Your Local Movie Theatre may be Owned by the Communist Party: Spell it-Communist Propaganda!

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Communist Red China is currently expanding their hypnotic propaganda network of influence throughout America using our own visual media companies.  From their perspective, this kind of psychological warfare makes perfect sense because they are acquiring movie production and distribution channels that make and spread visual imagery, potent psychological stimuli that sway the attitudes of the subconscious human mind.

Take for example, the document by Aaron Bandler about the question of “Has China Taken Over Hollywood?” at the [February 17, 2017].  From my own work, The Hypnotic Communist, we already know that the Communist world has been very busy for years capturing a variety of our companies and institutions for the purpose of spreading Communism, but Bandler gives us more specifics about how this is now being accomplished.

Bandler says that it is the acquisition of American Multi-Cinema [AMC] that is allowing Communist China to vastly expand the hypnotic power of Communist propaganda movies thrust into the American culture.  According to Bandler, the Chinese Communist Party’s acquisition firm is named the Dalian Wanda Group which is owned by Wang Jianlin, a Communist agent picked by the Red Party specifically for this expansion of Communist influence on America. It is important to add that the Dalian Wanda Group is not really a business, but is only a united front organization that does the actual work of the Chinese Communist Party.  That way, the Party never gets exposed.

Bandler says that Jianlin has accomplished the following acquisitions:  AMC, which, in turn, acquired Carmike Cinemas; Legendary Entertainment, and Dick Clark Productions. The Communist Party is also planning to invest heavily in Paramount to the tune of one-billion dollars as well as working with Sony Corporation.  Bandler suggests that our new attorney general should intervene since our law prohibits the ownership of both  production and distribution companies due to conflicts of interest and monopoly concerns.  Unfortunately, the Communist Party cares nothing about American rule-of-law since it is the corruption and destruction of America that they seek. Communism is an extremely corrupting influence.

There is another relevant piece that clarifies the magnitude of the threat of Communist hypnotic propaganda on the American people.  Carrie Gracie’s October 13, 2017 essay at entitled “The Thoughts of Chairman Xi,” provides a psychosocial profile of the ultimate individual behind this strategy to increase hypnotic control over American minds via the Hollywood film industry.  It is Xi Jinping, the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.  Communist countries do not have an elected president, only an appointed Communist Committee Chairman.

Gracie suggests that Jinping is trying to turn Americans against our own country by changing our patriotic American identity to the Communist Chinese identity.  Although Gracie does not mention the method of hypnotic induction possible through propaganda movies, she does thoroughly identify and explain what Jinping’s goals are for the world.

For example, Chairman Jinping, a notoriously devoted Communist, wants to eliminate any diversity of ideas or values characteristic of a free country according to Gracie.  She states that he seeks “absolute loyalty” of all Americans to the Communist Party’s way of thinking. He wants to eliminate any influences of American culture in videos and films to be replaced by Communist Chinese culture and values.  She suggests in this vein that the reason for this is that Communist dictatorships feel threatened by politically active citizenry.  Of course, patriotic American films encourage and reinforce increased political activism.  [The 2016 election of Mr. Donald Trump was an event the Communist world abhorred, no doubt.]

More specifically, Jinping has a specific program he calls “four identification,” according to Gracie. [Also notice that if you take-out the “u” in “four,” you have “for identification” indicating an additional Communist code that implies a plan to identify for future arrest anyone who doesn’t soak-up and exhibit the newly implanted Communist culture in the altered movies.]

The coded four identification program is apparently to be achieved by the replacement of the pro-American identity with the anti-American Chinese Communist identity by way of the concepts of:  The “Motherland,” “race,” the “socialist road,” and the “Chinese Dream”, i.e., world conquest, power, and Chinese domination, according to Gracie.  “Motherland” is the same love of land that Hitler once espoused as was the Communist concept of “race.” The “socialist road” refers to the desire to keep America on the road to becoming a full-blown Communist dictatorship and satellite of Red China.  And of course, the overall “Chinese Dream” is to make Red China replace America as the premier world power according to Gracie.  They believe this is only possible if America’s patriotic culture is destroyed and replaced by the foreign, anti-American, Asian Communist culture of complete submission to tyrannical authority.

Bandler suggests we should be on the lookout for more films with Chinese and Asian characters playing pro-Communist roles with their attendant anti-American themes.  And it wouldn’t hurt to contact Attorney General Sessions and demand an inquiry into China’s breaking of US law in these illegal acquisitions, as he aptly points out.

Soros and Sanger: What a Great Tag-Team!

