If You Don’t Appreciate America, Maybe You’d Like Zimbabwe

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If you follow my articles, you already know that Venezuela is under Communist oppression in the form of mass starvation and a collapsed economy.  But we have known about the obscene activities of Robert Mugabe since the 1980s, and nobody has been able to stop the march of this Communist monster either.  We know Mugabe is a Communist because he is robbing innocent land owners of their land and giving it to others.  Further, he is stealing other’s property using the force of violence and it is sure that he has mass murdered many innocent civilians.

Mugabe is a Communist of the Fascist flavor since he has stolen land only from white farmers and given it to his black community.  As Conor Gaffey reported in an August 16, 2017 Newsweek article [Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe : ‘We Will Not Prosecute Killers of White Farmers’], Mugabe has a partiality for land.  Where do you think he gets that penchant? If you recall, Adolph Hitler was also very keen on the sacred value of his “Motherland” often speaking of the sacred “blood” and “soil.”  Of course, so do the Communist Party’s radical environmentalists. This commonality shows that environmentalists are indeed just a bunch of Communists trying to steal your real estate.

The reason I bring this up is to demonstrate that the world Communist Party pulls the same exact routines in every country they target.  In America, we hear the hypnotic Communist chant of the fraudulent notion of “racism” every day, but Mugabe is way ahead of the Communist plan in America.  While the EPA is covertly making private land public, thus restricting property rights, Mugabe is throwing white property owners off their own land by violent means, one of the key postulates of the theory of Communism.  [Notice the violence in American streets under the mask of the Communist hypnotic term “peace”].  If the Communist Nazi Party were to give away annual awards, Mugabe would be one of the top five dictators to receive the blue ribbon for his religious zealotry.

Communist activities must be halted in America.  It should again be made illegal since it seeks to overthrow the US Government. How they avoid prosecution for internal tyranny so regularly is a statement about how influential their satanic cult has already become. What it tells me is that Communist ideology is so deeply rooted in America that the ones who should be outlawing this criminal organization have already thrown-in with it for reasons only they know.  But I do know they now also hide under the false name “republican.”  Their enemies are American patriots.

We have recently been notified that a number of republicans are voting against American interests right along with the Democrat (Communist) Party on serious issues of national security.  The failure to prosecute Mugabe’s mass crimes is the same pattern we have witnessed here in America, in particular, the obvious crimes of certain members of the Democrat [Communist] Party. Has the Communist [democrat] Party in American been following Mugabe’s lead?  What do you bet Mugabe is an environmentalist?

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