Would You Recognize the Difference Between Truth and Lies? Try This.

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A recent article by Alex Griswold at The Free Beacon caught my attention.  The reason it was catchy was its title: “Putin Apologist Oliver Stone’s Son Works for Russian Propaganda Network” at http://freebeacon.com/politics/putin-apologist-oliver-stones-son-works-russian-network/. You’ll have to admit the title shouts espionage and treason.  I have already called attention to the workings of Communist propaganda as the primary instrument of the weapons of Communist Hypnotics in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist. Now, it seems, we have an easy to read example of just to what I referred.

If you recall, a Communist Agent was defined in my book as any human agent who has captured the public’s imagination and interest, preferably devotion, because of the powerful influence he has to change public opinions, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs.  These are people, for example, of the popular press, educators at all levels, not just universities; politicians, comedians, actors, government representatives, and so on.  It would be very difficult to identify all of these agents since most of them are not FSB (Communist) Agents proper, but can be identified by their varying levels of commitment, who are formally or informally, some consciously some unconsciously, working to push the communist agenda on the free world.

By their nature, their methods of slipping past the subconscious human mind are extremely deceptive.  For example, contrast the article noted above with one from the Communist hypnotic propaganda website https://www.rt.com/op-edge/392566-oliver-stone-putin-colbert-us/ by John Wight.  Griswold, who works for America’s The Free Beacon, disparages Oliver Stone’s son, Sean Stone, as a propagandist for V. Putin since he is literally employed by the Communist rag, RT.com.  In contrast, Moscow’s John Wight at RT.com commends Sean’s father, Oliver Stone, for his bravery in defending Vladimir Putin and accuses American for being “drunk on its own exceptionalism.” Which is the real Communist agent?  The answer is both since they both espouse the same Communist sympathy, each in a little different media, one video and the other written. Together, both expand the audience under the influence of Communist misinformation. Oliver Stone made the hypnotic propaganda show for his son’s employer, the head Communist Agent, Vladimir Putin! In turn, his son writes for Putin.

Would a typical reader have known the difference if he had read only the RT.com article?  Those who have already been hypnotically conditioned into the alternate world of Victimhood, would have probably sympathized with Moscow’s article over America’s.