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As I indicated in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party is Satan’s political party.  My research for that book shows that there is a demonic social structure which is organized vertically among demons, each having a level of authority. But only one all-powerful dictator, Satan, has absolute authority over the demonic world.  As I researched the book, I was struck by the similarity of Satan’s organizational structure and the organizational structure of the Democrat Party as well as its heart, the Communist Party.

Known today as George Soros, he was originally named at birth Gyorgy Schwartz, a native Hungarian.   [Communist Party leaders are often known to change their names once indoctrinated and active].  Name-changing is also true of converts to the Muslim ideology, one of many front organizations that serve as proxies to conceal the Communist Party itself.

Soros is a wealthy individual who uses his money to destroy capitalism so that world Communism can take its place.  Soros believes that the concept of free markets is not a viable concept since it doesn’t solve social problems well enough. Soros obviously doesn’t believe in free markets. Instead, he endorses an anti-business ideology he calls ” market fundamentalism.”  His term sounds pro-business doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  Communists love to invent new but misleading terms that mimic existing words, but have the opposite meanings.  This Communist Dialect is how they’ve been able to deceive so many.  As you might suspect by now, Soros believes in his “fundamental” platform of creating more strangling business regulations that are already so popular with the Democrat Party.

Soros believes that the Communist Party should exclusively decide whose social problems are solved and whose are not.  But left free of government regulation, free market capitalism solves most of society’s social problems better since it inspires and frees-up human motivation and ingenuity to produce wealth which, in turn, benefits society at large.    The term market fundamentalism turns out to be just as deceptive and misleading as the new name he chose for himself to hide his birth name. [By the way, aliases and name changes are a common practice among the criminal class].

As I said earlier, Communism is Satan’s political party. Victoria Friedman [October 10, 2017] says in her article  “The Soros Plan is a Satanic Assault on Europe, says Hungarian Lawmaker,” that their government’s prime minister, Andras Aradszki, sees Soros’ influence going beyond rejection of free markets to also destroy the nuclear family.  [The nuclear family is a large part of the foundation in support of capitalism].  Indeed, Aradski is correct in his assessment.  Communism destroys every traditional Christian institution.  Similar to what I say in the subtitle of my book, The Satanic Seduction of America, Aradski sees Soros’ Communism as “…A Satanic Assault…”

Just a day after the above article was published, Kristian Rouz [October 11, 2017] reported a U-Tube video at One America News network that “Planned Parenthood, Satanic Temple Attack Missouri Abortion Law.”  Briefly, Missouri has tightened-up regulations on their abortion clinics over the last two years only to see the opening of yet a third abortion clinic in the state recently.  The video suggests that the opponents of pro-life Missourians, Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple, have now teamed-up to defeat the state’s increased efforts to save the unborn.  As I report in my book, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a Communist Party member whose objective was a massive eugenics program of infanticide.  That’s what Planned Parenthood still is today, although the organization’s name is highly misleading, just like the name George Soros.  Like Soros, she also intended to destroy the entire institution of the human nuclear family.  It appears now that Soros has the same ambition as Sanger.  I’m sure if she were alive today, George Soros and Margaret Sanger would be the best of friends. To be anti-human is to be satanic.

Putting Together Pieces of the Communist Puzzle

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All things are interrelated in some ways although we often can’t see these hidden relationships and connections.  Some are direct relationships while others are indirectly related.  Still other relationships contain both direct connections as well as indirect, more subtle connections.  By their nature, the indirect relationships are much more difficult to detect.

Think about this another way, perhaps.  When putting together the pieces of a new puzzle, can you visualize where the next piece fits?  Moreover, can you visualize where several new pieces fit simultaneously?  Similarly, can you see several moves ahead of your opponent in a game of Chess or Checkers?  If you can, then you understand hidden interrelationships.

As I suggest in my book The Hypnotic Communist, the American institution of higher education has been completely expropriated by the Communist Party.  In other words, it has been subverted from its primary purpose of education and is now a Communist propaganda front.  For example, studies have consistently demonstrated that Christians and other conservatives are not welcome as students or professors.  The most recent article  on this particular issue is by Tom Ciccotta’s “Survey:  Only Nine Percent of Yale Professors are Conservative” [October 6, 2017] at I worked as a professor for about twenty years and can testify to the truth of this survey finding.  If you are a conservative of any type, Christian or not, you are either passed over for hiring, tenure, or have a shortened career.  This puzzles me since so many conservative parents send their children off to be indoctrinated into Communism while paying huge tuition hikes all along the way.

