’s appearance, and provide the dance moves and gestures using special editing software, according to Wenting.  The fans unknowingly reveal their minds’ contents so that content can be reformulated as Communist hypnotic propaganda that is fed-back against them, but in the disguised format of attractive visual and auditory imagery such as “Mid-Autumn Night 2017.”

Wenting says the Youth League reads fans’ ideas, twists and slants their ideas, and then feeds-back the fans’ their own ideas and preferences through the seductive image and voice of a dancing female icon.  The only problem is, the Party makes sure to embed Communist propaganda within the content provided by the fans.  Embedding Communist values and hidden messages into the fans’ own preferences creates an extremely potent propaganda vehicle for mass mind control by the Chinese Communist Party.  According to Wenting, the fans are often heard saying that the dancing icon is “flawless” or “pure as lilies.”  Since it plays back to the fans’ own imaginations, it truly is the perfect propaganda machine! The fans end up idolizing Communist ideology that they themselves helped create but without their conscious awareness.

You might ask how is this relevant to us in America?  It’s very relevant since this will be coming to our young people, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, for the same purpose.  You should know that a mass of Chicom agents have already infiltrated the US for this purpose. My warning is to our young people to watch-out for and avoid these dancing icons and don’t get involved in editing any icon scripts that might reveal your values and preferences.  Mass hypnotism feeds off of a subject’s own wishful fantasies.  The Communist Party is simply giving their younger subjects edited versions of what they want to see and hear, not knowing that what they already want will eventually be used against their best interests in a covert psychological war.

The Communist Party is Starting to Reveal its Plan for the NFL

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We’ve noticed the backlash to the spineless NFL leadership.  That backlash is that fans are now voting with their feet.  In this case, fans are staying away from NFL games by the droves.  One would think that the fans, also called customers in the normal business world, would be the NFL’s most important constituency.  Think again.  A new article by Valerie Richardson entitled “NFL Inks deal with George Soros linked social justice groups,” at The Washington Times [December 4, 2017] provides more insight into the real but hidden agenda of the Communist, social justice warriors. The chief instigator and organizer is George Soros himself, an international Communist.

By now, the abnormal behavior of raised fists among some anti-American players is old news.  What’s new is the recognition of the clandestine organization behind this visible agitation, whose plans are coming more clearly into focus.  I’ll bet if you asked the players why they are protesting, most would have only a bunch of confused mumbo jumbo in reply, not really knowing why…It just makes them feel more important.  But even those who claim to know why they protest, really don’t know.  They have been seduced.  They are simply being used as “useful idiots,” according to Vladimir Lenin’s own terminology. The method is always to manipulate others into doing the dirty work of the Communist Party.

NFL players are protesting because that’s what they are being told to do by the already established front groups listed below.  Below is a list of the Communist agitation fronts I identified in Valerie Richardson’s article. These agitation groups are actually foreign hostiles who are targeting America’s NFL. Notice we are talking about a national organization, the type the Communist Party loves to infiltrate, capture, and turn to promote its hypnotic propaganda campaigns in target countries:

American Civil Liberties Union
Soros Open Society Foundation
Dream Corp
Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth
Center for American Progress
United Negro College Fund
Players Coalition
The Hopewell Fund
Arabella Advisors
Green for All
Alliance for Climate Protection
Yes We Code
Black Lives Matter

All of these radical Communist groups are either directly or indirectly working to change the NFL into yet another front group that works to conceal the covert activities of the Communist Party with the unique veneer of a pro football organization.  They are trying to subvert the NFL Organization into promoting Communism to pro football fans and players alike by using the social influence of this once prestigious organization.  This is a primary method Communists have used now for many decades.  But it’s strange to me that our law enforcement, politicians, press, and educators will not call them what they are.  At best, they call them “liberals,” “the left,” “leftists,” or “leaning left.” But these are really Communists, and Communists are absolutely not liberals or lefties.  That false belief comes from their mass hypnotic conditioning program. They are absolute, totalitarian dictators that demand exactly everyone obey all of their satanic demands, or else.

