Robert Mueller is a Communist Dupe Leading a Conspiracy to Overthrow a US Presidential Election

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We already know that the Muslim faith is a false religion intended to lead the world astray.  We also know that the Muslim religion was radicalized by Hitler during WW II.  This religion is now one of the many united fronts for the Communist Party [CP] used to conceal its clandestine activities.  Therefore, it is the CP who is spreading terrorism around the world, not the religion per se. Of course, that includes the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Now,  Dan Christensen reports at the [January 18, 2018] that “about two weeks before [the] 9/11” attacks, two Muslims located in a residence at Sarasota, Florida, quickly fled their home, leaving all their belongings behind.  He says that the then Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller [Recall Mueller worked for  the George W. Bush administration then, and later, for the radical Communist Obama Administration for two years], knew that Saudis Abdulaziz and Anoud al-Hijji’s were suspected of being 9/11 co-conspirators at the time, but failed to arrest them.  Even worse, and this is the most important point, Mueller knowingly lied by denial that there was any evidence linking the couple to the 9/11 conspiracy according to Christensen.  Christensen says that other FBI agents’ records clearly indicated that these two Muslims were a part of the 9/11 conspiracy to attack the United States.  And this is the same individual now using any fabricated claim he can manufacture to investigate President Donald Trump?

Since the CP works under the cover of the Muslim religious facade, and since Mueller gave two of their known 9/11 conspirators a pass and then lied about it, that makes Robert Mueller a co-conspirator working to overthrow a US election.  The Mueller “special counsel” is not what it appears.  A look behind the veil shows that the term “special counsel” is deceptive Communist language that hides the Communist conspiracy to overthrow the US Government via the deceptive cover of a former FBI Director, of all things.  He’s worked for a CP objective in the past, and he is now working to achieve another CP objective.  Mueller is trying to pin any crime he can manufacture on our president to achieve the CP’s objective of getting Mr. Trump impeached. [Might this also be CP revenge for the impeachment of another one of their own, comrade Bill Clinton, by the House of Representatives in 1998?] The historical record of Mueller’s crimes of omission as well as commission, indicate that it is Mueller, not Trump, who should now be on the catbird seat.


The US is Following China Down the Tube

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Mr. Kenneth Goff published an autobiography in 1948 that described and explained the goals of the Communist Party [CP] in America, and elsewhere.  He was a highly credible source since he himself was a member of the Communist Party, having been recruited through a “Workers School” at the University of Wisconsin in 1935.  The title of his little book is Confessions of Stalin’s Agent.  He eventually became a born-again Christian which enabled him to see the evil nature of the Communist Party.  He then resigned from the Party and wrote the book to warn America about how the Communist Party operates.

I was unaware of Goff’s book when I wrote The Hypnotic Communist in 2016.  I only learned of the book in April, 2017, but was shocked to see just how accurate my work had been.  His confessions as a Communist agent helps us understand the bizarre political problems we are currently having.  One problem that’s very worrisome is what appears to be the use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] by the Democrat Party to eliminate the Republican Party, one of the Communist Party’s most coveted objectives. The democrat-Communist Party wants to have a one-party system instead of the constitutional, two-party system.  The result would be the tyranny of no opposing viewpoints in our government.

Goff stated that the Communist Party Workers School taught, among other techniques, “…how to bore from within existing [American] organizations, and lead them toward the Left.”  [p. 8]  A frequently used Communist method to undermine the US Government, according to Goff, is “To set up innumerable front organizations for smearing and ruining before the public, every man or woman of prominence who dared raise a finger against us.” [p. 11] Doesn’t that sound just like all the political news in America now?

Goff’s disclosures are still good information today about what is really going on in the day-to-day politics of personal destruction.  At this moment in time, we see clear evidence that the FBI was captured by the Democrat Party’s Obama Administration.  The objective was to force the FBI into the role of a Communist front organization to be used by the CP to attack and destroy the Republican Party.  Most recently, we see a so-called “special counsel” being appointed by the Democrat Party in congress with no legal justification other than to “look” for wrongdoing.  The real objective is to eliminate any political opposition from the Republican Party’s new president, Donald Trump. The CP hates that Mr. Trump is shredding its policies put in place over the decades.  President Trump is strengthening America, not undermining us as the Democrat Party loves to do.

The special counsel “investigation” is only a tiny fraction of evidence of Communist tyranny currently operating in America, however.  Most every traditional institution appears to be under the CP’s control at some level.  And as far back as 1948, Kenneth Goff said that “There are more Communists in America today than there were in Russia, before the revolution…” [p. 8] And he wrote that almost seventy years ago.  Can you imagine how much more destruction the CP has wrought since then?

If you care enough about your family and country, I recommend you follow what is currently going on in Communist China.  In an Associated Press exclusive, Gerry Shih reveals that “Thousands disappear as China polices thought” [December 17, 2017].  In America today, the Communists are mostly punishing independent patriots by job loss, libel and slander.  Sometimes politicians and even their families are threatened with their lives. Sometimes American politicians are murdered by the CP. They murder those who threaten to expose the inside details about Communist Party’s secret activities.  Most of these murders are made to look like accidents or suicides.

We can see the hell-hole of a future for America if we look at the living hell already in China today, for that’s the road we too, are on.  China is just ahead of the US on that road to Communist tyranny ever since their government was overthrown in 1949, just one year after the publication of Goff’s insightful book.  In America, we constantly hear about their successful economy, but the more important story is the human toll that has cost the Chinese people. In China, Shih says a massive police state is desperately trying to control every human thought that threatens to expose the many lies committed by the CP. In America, the tag is now called “the deep state,” but that is only a metaphor for the activities of the CP.

Please make time to read what Shih reports in that AP Exclusive noted above.  If more of us were aware of these imminent dangers, we might be able to save our constitutional republic.