How bad is the Communist culture of today’s American universities?  I can tell you it’s much worse than you know, and consistently getting worse.  How obvious does it have to get before parents will begin to consider sending their children to trade and technical schools instead?  for example, just consider Simon Kent’s piece “Students Protest After Cambridge College Uses Image of Auschwitz on Welcome Leaflet” [October 6, 2017] at  Granted, the University of Cambridge is not an American university, but it doesn’t matter a whit since the higher education disaster is a worldwide phenomenon foisted on us by the worldwide Communist Party.  The school denied that the menacing image of the entrance to Hitler’s mass murder factory was intended to suggest students should imagine themselves entering the gas chamber at Cambridge, but don’t believe it because lying is the most prevalent Communist pattern.  It’s just another piece of the puzzle of Communist hypnotic conditioning lodged in the minds of our young people. Why would anybody send their children to institutions such as this?

Then what happens to a country whose citizens are willingly blind and deny what’s really happening to them that is evil?  The German citizens denied that Hitler was evil.  Instead, they cheered him on all the more.  Frances Martel writes  in “China Unveils Over 100 Smartphone Apps to Track ‘Loyalty’ to Communism” [October 6, 2017] at  Communism is total and complete mind, body, and soul control, in a nutshell.  Anyone who wavers even the slightest into independent, rational thought, behavior, or attitude, will be arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, brainwashed, or disappeared by murder.  Forcing all human subjects to be monitored 24/7 by clandestine technology defines a Communist police state.  People who have lived under these conditions describe it as a paranoid hell on Earth. The technical infrastructure for this is already built and installed in our own national intelligence bureaucracies and there have been many stories about the abuse of this technology already.

I brought you the three references noted above to demonstrate something.  What appears to be three separate issues; the total mind control of Communism on students and faculty at universities puts the mind into bondage to Communist “controllers” which are later reinforced with the stark images and reminders of Communist intimidation such as the mass murders by Hitler and associates.  After years of hypnotic conditioning, this training eventually morphs into complete Communist control of entire countries as it spreads out from academia into the broader American culture.  [Notice, for example, how television topics are now trending toward Satanism].  And their mind-control is getting ever more effective now with the continued sophistication of modern communications technology.  Taken together, the three stories noted above are three related pieces of the same puzzle.  What is happening in China today will be coming to America tomorrow if we don’t return to our constitutional principles and begin loving human freedom and dignity more than peace, safety, and comfort.

Mass Murdering is the Communist Work-Around Method for Disarming the American Civilian Population

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Virtually all Americans know of the latest mass murder of innocent civilians.  The Las Vegas mass murder was well planned by a white male, the type that Al-Qaeda already stated years ago would become the future method of operations in America instead of the more obvious middle-eastern profile.  Consistent with the pattern the Communist Party has always operated, they hide in plain view among us. They use their chosen dupes and accomplices as proxy-warriors instead of identifying themselves as the actual perpetrators.

There are all kinds of questions now about why the murderer did what he did, how he did it, and whether he had accomplices.  These are all interesting and useful questions to answer, but they are not aimed at the appropriate perpetrator; the Communist Party.  We miss the bigger picture by getting distracted by all the little details about the immediate crime stripped of its larger context and historical background. It makes us look like a dog chasing its own tail.

The Communist Party wants to secretly turn us against ourselves in order to divide and conquer.  These are the same agents who have recently organized and implemented the turning of NFL football league into an agitation front for the Communist Party.  These are also the same agents who attempted the mass murder of republican representative Mr. Steve Scalise and the other republican baseball players during a practice game.  In short, the Communist Party’s political organization, the one hidden inside the Democrat Party, is behind all the many years of mass murders in the US.  The difference now is that they have turned their focus on the murder of conservative groups. Their motive is compensation for the loss of control of the executive branch in the 2016 presidential election.

The party is trying to accomplish at least three objectives.  First, and most obviously, they want to continue to create social chaos and mass confusion among our population.  This makes it much easier to manipulate, direct, and control the US population toward their longer-term objectives.  Second, the party creates this confusion by the method of mass murders of innocent civilians, no different than how all previous Communist dictators have done on their own populations once totalitarian control is achieved.  The only difference is that they select various dupes as proxies, who do not realize they are being used by the Communist Party as a method to bring-forth the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  Last, and most importantly, the short-term goal of the method of mass murder is to separate us from our own constitutional right of self-defense:  our guns.