They call one of their false and misleading motives “social justice.” This is a term straight out of the Communist Party’s playbook.  Sounds good on the surface, but decoding their Communese language means something entirely different.  Adolf Hitler moved Nazi Germany forward in just the same way.  He outlawed personal guns and then outlawed the group who would most need them later for self-defense:  The Jewish people. This communese term is often camouflaged with the communese synonym “social responsibility” which, by the way, is required teaching in todays’ business schools. The communese term social responsibility means US corporations are guilty of all the world’s problems and should be held liable.  And this is what management professors are supposed to teach business students?  This concept is being taught to business students so they will subconsciously undermine their own enterprise, free market capitalism.  Guess voluntary suicide is the recommended punishment for the capital crimes of economic prosperity brought about by free market capitalism and individual freedom.

Working together, these agitation groups are trying to pressure the NFL into coughing-up $89 million to them, according to Richardson.  In their bleak minds, this is not a criminal act but a noble act of redistributing other people’s wealth in the name of Communism.  Normal people call that extortion, and so does American law, but the NFL seems more concerned to please these Communist agitation groups than their own fans.  If they succeed, the money will not go to any worthy cause in America, but directly to help fund the activities of the Communist Party.  [Kenneth Timmerman wrote an entire book about how Jesse Jackson used this method to extort major US Corporations (“Shakedown:  Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson”, Regnery: 2002].

But make no mistake, extortion of millions is not the primary goal.  Like Communists themselves are heard to say:  Their real motives and methods are never publicly divulged.  The real motive is to change the NFL’s entertainment value into a popular Communist propaganda front to be used as an influence agent to turn US laws into Communists dictates that undermine constitutionally-based US laws.  These new Communist dictates, posing as US law, will make America as we know it, unworkable. The Communist Party wants to turn our own laws against us, outlawing America in effect, and they think we can be influenced by the phony imagery of the NFL to help make their many plans a reality. [But don’t underestimate this most evil of enemies.  They have no moral ethics, yet they will try to convince you they do.]

The NFL is in the process of being transformed from a legitimate and successful athletic organization into a cheap Communist hypnotic propaganda device, once a much loved and adored American tradition and pastime.  Once extortion is successful, it will never stop.  The perpetrators will just keep asking for more. This destruction of yet another American institution could be stopped now if the true name and identities of these Communist fronts were exposed, but that’s just the problem.  One cannot cure what one fails to diagnose.

Why is it Important to Open a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem?

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Israel was first recognized as a sovereign nation in 1948 when they went to war in self-defense against the Muslim world.  Israel won that war and fulfilled one of the primary biblical prophecies in so-doing.  This was a major step toward fulfilling other, related, prophecies that as a whole, will implement the return of Jews from around the world to their Holy land prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, the Arabic world, as well as the United Nations does not want a US Embassy in Jerusalem because that would suggest a preference for Jerusalem over the Arabic world.

The Bible tells us what is going to happen from here on out.  Because the Muslim world will never voluntarily accept a unified Israel, they will ultimately be destroyed by God.  There will be a mighty war by the Communist Muslims and their allies against the Jews in an epic fight for the control of Jerusalem.  God has already said the war will be won by Jerusalem, but where does the US fit into any of this?  Some say the US will already be dissolved.  Others think the US has a hand in the destiny of God’s chosen people.

I believe the US role is to protect God’s first people, the Jews.  Further, the significance of our role lies in part, on the movement of our US embassy to Israel in spite of Muslim protestations.  This is a touchy political move since it will stir-up an anthill, as we say in Texas.

America was founded by Christian people who believed they were founding a “new Jerusalem.”  They believed they were founding and building a new “city on a hill” as a light for the rest of the world to glorify God.  Christians all over the world are supportive of the Jewish people.  Our common beliefs come from the shared belief in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Mosaic Law, in particular.  Christians still believe the Jewish people are special to God and deserve special protections.  This will be the role of America’s future; to protect Israel from control and domination by the ungodly nations arrayed against Israel.  It’s already been attempted many times, but failed every time.  The most well-known of these attempts was when Hitler tried to kill all Jews; i.e., genocide.  [And, if you recall, Hitler was demon possessed.  I believe the name of his demon was Belial, by the way].

