Judge Roy Moore Will Change America for the Better

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God is going to test America next Tuesday, September 26, 2017 when Judge Roy Moore will be voted upon for the US Senate seat vacated by Mr. Jeff Sessions.  This election in Alabama will be a sign whether the American people have decided to follow God’s way or their own.  God’s way is always better than man’s, yet we tend to try to do His work in our own, humanistic way. In this case, the question is whether we will uphold a man who really believes in God with all his heart, mind, and soul.

If you recall, Mr. Moore was the judge who was famous for resisting repeated attempts by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1995, a very powerful Communist front group of the Communist Party, to unseat him from his godly judicial position.  The reason this satanic organization became hostile to Mr. Moore was no more complicated than the simple fact that he chose to display a plaque of the Mosaic Ten Commandments behind his seat on the wall as well as to pray prior to the beginning of each court proceeding.  [By the way, invoking the so-called doctrine of “separation of church and state” as an excuse to attack Mr. Moore is nowhere in the US Constitution.  That slogan is only in the Soviet Communist Constitution.  Never forget that the ACLU is a Communist front organization in America.]

What’s strange is that the Ten Commandments as well as prayer before important decisions has been an integral part of traditional America since our inception.  But because Mr. Moore honored God by recognizing and publicly honoring God’s Mosaic law, the same law whose obedience brought about the founding of America, he was unfairly punished.  The Ten Commandments were removed from his Chamber and he was removed from office, simply for invoking the original religion of our American constitutional forefathers!

The act of censoring and punishing an innocent, God-fearing Christian judge in public, amounts to no less than the wishes of Satan the Devil to kick God out of the American public venue.  One would expect this only in Communist countries, not America.  But Communism is active here in America today.

If this blasphemy is allowed to continue, all America Christians will be arrested and put in concentration camps someday.  [If you think that’s funny, explain one thing.  How is it that the Jews didn’t recognize the same evil before the Nazi wagons and trains came to pick them up?]

Next Tuesday, the people of Alabama will have a chance to make their wishes known to the rest of America.  Will they choose to once again honor God and put one of his faithful servants back into public office or will they choose the road to hell for this country by insulting and dishonoring the God that has been so good to them and the rest of our nation?

My guess is that the Alabama voters will honor God next Tuesday.  God bless America!


“Good News Club” Fights off Satan,…for Now! But What’s the Next Attack on the Minds of Our Children?

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Why are todays’ public schools doing such a terrible job educating America’s children?  There are many reasons but here are three.  One, the public schools waste a huge amount of time making students more ignorant instead of knowledgeable by feeding them a lot of what amounts to Communist propaganda.  Two, when schools banned the Bible and prayer, God withdrew His protections and blessings.  And three, the group model of one size fits all, always drifts to the lowest possible denominator.  But what happens when God, the Bible, and prayer are banned as they were in the early 1960s? An institution gradually collapses under the weight of satanic chaos and confusion. The moral fabric of the educational institution becomes rotten leading to the complete subversion of the educational mission.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel provides an example case.  He reports in “Satanist Group” Fizzles in Tacoma School” [September 15, 2017] that the Seattle Satanic Temple intentionally targeted the Good News Club after-school program.  [Satan prefers to go out of his way to confront Christian organizations such as the Good News Club because his priority is to challenge and overturn God and His people].  Permission was granted for the satanic club to meet, but Mr. Staver suggests that the after-school satanic club quickly folded at Point Defiance Elementary because of lack of student interest.  That’s good news to anyone who loves their children.  It’s also good for genuine American education.

As I reported in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist: The Satanic Seduction of America, Communism is the political party of Satan.  Satan is known as the “Father of lies” [John 8:44] being the first to lie to a human.  Satan first appeared in human history when he successfully seduced Eve into disobeying God’s instruction not to eat of the tree in the middle of the garden [Genesis 3: 4-6].  She did and all God’s creation immediately became corrupted just as the Communist Party continues today.

If one controls the information taught to our children, one controls their minds.  It is the most supremely corrupt plan by the Communist Party to indoctrinate America’s children subtly, incrementally in today’s public schools.  I’ve often heard that it is in the universities where our young Americans begin receiving Communist indoctrination.  That’s only half-true.  After twenty-years experience teaching in that environment and three universities in as many states, I can promise you that these young people were already gone before they came into my courses at the Junior, senior, and graduate levels.  The university system of Communist hypnotic propaganda merely puts the icing on the cake for the already deceived but also attempts to weed-out the very few who have successfully resisted the propaganda campaign. [Why do you think they are always trying to get your child earlier and earlier with programs such as “Head Start?]”

If our public schools are allowed to honor Satan instead of the true God by allowing children to entertain his agenda, then we will reap the wind.  Since the Communist Party is Satan’s political organization, everything it touches becomes false and corrupt.  That is the opposite of the purpose of education! Genuine education is meant to discipline and enrich the human mind, not demoralize and degrade it with intentional lies.

The Satanic Temple has failed to impregnate its false principles into the innocent minds of students at Point Defiance Elementary for the time being, but don’t be deceived. Don’t get too comfortable.  They don’t have a stop button. They’ll be back again with some other disguise and deceptive tactic.  Keep you guard up and a stiff spine my student friends and parents, for these attacks will continue wherever God’s children gather!