Just think back over the common threads of mass murders here in the US.  The murders are unexpected.  The perpetrator is usually one or two unknowns.  The attacks are always aimed at a group of unsuspecting Americans.  Afterward, the perpetrators are usually killed.  There is mass confusion among the US population with no definitive answers.  Then, government control is increased at every potentially vulnerable public site.  As a result, more of our constitutional rights are infringed.  Along with this, there are immediate screams of the Communist slogan by democrat [Communist] operatives about more “gun control.” But why would we need even more government control of private firearms when the present gun control regulations already exceed constitutional limits? [When the so-called democrats use the term “gun control” they really mean complete “gun confiscation.”]  The recent perpetrator purchased his weapons legally.  Criminal perpetrators, however, never have to worry about more gun control, do they?  They can always steal or buy their guns on the black market now can’t they?  And they are more than happy to mass murder any number of innocent American citizens as a way to scare us into giving-up our constitutional freedoms in exchange for the seductive illusion of Communist peace and safety.  In short, the Communist Party cloaked as the Democrat Party, is trying its hardest to disarm all law-abiding, private American citizens, in preference for the criminal elements. This is the same pattern exhibited in the issue of illegal alien entry into the US.  Democrats prefer these sorts of criminals over lawful US citizens.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about the false rhetoric used to make all Americans defenseless should know that gun control only means to take away and make illegal all American personal self-defense.  Does a pencil perform calculations or does a human hand connected to a human brain perform a calculation using the pencil as a dumb tool?  Similarly, do guns kill people or do people with evil intentions put their finger on a loaded gun trigger and make their own personal choice to kill other people?  The logic is irrefutable.  That’s why the Communist Party has to use the work-around method of mass murder as a scare tactic to falsely justify more gun regulations leading to eventual disarmament of the American civilian public.

The Communist Party wants all Americans defenseless so when they come to the final solution of their militarily conquest of America, they will face little resistance from the population at large because we will have no guns for self defense.  They will have already confiscated them.  Remember, Hitler also had all personal guns registered.  Conveniently, their guns were then confiscated just prior to his reign of terror, tyranny, and world war.  That’s a major reason the Jews were unable to resist his monstrous holocaust. They had no self-defense.  In our case, the holocaust will be all Americans who resist the Communist monster in any way.



The Making of a Communist Agent in the Most Unlikely of Places

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Since the Monster of North Korea has raised its head in defiance of everything good, we should take a look back at its behavior so we can see more clearly how it operates now to deceive America into a [false] sense of self-blame.  It was in the North Korean War that this beast revealed its true colors which are on open display now if anyone cares to know what’s hidden beneath the mass Communist propaganda aimed at the North Korean people and its neighbor, South Korea.

Charlie Moore provides such a perspective in his article “Horrifying portraits of American soldiers torturing women with pliers…” [September 28, 2017] seen here.   As you scroll through the portraits of the many false depictions of American soldiers torturing their many innocent victims, don’t let yourself be deceived.  American troops did none of the acts depicted in the paintings.  These pictures are, however true and correct examples of Soviet Communist hypnotic propaganda intended to induce the people of North Korea into believing it is America who are the evildoers, not their own North Korean dictatorship.  The pictures are undeniable examples of the false blame placed on a political enemy, America, in order to deflect blame away from the true perpetrators, the North Korean dictators themselves.

Now I want you to translate these pictures into the modern propaganda imagery thrust on the American people every day by imagining each picture simplified to be much more-subtle, less obvious images and messages.  Imagine, for example, all the constant messages about “victim rights” and the anti-American image of NFL players defying their patriotic obligation to salute the flag of freedom and human dignity for which hundreds of thousands of Americans have died.  The images are of protesters and mob violence in the streets and universities of America, and the constant message in our movies and t.v. shows that America is to blame for being greedy, selfish, and mean.  The graphic images provided by Mr. Moore represent the visible surface structure of the subterranean, subtle, and seductive Communist hypnotic imagery that has been injected into all America’s multi-media of today. These too, like the North Korean paintings, are meant only to deceive. The false and deceptive nature of the 1950s paintings are obvious to us now, but the messages within them still resonate in their place at the much more subtle level of modern Communist propaganda in America. So, when you sense a hypnotic propaganda message in the future, think back to what it really is by comparison to these graphic, but false images from 1950s North Korea.

Let’s take this a step further.  What’s the end result of someone having been seduced and taken prisoner by Communist propaganda?  The short answer is that they begin to act differently.  Consider, for example, the recent article by Kistina Wong “Exclusive: West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Leave” [September 28, 2017] seen here.  Wong’s report chronicles the making of a Communist agent at West Point Military Academy, of all places.  The method was for a professor, who was already a Communist agent, to convert one of his student protege to Communism through the seductive use of the power of his authority. Notice the professor apparently teaches “Middle East history…” and he went so far as to “mentor” his subordinate.  Instead of being a genuine professor, however, we can piece-it-together that he is a secret Communist agent who has manipulated his subordinate into accepting, endorsing, and propagating the beliefs and objectives of Satanic Communism. This is the result of the hypnotic seductions using the bait of the lust to have superhuman powers over all others.

