Soros and Sanger: What a Great Tag-Team!

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As I indicated in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party is Satan’s political party.  My research for that book shows that there is a demonic social structure which is organized vertically among demons, each having a level of authority. But only one all-powerful dictator, Satan, has absolute authority over the demonic world.  As I researched the book, I was struck by the similarity of Satan’s organizational structure and the organizational structure of the Democrat Party as well as its heart, the Communist Party.

Known today as George Soros, he was originally named at birth Gyorgy Schwartz, a native Hungarian.   [Communist Party leaders are often known to change their names once indoctrinated and active].  Name-changing is also true of converts to the Muslim ideology, one of many front organizations that serve as proxies to conceal the Communist Party itself.

Soros is a wealthy individual who uses his money to destroy capitalism so that world Communism can take its place.  Soros believes that the concept of free markets is not a viable concept since it doesn’t solve social problems well enough. Soros obviously doesn’t believe in free markets. Instead, he endorses an anti-business ideology he calls ” market fundamentalism.”  His term sounds pro-business doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  Communists love to invent new but misleading terms that mimic existing words, but have the opposite meanings.  This Communist Dialect is how they’ve been able to deceive so many.  As you might suspect by now, Soros believes in his “fundamental” platform of creating more strangling business regulations that are already so popular with the Democrat Party.

Soros believes that the Communist Party should exclusively decide whose social problems are solved and whose are not.  But left free of government regulation, free market capitalism solves most of society’s social problems better since it inspires and frees-up human motivation and ingenuity to produce wealth which, in turn, benefits society at large.    The term market fundamentalism turns out to be just as deceptive and misleading as the new name he chose for himself to hide his birth name. [By the way, aliases and name changes are a common practice among the criminal class].

As I said earlier, Communism is Satan’s political party. Victoria Friedman [October 10, 2017] says in her article  “The Soros Plan is a Satanic Assault on Europe, says Hungarian Lawmaker,” that their government’s prime minister, Andras Aradszki, sees Soros’ influence going beyond rejection of free markets to also destroy the nuclear family.  [The nuclear family is a large part of the foundation in support of capitalism].  Indeed, Aradski is correct in his assessment.  Communism destroys every traditional Christian institution.  Similar to what I say in the subtitle of my book, The Satanic Seduction of America, Aradski sees Soros’ Communism as “…A Satanic Assault…”

Just a day after the above article was published, Kristian Rouz [October 11, 2017] reported a U-Tube video at One America News network that “Planned Parenthood, Satanic Temple Attack Missouri Abortion Law.”  Briefly, Missouri has tightened-up regulations on their abortion clinics over the last two years only to see the opening of yet a third abortion clinic in the state recently.  The video suggests that the opponents of pro-life Missourians, Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple, have now teamed-up to defeat the state’s increased efforts to save the unborn.  As I report in my book, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a Communist Party member whose objective was a massive eugenics program of infanticide.  That’s what Planned Parenthood still is today, although the organization’s name is highly misleading, just like the name George Soros.  Like Soros, she also intended to destroy the entire institution of the human nuclear family.  It appears now that Soros has the same ambition as Sanger.  I’m sure if she were alive today, George Soros and Margaret Sanger would be the best of friends. To be anti-human is to be satanic.

Abortion Promotes Diversity in the World of Communist Delusion

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Communist hypnotic language has had deadly affects on many of America’s institutions, not the least of which is the judiciary.  For those determined enough to appeal lower-level decisions upward, it’s now likely they will come under the jurisdiction of a single federal judge who has already been seduced by Communist hypnotic language into making the worst decisions for the rest of us.

Let’s look at the stubborn issue of the abortion of human babies.  More specifically, what are the hypnotic terms that have seduced enough judges to facilitate the implementation of Satanic Communism, whether they know it or not?  Consider the following hypnotic induction terms hoisted on them by the international Communist Party.  [It’s a 100% certainty you also have heard them so many times, you could easily construct such a list with only a moment’s notice].

a woman’s right to choose
A woman’s body is her own.
womens’ rights
Keep abortion safe and legal.

Are you very familiar with these words and phrases?  Then you have been influenced by Communist hypnotic stimuli.  What’s worse, as I suggest above, is that influential public officials come under the spell of Satanic Communism via these types of hypnotic terms. [I discuss the link between Satanism and the Communese language in Chapters 5 and 6 of The Hypnotic Communist. Notice the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the other terms].