When America’s embassy opens-up in Jerusalem one day, and it surely will, this will pit the US against the entire membership of the United Nations, for they are the ones wanting the status quo to stay in-place.  The UN has already interfered in America; recall how the US sought UN approval before going to war against Iraq. America is a sovereign nation.  America was founded on principles of political independence from international affairs and a self-reliance of manifest destiny and self-sufficiency.  The founders never intended for the US to be entangled in a web of other countries, much less an outfit called the UN. This principle, too, was from divine guidance.

What’s most important here to us Americans is that the seemingly insignificant event of placing a US embassy in Israel signals that the US will be alive and well as it must be, in order to be that protector of the continuing Jewish state.  This implies that the US will not be brought down by the current influences of world Communism, because if we were, we would not be able to protect Israel’s future.

No, America will have a direct role in the Lord’s Army during the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Rejoice America!  That’s why it’s important to move a US embassy to Jerusalem, now, while we have competent leadership in the executive branch.

The EPA Finally Gets Convicted of Communist Propaganda; Who Was the President in 2015 and What Does that Suggest?

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The 1940 Smith Act [The Alien Registration Act] was legislation that outlawed the advocacy to overthrow the US Government, but it was repealed in 1952.  Why? It was meant to prevent the overthrow of the US government and the corrosive effect of illegal alien entry.  It seems to me that all the recent street protests are advocating this very notion of the creation of social chaos and lawlessness  that would lead to government dissolution, just like it does in third-world countries.

Perhaps there were second thoughts about the loss of this special law since the Communist Control Act was passed just two years later, in 1954.  This act was intended to outlaw the Communist Party USA, but did it?  The CPUSA’s primary goal was and still is the overthrow of the US Government, but since the Smith Act was repealed, this new legislation was a more direct effort to control the plague of the Communist threat in America.

Among the many activities the Communist Control Act attempted to prevent was the provision that outlawed the production and distribution of Communist propaganda.  But over the years since its passage, it appears that Communism and its propaganda are now, in effect, legal since the Act is not really enforced. Instead of controlling Communist propaganda, it exploded in the early 1960s and has only increased exponentially ever since.

What happened to allow Communist propaganda to spread like a virus in the US even though there were laws against it?  The answer is that the laws were undermined by the lawless Communist Party.  For example, the US Supreme Court allowed the US Communist Party to participate in a New York Insurance Program in 1961. Doesn’t that condone Communism implicitly?  Then, in 1973, a federal court in Arizona ruled that the Communist Control Act was unconstitutional, but the Act has never been repealed.  It had just been watered-down.

The net effect is that while the Communist Party technically remains illegal in the US, the CPUSA is still allowed to remain active.  This confusing state of affairs makes it look like the CPUSA is legal in the US since the laws against it are not enforced.  For that matter, the words “Communism” or “Communist” are virtually absent from the English language now.  People are either afraid to use the word or they laugh when someone else does. It seems like people are deathly afraid of calling this cancer by its real name.  Everybody just calls Communists liberals, but they are certainly not liberal in the traditional sense of the term.  How can a country survive if it can’t even call its most deadly enemy by its real name, much less prosecute its reprehensible crimes? This is a mystery to me since the Communist Party is at the very core of all of America’s most serious problems today.

And it metastasized even faster under the Obama administration. It was 2012, the last year of the Obama Administration’s first term, when the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act passed congress.  It amended the Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 which limited the information the federal government could disclose to foreign countries.  The Modernization Act was intended to allow the US to more effectively communicate to foreign countries in our War on Terror.  It allowed the US to promote American propaganda to our foreign enemies.  But as I have feared since the expansion of the National Security Administration [NSA] with its vast domestic eves dropping on innocent civilians, the Modernization Act backfired by actually facilitating the US to propagandize its own citizens.

A common technique the Communist Party uses to overthrow governments is to infiltrate and reinterpret new or existing domestic laws which are then turned against its host country.  One reason it is so effective in America is because our laws are interpreted based on legal case precedents.  It is the case-by-case legal decisions that cement the interpretation and execution of new laws.  If important cases can be influenced toward a certain, but unintended resolution, a set of cases can be built-up that actually oppose the original intent of the law from its inception.  Then, this newly twisted law can be turned back on its own citizenry with destructive force unintended by its founders.