How can this happen?  It’s been happening in America for many decades as I suggest in The Hypnotic Communist.  Unlike the graphic North Korean pictures provided by Mr. Moore, however, it’s seductively Satanic in its subtlety and nature. The recruitment of a soldier in the American military to Communism is the most unlikely of conversions, but is an object lesson that shows just how affective the conditioning of human minds and hearts can be by our Communist enemies.

Red China’s Chairman Mao Zedong Would be Proud of the NFL

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Since the Communist Party lost the White House in 2016, it has stepped-up the aggression of its agitation fronts in America, the most blatant being the recent player agitation during the national anthem prior to NFL games.  The short-term goal is to completely capture the NFL to add to their increasingly large portfolio of Communist agitation groups. But now, another pattern is starting to emerge that we should recognize.

It was during the Viet Nam War [1959-1975] that the Communist Party’s fifth column front groups began agitating on US college campuses.  [All along, this fifth column has been nothing less than an exported application from China of Chairman Mao Zedong’s Communist Cultural Revolution in 1966.  Its objective then was to eliminate all traditional Chinese culture to be replaced by Communist thought.  The same is true now, but the target is the US].  Before that, they were quietly organizing faculty.  They had not yet become overtly hostile and aggressive to the public with such tactics as propagandizing Communist doctrine and prohibiting patriotic student or faculty counterpoints.  The internal intimidation and hollowing-out of traditional American culture that followed the subsequent organization, promotion, and implementation of Communist-inspired riots, weakened America’s moral resistance in support of the war.  The Communist fifth column that developed at universities helped dilute America’s hold on our Christian values and institutions.  The net effect of all that domestic chaos was to distract, confuse, demoralize, and ultimately derail public support for the Viet Nam war.

This pattern has now begun to reappear more clearly than at any other time since that war.  Mr. Trump is correct in trying to rattle Jong-un. The North Korean dictator is genuinely frightened by President Trump’s bellicose warnings.  He is so frightened now that he is seeking psychological maneuvers to characterize himself as a victim of capitalist aggression instead of the psychotic aggressor he really is.  Leah Barkoukis  reported in a article “China Will Defend North Korea…” [August 11, 2017] that Red China, the Communist country around which North Korea orbits, has already declared that China would get involved in war between the US and North Korea only if the US declared and started the war first. That is precisely the appearance that Jong-un is trying to paint as Corey Charlton and Sam Webb imply in article, “READY TO STRIKE North Korea moves warplanes…” [September 27, 2017].  The secret is that Red China has been chomping-at-the-bit to go to war and demolish the US for many years. They would love to use their North Korean proxy as an excuse to go to war with the US.  But is calling Jong-un “rocket man” equivalent to declaring a state of war on North Korea?  No, not even close.

If you notice the ways the “news” in the US is routinely twisted, then you understand how Jong-un has twisted what China said about their conditions of war.  Communists prefer to lie than tell the truth, so this is no surprise.  That’s why our government representatives have failed so frequently in negotiations with any Communist country. Our leaders are extremely naive and gullible about how Communism works.  Even worse, the Republican establishment doesn’t even understand its own party’s conservatives, which means they haven’t figured out how former Judge Roy Moore defeated his primary opponent in the revealing Alabama primary this last Tuesday.

What can we expect to happen now?  The way the Communist Party is behaving leads one to expect that they are going to increase pressure on the American public with more and more organized protests in more venues.  I fully expect to see more institutions and organizations seduced by the Communist Party with their favorite tactics of protesting and “demon-strations” [if you get my drift].  By encouraging NFL dupes to disrespect our patriotic national anthem, they are exhibiting the same methods that were used in the 1960s and 1970s to turn public opinion against our own military, while at the same time, demoralizing and discouraging the military themselves.  As they sought President Richard Nixon’s head then, now they seek that of President Trump.  Nixon won in a landslide; Trump won a surprisingly solid victory.  American patriotism horrifies the Communist world.  The Communist tactic of fifth column agitation to turn American public opinion against ourselves remains the same.  The objective of weakened support for our own military means Jong-un will have an easier time if our countries come to blows.

It’s all about fueling the flames of a domestic cultural war on America’s insides, while the Communist military outside covertly prepares for war.  The inside culture war is coordinated by the outside military machine.  I’m certainly no war enthusiast, but the clouds of war are forming.

Three Current Examples of Communist Front Groups in Plain View

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As you may have sensed by now, there has been an escalation of Communist agitation in America which became noticeable during the 2016 presidential race.  It is virtually certain by now that the previous democrat administration had attempted to steal the election via tampering with the electronic ballot boxes in many US states and then to blame the so-called hacking jobs on Russian interference in cooperation with the Republican Party.  That’s especially odd since the previous democrat administration itself was being steered directly by the Communist Party prior to and throughout its eight-year tenure. The cover was to blame the Republican Party instead of themselves.