Take for example the recent article by Thomas D. Williams at entitled “Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Satanists To Promote Abortion In Missouri” [September 13, 2017].  Williams  provides truth-loving men and women with more evidence that the Communist Party’s energy, methods, and directions are controlled by the ungodly religion of Satanism.  I recall just after Roe v. Wade was passed, the Communist Party said they couldn’t have achieved passage if the Christian churches had stood up to them.  In other words, the church did not stand up to Satan’s political party, the democrat-Communist Party!  Now look what we have:  Massive child sacrifice in America by the millions, as Williams points out.  Sought after as the crown jewel of the democrat-Communist Party, child sacrifice, more commonly referred to with the sterile term “abortion,” is the chief sacrament devoted to Satan’s Communist plan for America.

Now, do you believe that the so-called Democrat Party is really democratic?  Here’s clear evidence that they are not.  Dr. Susan Berry points out in a article entitled “Hillary Clinton: Democrats Who Are Pro-Life Must Vote To Promote Abortion” [September 12, 2017]. If that political party was really “democratic” they would allow their members to vote against human abortion.  But because the Democrat Party is in reality the party of Satanic Communism, one “must” submit all; soul, mind, and body to the Communist dictatorship of world population control.  What?  Population control?  The goal is not abortion-on-demand that they want the public to believe.  As the core of the Communist Party, Satanism, is always deceptive.  The real goal is eugenics; the science of selective breeding through control of the human gene pool.  They want to birth only children who will readily accept the beliefs of Communism in support of the one-world government now being formed. The founder of the American abortion mill, Margaret Sanger was a demonically possessed Communist Party member.  Many of the leaders of Communism today are also demonically possessed. This explains their psychotic belief system which runs contrary to natural law, including the laws of human nature.

As previously noted, the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the language of abortion.  But it’s not.  It functions to expand-out the influence of the Communist abortion program by way of its connection to many more clusters of hypnotic terms. They are hypnotic in part because these associations are not apparent on their face.  Have you ever considered that the “Diversity Program” is part of the “Abortion Program?” They are, and Evan Lambert of in his article “College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections” [September 12, 2017] helps us see this.

The Diversity Program along with the Affirmative Action Program helps the Communist Party [CP] expand-out the influence and acceptance of the Abortion Program of mass killing of babies. The key connection word is “inclusion,” a part of the broader Communist cluster of terms of the linguistic node  “diversity.”  To be diverse, one must include others even if they are illegal aliens.  [Notice also, this connects to the term “discrimination” which means America must not interfere with the CP’s evil activities.  The subconscious message is we must accept all facets of deceptive Communism]. Under the Communist doctrine, criminal trespassers must also become equalized to the same status as law abiding citizens just as sexual and reproductive rights must be equalized regardless of the reality they can never become so. The common thread among these seemingly unrelated terms is the Communist doctrine of moral equivalencies, i.e., the lie that there is no such thing that distinguishes good and evil. We’ve all heard the commandment numerous times:  Thou shalt not discriminate!  There is no such moral dichotomy; only humanism, i.e., the philosophy that man is the measure of all things and there are no moral absolutes such as for example, thou shall not kill.

The unique psychologic of the CP that connects the two platforms of so-called “womens’ rights” and “diversity” via “inclusion” is this:  Communism’s allure is the temptation of the doctrine of “equality” in every imaginable way. In this particular context, the goal is sexual and reproductive equality.  The tortured reasoning is that if men can impregnate women with no concomitant responsibility to the child, then women should be allowed to also be equally irresponsible, if they choose.  Womens’ rights must be “included” as equivalent to mens’ rights, regardless of the obvious differences in sex roles and unique reproductive functions. Therefore, the child must be sacrificed on the altar of self-worship, a satanic concept.  This is why the democrat-Communist Party demands that all democrats vote for abortion, regardless of any moral objection.  This is also why there is no off button.  [The next step is to create a single “Unisex” ultimately to make all human reproduction a strictly scientific affair with sperm and ova joining artificially under strict government regulations.  You might find this logical extension more difficult to believe, but that uncertainty does not necessarily make it untrue.]

The Communist mantra of diversity demands that all countries become equally multicultural.  Unfortunately, multiple, competing intra-country rivalries break down “United we stand.” As there must be no inequality in sexual-reproductive rights, there must not be a national identity of united Americans, sharing the same patriotic values and beliefs.  Lambert writes that the College Park, Maryland city council recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in their city elections.  That opens the door for representatives of foreign hostile powers such as the Soviet Union, Red China, and North Korea, to legally vote by proxy to destroy America from within just as I suggested in The Hypnotic Communist concerning the Trojan Horse in the Communist Fifth Column.

Neither Dr. Berry, Mr. Williams, or Mr. Lambert attribute the illegal and unconstitutional activities noted above to the CP, but that’s exactly what you need to know.  The CP never identifies itself truthfully when it is in action-mode. Instead, they make-up a variety of labels that create false identities for public consumption.  And they will never disclose their actual intent until it’s too late!  Dig deeper America, and see what’s hidden beneath their self-righteous, but satanic activities.