More recently, December 14, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who we now know is nothing more than a Communist propaganda front organization, has been found guilty of violating the Communist Control Act that prohibits the production and dissemination of Communist propaganda in America [See Summary here.]  More specifically, the agency used the “Thunderclap” software program to simultaneously  distribute  propaganda messages to the US public in a fashion that was deliberately covert.  This should be viewed as yet another attempt to water-down the Communist Control Act to make Communism appear innocent and legal.  But since the Obama administration was in office at the time, wouldn’t that make them responsible for the continued weakening of US law to prevent Communist propaganda against America?

I believe that the EPA’s propaganda messages were intended to deceive the American people into believing more of the lies that agency has foisted on America for decades now.  But now, they have been caught.  Now, we have a good legal precedent for what has been instinctively known for many years, yet unacknowledged.  I do believe the swamp is being drained, but we have a long way to go.  Do not lose resolve America.  As Ben Franklin once aptly stated:  “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

How Journalistic Conflict-of-Interest Migrates Across Ethical Barriers: A Brief Case Study

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Most people know instinctively that our country’s national press corps is supposed to report the news objectively and free of any personal or political bias.  If there were political or personal self-interests in news reporting, it would not be news; it would simply be personal opinion presented as news and that’s dishonest.  Most people already realize that the “news” these days is extremely biased toward outright endorsement of the Democrat Party, but how often do you have a report that describes how this process actually works?

Let me share and comment upon a report that illustrates how bias gets injected into news.  Brent Scher reported last Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at the Washington Free Beacon in “WaPo Reporter Goes Rogue, Gives Strategy Briefing to Secret Dem Donor Conference,” that a certain Janell Ross, a democrat reporter during the 2016 presidential election, showed her leftist political bias in operation.

Ross was at one of the Communist Party’s [more commonly known as the Democrat Party] more important conferences sometime between November 15 and 17, 2017 where she apparently chaired a discussion panel entitled “What do progressives stand for.”  [Remember, the term “progressive” is a synonym for Communism.”]  This is in spite of the fact that Ross is a reporter for the Washington Post, and the Post has an ethical policy that its reporters are not to be involved in activities  that may give the impression of personal or political bias to their own reporting. Ross did not inform her employer of her role in the discussion panel as its facilitator according to Scher.  Perhaps this is because the panel leadership, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros, instructed all attendees to maintain strict secrecy about the conference, its agenda, and content from the public. Who was Ross working for, these two Communist operatives, or the Washington Post?

The conference was at the expensive La Costa Resort, California, according to Scher.  [Nice digs for a bunch of frauds who claim to be “for the little guy.]”  Let me pass along what Scher reported regarding Ross’s violation of her employer’s conflict of interest policy.  As a session facilitator, Ross asked the participants the following questions.  [My translation of each of these questions below follows since the Communese language has different meanings attached to American words than is normally understood]:

“What do progressives stand for?” [What is the identity of the Communist Party? Are we Communists really committed to our goals and objectives? Let’s try to refocus for the next election cycle.]

“How do we grapple with the tough issues?” [i.e., issues such as how to undermine and defeat President Donald Trump and smuggle-in our Marxist, anti-capitalist agenda.]

“What story are we trying to tell and how does it play out in communities across the country?” [What is our hypnotic propaganda messaging plan and why isn’t it working better on the American voters? How can we be more effective at deceiving the voters into electing more of us Communists back into office? The Word “story” can be translated as the intention to lie to the public.]

“How do we translate what the polls and research tell us into the compelling narratives that will build the public will to reorient our economy and combat inequality?” [What new propaganda lines can we invent that would better deceive the American voting public into undermining their own economy by voting for us Communists in the next election cycle?]

Make no mistake about this; “getting the economic narrative right” is all about the Communist objective that Janell Ross was pushing as both a journalist and session chair of a national democrat planning session. This particular example of the unethical arrangement between the Democrat Party and the press is just business as usual for these folks.