Now that the Communist Party has lost direct control and influence over the executive branch, the Democrat Party has been redirected to agitate in other venues, such as for example, the elimination of patriotic symbols of war hero statues, and more popularly, the agitation by Communists agents during the national anthem at professional athletic games. The Communist Party is refocusing on their popular fronts in order to compensate for the loss of direct control of the White House in 2016.  These newer assaults have even expanded outward into American culture with their newest popular front to destroy the NFL football league by using the players themselves as their Communist dupes. [It is believed that V. Lenin himself first called these kinds of Communist tools “useful idiots”].

We have seen that Communist Party fronts have been operating directly to subvert the US Government by placing their people in the White House.  We also see that a more recent, second front, is trying to erase America’s memory of a significant part of our cultural heritage through the elimination of hero statues.  Tony Perkins and Associates at The Family Research Council now report that “Lib Teacher Tries to Mix up Kids on Gender” by demanding her vulnerable fifth graders refer to her as “Mx.” [September 21, 2017] instead of the earlier version of “Ms.” or even the traditional forms of address of “Miss” or “Mrs.” [In the confused child’s mind the teacher is who?  Mrs. Jones, Miss Jones, Ms. Jones or now Mx. Jones?  Notice they all start with an “M.”]  Might a child now be punished for using “Ms.” instead of the new requirement of “Mx.”?  Are the address forms of “Mrs.” and “Miss” completely outlawed now?

This Communist trick is yet a third front maneuver, but is focused on another area of importance to the Communist Party:  The Communist indoctrination of our own American children.  But instead of political manipulation of ballots and erasure of American history, the Communist agent posing as a public school teacher, is attempting to confuse our children so badly that they won’t know who or what others are.  This maneuver makes the other two interrelated front operations much easier to accomplish since confusion softens-up the human mind for subtle manipulation and subsequent covert control by the other two fronts.

Identity confusion breaks down and weakens human focus, direction, and the will to survive as a national people.  Criminal tampering with the ballot box, erasing public historical symbols, and confusing the minds of helpless children are all variations of the same overall Communist Agenda of destroying America from within.  It’s a kind of covert political and cultural war on the American human psyche.  All these Communist maneuvers are designed and implemented by the Communist Party cloaked as the Democrat Party.  They are not separate but parts of an overall grand strategy of domestic war on America.  We should view them as such and not be deceived. Only then will we be able to resist them effectively.

Judge Roy Moore Will Change America for the Better

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God is going to test America next Tuesday, September 26, 2017 when Judge Roy Moore will be voted upon for the US Senate seat vacated by Mr. Jeff Sessions.  This election in Alabama will be a sign whether the American people have decided to follow God’s way or their own.  God’s way is always better than man’s, yet we tend to try to do His work in our own, humanistic way. In this case, the question is whether we will uphold a man who really believes in God with all his heart, mind, and soul.

If you recall, Mr. Moore was the judge who was famous for resisting repeated attempts by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1995, a very powerful Communist front group of the Communist Party, to unseat him from his godly judicial position.  The reason this satanic organization became hostile to Mr. Moore was no more complicated than the simple fact that he chose to display a plaque of the Mosaic Ten Commandments behind his seat on the wall as well as to pray prior to the beginning of each court proceeding.  [By the way, invoking the so-called doctrine of “separation of church and state” as an excuse to attack Mr. Moore is nowhere in the US Constitution.  That slogan is only in the Soviet Communist Constitution.  Never forget that the ACLU is a Communist front organization in America.]

What’s strange is that the Ten Commandments as well as prayer before important decisions has been an integral part of traditional America since our inception.  But because Mr. Moore honored God by recognizing and publicly honoring God’s Mosaic law, the same law whose obedience brought about the founding of America, he was unfairly punished.  The Ten Commandments were removed from his Chamber and he was removed from office, simply for invoking the original religion of our American constitutional forefathers!

The act of censoring and punishing an innocent, God-fearing Christian judge in public, amounts to no less than the wishes of Satan the Devil to kick God out of the American public venue.  One would expect this only in Communist countries, not America.  But Communism is active here in America today.

If this blasphemy is allowed to continue, all America Christians will be arrested and put in concentration camps someday.  [If you think that’s funny, explain one thing.  How is it that the Jews didn’t recognize the same evil before the Nazi wagons and trains came to pick them up?]

Next Tuesday, the people of Alabama will have a chance to make their wishes known to the rest of America.  Will they choose to once again honor God and put one of his faithful servants back into public office or will they choose the road to hell for this country by insulting and dishonoring the God that has been so good to them and the rest of our nation?

