Game Show at NYU Reveals Devastating Impact of Mass Hypnosis

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The central thesis of my book, The Hypnotic Communist, is that most do not know that the so-called Democrat Party is really the Communist Party in disguise.  As such, we have been seduced by hypnotic propaganda that has blinded us to the true nature of our longtime and most dangerous enemy, the satanic Communist Party.  Now, we see a little test of this thesis that vouches for its validity.

Kelen McBreen at recently reported a little game played with some college students at New York University in the article “WATCH:  COMMUNIST MANIFESTO OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM?” [January 10, 2018] to determine if they knew of any differences between the Democrat vs. Communist Party’s language and ideology [See this video]. The game show host and interviewer, Ami Horowitz, demonstrates that his respondents were vastly ignorant of any differences in the political statements between the two parties.  In short, the statements made by the Democrat platform and those made by the Communist Party were perceived to be one and the same.  From this, one must conclude that according to this [limited] sample, my thesis is spot-on:  The Democrat Party is indeed nothing more than a front group for the clandestine activities of the Communist Party in America.

At the least, this finding has serious and important implications for national as well as domestic security.  [Perhaps Mr. Horowitz could do a more scientific, controlled study with a larger sample size to provide statistically valid support for this important finding]. It suggests that far too many Americans have literally been hypnotically conditioned to accept the precepts of Communism.

Now let’s look at one scenario for how this could play out if allowed to continue to spread.  What if America became so enamored with Communist doctrine that we were eventually overthrown by a military coupe like many other countries have already suffered?  If that happened, the Communist method of using political correctness to censure the truth, necessary to protect individual freedoms, would morph into more obtrusive methods of human control such as psychiatric hospitalizations, illegal arrests, disappearances, and then secret murders by an unaccountable secret police organization.

For example, Paul Joseph Watson, also from, reports that liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, of all people, warns us of the use of the stigmatic power of psychiatric labeling and forced hospitalizations in “DERSHOWITZ: DEMS DECLARING TRUMP MENTALLY ILL STRAIGHT OUT OF COMMUNIST PLAYBOOK” [January 8, 2018].  In particular, the Communist Party is even now, at this moment, trying their best to stigmatize our own President Trump with the discrediting label of being “mentally ill.” This is their way of overturning a valid US Presidential election and amounts to political war against the United States.

This may sound like just dirty tricks to most, but in reality, this is one of the most common methods the Communist Party routinely uses to marginalize and discredit truth-tellers, the greatest threat to the spread of satanic Communism.  As such, this method is a big step beyond the Communist Party’s more commonly known method of political correctness campaigns first originated by Vladimir Lenin himself, the founder of the Soviet Union. Watson reports the statement by Dershowitz that “…leftists were trying to undo democracy by accusing a president [Trump] of being mentally unstable without any evidence whatsoever.”

Yes, this is a routine procedure of the Communist Party which sounds like the template for another current, but false issue:  The patently false claim that Mr. Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election, yet another attempt to discredit our duly elected president. The Communist Party’s hope is that by discrediting our loyal and competent president, all three branches of the US Government will again fall into the hands of the Communist Party’s dictatorial control. As it is now, we control the executive branch and the House of Representatives, but the US Senate is hanging by a thread.  And more long-time republican representatives are now deciding to finally retire.

As proof to bolster the claim that it is the satanic Communist Party that engages in such false and dirty methods, consider a current case in the Soviet Union.  Andrew Osborn reports in a piece “Russian Historian who exposed Stalin’s crimes faces enforced psychiatric testing” [January 9, 2018] that a Mr. Yuri Dmitrieve is politically incorrect because of his recent discovery of a new mass grave of “…up to 9,000 bodies dating from the Soviet dictator’s [i.e., Stalin] Great Terror in the 1930s…” [See Mr. Dmitriev] The false charge being used by the Communist Party against Mr. Dmitrieve is that he was involved in “child pornography…and of depravity involving a minor” according to Osborn. Of course, these are all false charges meant to discredit and stigmatize this innocent sixty-one year old man by the Communist Party.  It’s obvious on its face since the Communist Party disavows even the slightest interest in moraltiy.  To the contrary, they are always interested in increasing only the greater depravity of nations.

But why?  Because Putin is up for “re-election” and he is trying to cover up and eventually erase the ugly truth about his own Party’s grotesque, factual history of the mass murdering of tens of millions of innocent civilians by his predecessor, Joseph Stalin.  Since the Communist Party’s chief is never a duly elected president, but is a central committee chairman, there is no such thing as an office of the president in any Communist countries.  Whenever this silly election process occurs ever so often, it is managed exclusively by the handlers of Communist hypnotic propaganda so as to deceive the world into believing they are being “democratic” when in reality, they are only dictatorial. Communist countries never allow real voters to cast real ballots for real candidates.  Instead, it’s all theatrical.  That’s another reason to be concerned about the integrity of candidates and voting here in the US as I hope you can imagine.

Why is all this important to you?  It’s important because we must do better at recognizing the criminal methods of the Communist Party.  We must learn better how to connect the dots so we can see clearly again the motives and plans of the satanic Communist Party.  The video above documents that too many have already been badly blinded.  We must begin to see again lest we lose our free country.