This Thanksgiving: What Enables Congressional “Servants” to Continually Violate Our Confidence? You Might be Surprised

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First of all, I wish my readers to have a peaceful and reflective Thanksgiving Day.  The day is really not about turkey or eating or parades or football.  It should be a day of serious recall of the horrible hardships our founders had to create and build this free country.  If you don’t recall that history, or more likely, if you were not taught it in school, I strongly recommend the very interesting history book by Peter Marshall and David Manuel entitled The Light and the Glory: Did God Have a Plan for America? [Fleming H. Revell publishing, 1977].

Now for what I consider to be one of the more important news stories this week.  It came to the attention of the public that there is an epidemic of accusations of so-called “sexual harassment” aimed at not only “hollowood men” but “congressional men.”  There are many angles on this unfortunate issue but I want to keep my focus narrow for the sake of writing space.

Harassment among the hollowood Communist bunch is to be expected but not among our congressional bunch.  It should not be surprising, however, in light of the 1995 Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandals in the White House Oval Office that scarred a generation of our young children.  Would these children now be the millennials?

It appears that these illicit activities have been going on in our congress for many years, yet Americans have not heard of them until just now.  How have they been kept quiet?  Our own government has kept them quiet, specifically, the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 put into place when the above-noted sex scandals first began.  Section 201, pp. 43-45 of the CAA Handbook [See here.] does indeed outline the prohibitions against sexual harassment accusations in addition to many other “laws” stemming originally from the 1964 Civil Rights Act, initiated, ironically by the philandering President John Kennedy (D) and later put in place under the Lyndon Johnson (D) administration.  The crime against the American taxpayer is the agency’s “Dispute Resolution Process.”

What’s most enlightening now is that the Office of Compliance which carries out the 1995 Act, is actually enabling congressmen to continue to be “fresh” with their female colleagues as well as others enabled by the Dispute Resolution Process.  Apparently, this office has been “litigating” claims against our federal employees ever since its inception.  It appears the net result is always a “settlement” where the claimant is paid-off, avoiding a public trial and scandal that the public would learn about. Is this about twenty-two years of passively encouraging men of low morals to irritate women, or worse?

The key question is this:  Why should these men change their ways when the Office of Compliance just bails them out by paying off claimants’ accusations? Sounds more like a mafia “hush money” scheme than a legitimate governmental act.  The way our government is set up, it is we the people who should act by voting the thugs out of office, but the problem is, the average American voter didn’t know about this particular governmental obfuscation. Maybe this is what “draining the swamp” looks like.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was put in place by democrats.  Since the Communist Party was in control of the Democrat Party at that time, we must understand that the entire so-called modern “civil rights” laws are in reality, Communist policies intended to promote moral corruption among the American people.  We can see now how this works.  The Congressional Accountability Act does just the opposite, just as all Communist doctrine is intended to do:  It does not hold offenders accountable; it is really just payoff money funded by the American people. [Communist doctrine always intends to take other people’s money to keep themselves in power].  The process sustains immorality, instead of punishing it properly as it should, and taxpayer money is being used to settle these disputes!  The process actually rewards both sides.  The claimant gets a huge payday of taxpayer money while the alleged offender gets off the hook scot-free.

Like I used to teach in my business ethics course, there is a vicious cycle created by Communist-style doctrine, not western law, that produces evil instead of good and here it is:  Falling moral standards of society lead to the need for more new laws and regulations.  [The US Constitution had already guaranteed all the laws necessary before these “civil rights laws” undermined them]. But new laws are only as effective as they can be enforced.  More laws lead to increased government expenses due to increased need for more law enforcement.  The inevitable failure to enforce excessive new legislation and regulations leads to even more new laws and regulations to “fill-in the gaps.”  Then, there are so many new laws and regulations that no human can comply with, so the people give-up in hopelessness and a country’s moral standards fall even further, eventually a free fall and societal collapse.

Legitimate law is based on Mosaic principles.  It is diametrically opposed to the new kind of laws based on Communist atheism.  This process can be stopped and repaired, but it will take a lot more than Americans just bellying-up to the voting booth.  Constitutional civic involvement must increase.