My guess is that the Alabama voters will honor God next Tuesday.  God bless America!


“Good News Club” Fights off Satan,…for Now! But What’s the Next Attack on the Minds of Our Children?

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Why are todays’ public schools doing such a terrible job educating America’s children?  There are many reasons but here are three.  One, the public schools waste a huge amount of time making students more ignorant instead of knowledgeable by feeding them a lot of what amounts to Communist propaganda.  Two, when schools banned the Bible and prayer, God withdrew His protections and blessings.  And three, the group model of one size fits all, always drifts to the lowest possible denominator.  But what happens when God, the Bible, and prayer are banned as they were in the early 1960s? An institution gradually collapses under the weight of satanic chaos and confusion. The moral fabric of the educational institution becomes rotten leading to the complete subversion of the educational mission.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel provides an example case.  He reports in “Satanist Group” Fizzles in Tacoma School” [September 15, 2017] that the Seattle Satanic Temple intentionally targeted the Good News Club after-school program.  [Satan prefers to go out of his way to confront Christian organizations such as the Good News Club because his priority is to challenge and overturn God and His people].  Permission was granted for the satanic club to meet, but Mr. Staver suggests that the after-school satanic club quickly folded at Point Defiance Elementary because of lack of student interest.  That’s good news to anyone who loves their children.  It’s also good for genuine American education.

As I reported in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist: The Satanic Seduction of America, Communism is the political party of Satan.  Satan is known as the “Father of lies” [John 8:44] being the first to lie to a human.  Satan first appeared in human history when he successfully seduced Eve into disobeying God’s instruction not to eat of the tree in the middle of the garden [Genesis 3: 4-6].  She did and all God’s creation immediately became corrupted just as the Communist Party continues today.

If one controls the information taught to our children, one controls their minds.  It is the most supremely corrupt plan by the Communist Party to indoctrinate America’s children subtly, incrementally in today’s public schools.  I’ve often heard that it is in the universities where our young Americans begin receiving Communist indoctrination.  That’s only half-true.  After twenty-years experience teaching in that environment and three universities in as many states, I can promise you that these young people were already gone before they came into my courses at the Junior, senior, and graduate levels.  The university system of Communist hypnotic propaganda merely puts the icing on the cake for the already deceived but also attempts to weed-out the very few who have successfully resisted the propaganda campaign. [Why do you think they are always trying to get your child earlier and earlier with programs such as “Head Start?]”

If our public schools are allowed to honor Satan instead of the true God by allowing children to entertain his agenda, then we will reap the wind.  Since the Communist Party is Satan’s political organization, everything it touches becomes false and corrupt.  That is the opposite of the purpose of education! Genuine education is meant to discipline and enrich the human mind, not demoralize and degrade it with intentional lies.

The Satanic Temple has failed to impregnate its false principles into the innocent minds of students at Point Defiance Elementary for the time being, but don’t be deceived. Don’t get too comfortable.  They don’t have a stop button. They’ll be back again with some other disguise and deceptive tactic.  Keep you guard up and a stiff spine my student friends and parents, for these attacks will continue wherever God’s children gather!



Abortion Promotes Diversity in the World of Communist Delusion

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Communist hypnotic language has had deadly affects on many of America’s institutions, not the least of which is the judiciary.  For those determined enough to appeal lower-level decisions upward, it’s now likely they will come under the jurisdiction of a single federal judge who has already been seduced by Communist hypnotic language into making the worst decisions for the rest of us.

Let’s look at the stubborn issue of the abortion of human babies.  More specifically, what are the hypnotic terms that have seduced enough judges to facilitate the implementation of Satanic Communism, whether they know it or not?  Consider the following hypnotic induction terms hoisted on them by the international Communist Party.  [It’s a 100% certainty you also have heard them so many times, you could easily construct such a list with only a moment’s notice].

a woman’s right to choose
A woman’s body is her own.
womens’ rights
Keep abortion safe and legal.

Are you very familiar with these words and phrases?  Then you have been influenced by Communist hypnotic stimuli.  What’s worse, as I suggest above, is that influential public officials come under the spell of Satanic Communism via these types of hypnotic terms. [I discuss the link between Satanism and the Communese language in Chapters 5 and 6 of The Hypnotic Communist. Notice the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the other terms].

Take for example the recent article by Thomas D. Williams at entitled “Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Satanists To Promote Abortion In Missouri” [September 13, 2017].  Williams  provides truth-loving men and women with more evidence that the Communist Party’s energy, methods, and directions are controlled by the ungodly religion of Satanism.  I recall just after Roe v. Wade was passed, the Communist Party said they couldn’t have achieved passage if the Christian churches had stood up to them.  In other words, the church did not stand up to Satan’s political party, the democrat-Communist Party!  Now look what we have:  Massive child sacrifice in America by the millions, as Williams points out.  Sought after as the crown jewel of the democrat-Communist Party, child sacrifice, more commonly referred to with the sterile term “abortion,” is the chief sacrament devoted to Satan’s Communist plan for America.

