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Jan 19, 2017

Updated Feb 6, 2017

By now, America has had it repeatedly drummed into our heads the idea that it was the Democratic Party that was hacked by the Communist Party.  This cannot be true. This is disinformation intended to distract attention away from the Democratic Party's humiliating loss to Donald Trump.  Just think a moment; Why would the Soviet Communist Party try to affect the US voting process by changing ballots in favor of Don Trump, a successful free market capitalist? Why would Moscow need to intervene at all when in reality, they have had one of their own agents running the business of the executive branch for the past eight years?  Furthermore, that party held a complete monopoly of power over all three branches of US government for the first two years of the term, 2008-2010.  Besides, it would be nearly impossible to affect votes directly since each state has their own voting procedures. But despite the absurdity of that repetitive and misleading press release, the Communist Party will now try to turn states' voting rights into a forced federal system.  That's when it would be time to worry.

W Calvin Fields

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