The Numbers Show the Democrat Party is Not Really “For the Little Guy”

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As is commonly stated, “Money talks.”  The amount of money one has, the source of money, and what it is spent on all tell a story more truthful than what one says, especially when it comes to political rhetoric. Data from the website The Center for Responsive Politics [See here.], recently reported numbers that may surprise you.

According to the ideology of the Democrat Party, the political party that follows the mandates of Karl Marx’s Communism, the little guy is the most important one for which government should take care.  Similarly, democrats all say, or directly imply, that republicans are the bad ones because they have too much money, allowing them to exploit the poor and needy.  Is this really true or are the democrats lying so they can deceive their voters?

Take for example, last year’s [2016] presidential campaign. According to Responsive Politics,  Hillary Clinton’s political committee took in the most donated money, $563,756,928 versus Donald Trump’s $333,127,164. That is a difference of $230,629,76.  Equally important is where the money came from.  Clinton received  $231,118,680 from outsiders [those not represented by a political party’s committee] while Mr. Trump received only $75,269,043.  First, these numbers say that just having more political money does not automatically win the presidency, as many believe.  Second, since Hillary Clinton received $52,157,175 more from outside her party than Mr. Trump, we have to assume there is that much unknown influence on her to make Anti-American decisions once in the executive office.  Third, the democrat, Mrs. Clinton, the one who believes riches are evil because they are used to exploit the poor, had far more political money than the republican capitalist, Donald Trump. If Clinton really was interested in “the little guy,” she would donate that money to charity such as shelters for the homeless.

A second item that starts to form a pattern is the list of the top ten richest members of Congress in 2015.  According to Communist doctrine, democrats shouldn’t even be among those in this list.  Surprise!  Seventy percent of the top ten richest congressmen are democrats.  I must concede one thing, the richest congressional member is a republican, Darrell Issa, who has a net worth of $330,050,015.  But the seven most wealthy are democrats:  Jared Polis $313,556,221 [D-Colorado], Mark Warner $238,157,630 [D-Virginia], John Delaney $232, 816,089 [D-Maryland], Nancy Pelosi $100,643,521 [D-California], Scott Peters $95,569,028 [D-California], Richard Blumenthal $81,745,158 [D-Connecticut], and Dianne Feinstein $79,067,057 [D-California].  It’s noteworthy that three of the seven are from only one state:  California. It’s interesting that the average net worth of the  democrats in this list is $492,712,27 compared to the republican’s average net worth of only $207, 577,90; a difference of $285,134,37. The richest congressmen are indeed democrats, not republicans, as Communist hypnotic propaganda continues to instruct the gullible.

Taken together, these data suggest that democrats are not truthful when they falsely accuse republicans of accumulating riches so they can exploit the poor.  The evidence suggests that democrats love money more than republicans.  It’s sure lucky for them that Hitler slipped-in an exception to the Communist theory after Marx died.  Hitler said that they [the communists] didn’t want to destroy the property [includes money] of the rich; he said that his people just want all of their money.  I think that spells-out the politics of envy, the biggest sin deep in the heart of Communist ideology, and apparently, the Democrat Party too.

American Defense Products and Public Cams are Being Made by the Communist Party

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When I was teaching undergraduate and graduate business students the methods of Strategic Management, I routinely covered the glories of global business as required by our accrediting agency.  We used to call it “International Business.”  As the years went on, there was more and more pressure to call it “global business.” Unfortunately, most of the world doesn’t abide by the Judeo-Christian code of the Ten Commandments, especially the Communist Party.

One example I used to illustrate global competitiveness was about China making parts for our jet fighters.  We all know that China makes a huge number of products for American consumers.  Strangely, they also make parts even for our Department of Defense products.  I would always ask my senior business students in my Strategic Management course, if we got into a fighting war with the Chinese Communists what would we do if they had been making replacement parts for our F 22 fighter jets?  Would we continue to receive our parts orders during a war with them?  The answer was so obvious that I never once got an answer.