Now, do you believe that the so-called Democrat Party is really democratic?  Here’s clear evidence that they are not.  Dr. Susan Berry points out in a article entitled “Hillary Clinton: Democrats Who Are Pro-Life Must Vote To Promote Abortion” [September 12, 2017]. If that political party was really “democratic” they would allow their members to vote against human abortion.  But because the Democrat Party is in reality the party of Satanic Communism, one “must” submit all; soul, mind, and body to the Communist dictatorship of world population control.  What?  Population control?  The goal is not abortion-on-demand that they want the public to believe.  As the core of the Communist Party, Satanism, is always deceptive.  The real goal is eugenics; the science of selective breeding through control of the human gene pool.  They want to birth only children who will readily accept the beliefs of Communism in support of the one-world government now being formed. The founder of the American abortion mill, Margaret Sanger was a demonically possessed Communist Party member.  Many of the leaders of Communism today are also demonically possessed. This explains their psychotic belief system which runs contrary to natural law, including the laws of human nature.

As previously noted, the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the language of abortion.  But it’s not.  It functions to expand-out the influence of the Communist abortion program by way of its connection to many more clusters of hypnotic terms. They are hypnotic in part because these associations are not apparent on their face.  Have you ever considered that the “Diversity Program” is part of the “Abortion Program?” They are, and Evan Lambert of in his article “College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections” [September 12, 2017] helps us see this.

The Diversity Program along with the Affirmative Action Program helps the Communist Party [CP] expand-out the influence and acceptance of the Abortion Program of mass killing of babies. The key connection word is “inclusion,” a part of the broader Communist cluster of terms of the linguistic node  “diversity.”  To be diverse, one must include others even if they are illegal aliens.  [Notice also, this connects to the term “discrimination” which means America must not interfere with the CP’s evil activities.  The subconscious message is we must accept all facets of deceptive Communism]. Under the Communist doctrine, criminal trespassers must also become equalized to the same status as law abiding citizens just as sexual and reproductive rights must be equalized regardless of the reality they can never become so. The common thread among these seemingly unrelated terms is the Communist doctrine of moral equivalencies, i.e., the lie that there is no such thing that distinguishes good and evil. We’ve all heard the commandment numerous times:  Thou shalt not discriminate!  There is no such moral dichotomy; only humanism, i.e., the philosophy that man is the measure of all things and there are no moral absolutes such as for example, thou shall not kill.

The unique psychologic of the CP that connects the two platforms of so-called “womens’ rights” and “diversity” via “inclusion” is this:  Communism’s allure is the temptation of the doctrine of “equality” in every imaginable way. In this particular context, the goal is sexual and reproductive equality.  The tortured reasoning is that if men can impregnate women with no concomitant responsibility to the child, then women should be allowed to also be equally irresponsible, if they choose.  Womens’ rights must be “included” as equivalent to mens’ rights, regardless of the obvious differences in sex roles and unique reproductive functions. Therefore, the child must be sacrificed on the altar of self-worship, a satanic concept.  This is why the democrat-Communist Party demands that all democrats vote for abortion, regardless of any moral objection.  This is also why there is no off button.  [The next step is to create a single “Unisex” ultimately to make all human reproduction a strictly scientific affair with sperm and ova joining artificially under strict government regulations.  You might find this logical extension more difficult to believe, but that uncertainty does not necessarily make it untrue.]

The Communist mantra of diversity demands that all countries become equally multicultural.  Unfortunately, multiple, competing intra-country rivalries break down “United we stand.” As there must be no inequality in sexual-reproductive rights, there must not be a national identity of united Americans, sharing the same patriotic values and beliefs.  Lambert writes that the College Park, Maryland city council recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in their city elections.  That opens the door for representatives of foreign hostile powers such as the Soviet Union, Red China, and North Korea, to legally vote by proxy to destroy America from within just as I suggested in The Hypnotic Communist concerning the Trojan Horse in the Communist Fifth Column.

Neither Dr. Berry, Mr. Williams, or Mr. Lambert attribute the illegal and unconstitutional activities noted above to the CP, but that’s exactly what you need to know.  The CP never identifies itself truthfully when it is in action-mode. Instead, they make-up a variety of labels that create false identities for public consumption.  And they will never disclose their actual intent until it’s too late!  Dig deeper America, and see what’s hidden beneath their self-righteous, but satanic activities.