Mass Murdering is the Communist Work-Around Method for Disarming the American Civilian Population

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Virtually all Americans know of the latest mass murder of innocent civilians.  The Las Vegas mass murder was well planned by a white male, the type that Al-Qaeda already stated years ago would become the future method of operations in America instead of the more obvious middle-eastern profile.  Consistent with the pattern the Communist Party has always operated, they hide in plain view among us. They use their chosen dupes and accomplices as proxy-warriors instead of identifying themselves as the actual perpetrators.

There are all kinds of questions now about why the murderer did what he did, how he did it, and whether he had accomplices.  These are all interesting and useful questions to answer, but they are not aimed at the appropriate perpetrator; the Communist Party.  We miss the bigger picture by getting distracted by all the little details about the immediate crime stripped of its larger context and historical background. It makes us look like a dog chasing its own tail.

The Communist Party wants to secretly turn us against ourselves in order to divide and conquer.  These are the same agents who have recently organized and implemented the turning of NFL football league into an agitation front for the Communist Party.  These are also the same agents who attempted the mass murder of republican representative Mr. Steve Scalise and the other republican baseball players during a practice game.  In short, the Communist Party’s political organization, the one hidden inside the Democrat Party, is behind all the many years of mass murders in the US.  The difference now is that they have turned their focus on the murder of conservative groups. Their motive is compensation for the loss of control of the executive branch in the 2016 presidential election.

The party is trying to accomplish at least three objectives.  First, and most obviously, they want to continue to create social chaos and mass confusion among our population.  This makes it much easier to manipulate, direct, and control the US population toward their longer-term objectives.  Second, the party creates this confusion by the method of mass murders of innocent civilians, no different than how all previous Communist dictators have done on their own populations once totalitarian control is achieved.  The only difference is that they select various dupes as proxies, who do not realize they are being used by the Communist Party as a method to bring-forth the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  Last, and most importantly, the short-term goal of the method of mass murder is to separate us from our own constitutional right of self-defense:  our guns.

Just think back over the common threads of mass murders here in the US.  The murders are unexpected.  The perpetrator is usually one or two unknowns.  The attacks are always aimed at a group of unsuspecting Americans.  Afterward, the perpetrators are usually killed.  There is mass confusion among the US population with no definitive answers.  Then, government control is increased at every potentially vulnerable public site.  As a result, more of our constitutional rights are infringed.  Along with this, there are immediate screams of the Communist slogan by democrat [Communist] operatives about more “gun control.” But why would we need even more government control of private firearms when the present gun control regulations already exceed constitutional limits? [When the so-called democrats use the term “gun control” they really mean complete “gun confiscation.”]  The recent perpetrator purchased his weapons legally.  Criminal perpetrators, however, never have to worry about more gun control, do they?  They can always steal or buy their guns on the black market now can’t they?  And they are more than happy to mass murder any number of innocent American citizens as a way to scare us into giving-up our constitutional freedoms in exchange for the seductive illusion of Communist peace and safety.  In short, the Communist Party cloaked as the Democrat Party, is trying its hardest to disarm all law-abiding, private American citizens, in preference for the criminal elements. This is the same pattern exhibited in the issue of illegal alien entry into the US.  Democrats prefer these sorts of criminals over lawful US citizens.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about the false rhetoric used to make all Americans defenseless should know that gun control only means to take away and make illegal all American personal self-defense.  Does a pencil perform calculations or does a human hand connected to a human brain perform a calculation using the pencil as a dumb tool?  Similarly, do guns kill people or do people with evil intentions put their finger on a loaded gun trigger and make their own personal choice to kill other people?  The logic is irrefutable.  That’s why the Communist Party has to use the work-around method of mass murder as a scare tactic to falsely justify more gun regulations leading to eventual disarmament of the American civilian public.

The Communist Party wants all Americans defenseless so when they come to the final solution of their militarily conquest of America, they will face little resistance from the population at large because we will have no guns for self defense.  They will have already confiscated them.  Remember, Hitler also had all personal guns registered.  Conveniently, their guns were then confiscated just prior to his reign of terror, tyranny, and world war.  That’s a major reason the Jews were unable to resist his monstrous holocaust. They had no self-defense.  In our case, the holocaust will be all Americans who resist the Communist monster in any way.