Now, come to find out, the Wall Street Journal came out with an article entitled “Surveillance Cameras Made in China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.” by Dan Strumpf, Natasha Khan and Charles Rollet [11-12-17].  What’s the difference between parts made by our enemy for our national defense and parts made to monitor our personal privacy?  Both issues are related and both concern our national security; one our national defense secrecy, two, the secrecy of our private personal lives.  I have examined many Communist Party documents over the decades. I can promise you these diabolical people compel their operative agents to use any method whatsoever, legal or illegal, that advances the goals of Communism in the United States.  And this little known fact explains much about the corruption of our own government.

If Communist China not only makes our military plane parts, and can cease production at any time, and also knows the private habits of all Americans, especially those in the urban and metropolitan areas, don’t those facts make us vulnerable to our enemy, Red China?

We have to assume that China is making the majority of pubic surveillance cameras since their cameras are made by the cheapest price possible; slave labor.  America prices labor at the competitive market rate while the Chinese slave state prices labor at the price of slavery.  That’s because the Communist “government” owns all the business in China.  There is no free market competition to reduce business costs and product prices. There is no competitive market rate in China since all prices are strictly controlled by the Communist Party.

We need to demand that all American military and surveillance products be made only in America by patriotic American Companies!

More Survey Results: Why do Blacks Still Vote for Communism?

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The “Annual Report on US Attitudes towards Socialism” recently published in October, 2017, by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reveals many insights about current American attitudes and trends.  One question I have had for a long time is why is it that blacks vote for democrat candidates at a consistent rate of about 92% decade after decade when the evidence suggests that they are voting against their own self-interests?  Voting for more and more social entitlements has already bankrupted America and has made blacks slaves to government hand-outs.  Why don’t they want to be free and self-reliant?  You can’t tell me that anyone is holding them back.  For God’s sake, we had a black president for eight years.  Opportunity abounds for anyone with the initiative and desire.  Instead, blacks continue to vote against the goose that lays so many golden eggs.

The demographics section of the report shows that 71.2 percent of whites have a favorable view of Capitalism while only 8.3% of blacks do.  That’s a huge difference in values. This tells me that blacks do not like Capitalism even though it is responsible for offering them the highest standard of living in the world.  Whoever dislikes Capitalism will also dislike the Republican Party since it is most in line with the values of business.  Haven’t you heard the prejudicial propaganda that “republicans are the party of big business”, and that “republicans don’t care for the little guy?”  It’s just the opposite. Democrats just say they are for the little guy only to get elected and then stay in power with more entitlements that drain tax payers’ pockets.  They bribe their gullible voters with false promises of government hand-outs that others pay for against their will. Democrats just “redistribute” other’s wealth.  This kind of criminal racket is not doing anybody any good.  They sling around their false accusations of racism against any conservative republican who dares to be honest.

Another question of interest is what values are learned in today’s colleges? One would think that a well-rounded education would only strengthen business values.  Not true.  The survey found that 37.2 percent who have either a high school degree or less have a favorable view of Capitalism while only 19.5% of college graduates do.  What? If less college education leads to greater confidence in Capitalism, then we would expect more college education to produce the opposite and this is what we find in the data.  Postgraduate students favored Capitalism even less than college graduates.  Only 11.2 percent of postgraduates favored Capitalism as compared to the earlier cited figure of 19.5 percent of 4-year college graduates.  Taken together, these two data points suggest a trend and positive correlation that the more one gets exposed to college professor’s Communist worldview, the less they like business.  The only ideology that hates business this much is that of satanic Communism, and there is no question that this worldview is the norm in today’s American colleges, not the exception.

I really thought a college education was supposed to make one more intelligent and knowledgeable.  Instead, it appears that our colleges are turning our young graduates against the business of Capitalism.  This finding can be attributed to the anti-Capitalist, anti-American,  Communist propaganda among college professors who continue to corrupt our young adults’ minds.  What’s worse, is the drastic cost of higher education these days that leaves graduates strapped to college loans for years to come.

Vladimir Lenin and Adolph Hitler both focused on brainwashing the young with their satanic Communist notions.  They focused on the youngest because these are the most naïve, gullible; and idealistic, i.e., the easiest bunch of people to fool with their pack of lies.  Lenin and Hitler were also both demon possessed, by the way.  I saw it first-hand when I was teaching patriotic, Christian values in the business schools. Now, I see the toll it continues to take on our American blacks and youth.