Red China’s Chairman Mao Zedong Would be Proud of the NFL

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Since the Communist Party lost the White House in 2016, it has stepped-up the aggression of its agitation fronts in America, the most blatant being the recent player agitation during the national anthem prior to NFL games.  The short-term goal is to completely capture the NFL to add to their increasingly large portfolio of Communist agitation groups. But now, another pattern is starting to emerge that we should recognize.

It was during the Viet Nam War [1959-1975] that the Communist Party’s fifth column front groups began agitating on US college campuses.  [All along, this fifth column has been nothing less than an exported application from China of Chairman Mao Zedong’s Communist Cultural Revolution in 1966.  Its objective then was to eliminate all traditional Chinese culture to be replaced by Communist thought.  The same is true now, but the target is the US].  Before that, they were quietly organizing faculty.  They had not yet become overtly hostile and aggressive to the public with such tactics as propagandizing Communist doctrine and prohibiting patriotic student or faculty counterpoints.  The internal intimidation and hollowing-out of traditional American culture that followed the subsequent organization, promotion, and implementation of Communist-inspired riots, weakened America’s moral resistance in support of the war.  The Communist fifth column that developed at universities helped dilute America’s hold on our Christian values and institutions.  The net effect of all that domestic chaos was to distract, confuse, demoralize, and ultimately derail public support for the Viet Nam war.

This pattern has now begun to reappear more clearly than at any other time since that war.  Mr. Trump is correct in trying to rattle Jong-un. The North Korean dictator is genuinely frightened by President Trump’s bellicose warnings.  He is so frightened now that he is seeking psychological maneuvers to characterize himself as a victim of capitalist aggression instead of the psychotic aggressor he really is.  Leah Barkoukis  reported in a article “China Will Defend North Korea…” [August 11, 2017] that Red China, the Communist country around which North Korea orbits, has already declared that China would get involved in war between the US and North Korea only if the US declared and started the war first. That is precisely the appearance that Jong-un is trying to paint as Corey Charlton and Sam Webb imply in article, “READY TO STRIKE North Korea moves warplanes…” [September 27, 2017].  The secret is that Red China has been chomping-at-the-bit to go to war and demolish the US for many years. They would love to use their North Korean proxy as an excuse to go to war with the US.  But is calling Jong-un “rocket man” equivalent to declaring a state of war on North Korea?  No, not even close.

If you notice the ways the “news” in the US is routinely twisted, then you understand how Jong-un has twisted what China said about their conditions of war.  Communists prefer to lie than tell the truth, so this is no surprise.  That’s why our government representatives have failed so frequently in negotiations with any Communist country. Our leaders are extremely naive and gullible about how Communism works.  Even worse, the Republican establishment doesn’t even understand its own party’s conservatives, which means they haven’t figured out how former Judge Roy Moore defeated his primary opponent in the revealing Alabama primary this last Tuesday.

What can we expect to happen now?  The way the Communist Party is behaving leads one to expect that they are going to increase pressure on the American public with more and more organized protests in more venues.  I fully expect to see more institutions and organizations seduced by the Communist Party with their favorite tactics of protesting and “demon-strations” [if you get my drift].  By encouraging NFL dupes to disrespect our patriotic national anthem, they are exhibiting the same methods that were used in the 1960s and 1970s to turn public opinion against our own military, while at the same time, demoralizing and discouraging the military themselves.  As they sought President Richard Nixon’s head then, now they seek that of President Trump.  Nixon won in a landslide; Trump won a surprisingly solid victory.  American patriotism horrifies the Communist world.  The Communist tactic of fifth column agitation to turn American public opinion against ourselves remains the same.  The objective of weakened support for our own military means Jong-un will have an easier time if our countries come to blows.

It’s all about fueling the flames of a domestic cultural war on America’s insides, while the Communist military outside covertly prepares for war.  The inside culture war is coordinated by the outside military machine.  I’m certainly no war enthusiast, but the clouds of war are forming.

Three Current Examples of Communist Front Groups in Plain View

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As you may have sensed by now, there has been an escalation of Communist agitation in America which became noticeable during the 2016 presidential race.  It is virtually certain by now that the previous democrat administration had attempted to steal the election via tampering with the electronic ballot boxes in many US states and then to blame the so-called hacking jobs on Russian interference in cooperation with the Republican Party.  That’s especially odd since the previous democrat administration itself was being steered directly by the Communist Party prior to and throughout its eight-year tenure. The cover was to blame the Republican Party instead of themselves.

Now that the Communist Party has lost direct control and influence over the executive branch, the Democrat Party has been redirected to agitate in other venues, such as for example, the elimination of patriotic symbols of war hero statues, and more popularly, the agitation by Communists agents during the national anthem at professional athletic games. The Communist Party is refocusing on their popular fronts in order to compensate for the loss of direct control of the White House in 2016.  These newer assaults have even expanded outward into American culture with their newest popular front to destroy the NFL football league by using the players themselves as their Communist dupes. [It is believed that V. Lenin himself first called these kinds of Communist tools “useful idiots”].

We have seen that Communist Party fronts have been operating directly to subvert the US Government by placing their people in the White House.  We also see that a more recent, second front, is trying to erase America’s memory of a significant part of our cultural heritage through the elimination of hero statues.  Tony Perkins and Associates at The Family Research Council now report that “Lib Teacher Tries to Mix up Kids on Gender” by demanding her vulnerable fifth graders refer to her as “Mx.” [September 21, 2017] instead of the earlier version of “Ms.” or even the traditional forms of address of “Miss” or “Mrs.” [In the confused child’s mind the teacher is who?  Mrs. Jones, Miss Jones, Ms. Jones or now Mx. Jones?  Notice they all start with an “M.”]  Might a child now be punished for using “Ms.” instead of the new requirement of “Mx.”?  Are the address forms of “Mrs.” and “Miss” completely outlawed now?

This Communist trick is yet a third front maneuver, but is focused on another area of importance to the Communist Party:  The Communist indoctrination of our own American children.  But instead of political manipulation of ballots and erasure of American history, the Communist agent posing as a public school teacher, is attempting to confuse our children so badly that they won’t know who or what others are.  This maneuver makes the other two interrelated front operations much easier to accomplish since confusion softens-up the human mind for subtle manipulation and subsequent covert control by the other two fronts.

Identity confusion breaks down and weakens human focus, direction, and the will to survive as a national people.  Criminal tampering with the ballot box, erasing public historical symbols, and confusing the minds of helpless children are all variations of the same overall Communist Agenda of destroying America from within.  It’s a kind of covert political and cultural war on the American human psyche.  All these Communist maneuvers are designed and implemented by the Communist Party cloaked as the Democrat Party.  They are not separate but parts of an overall grand strategy of domestic war on America.  We should view them as such and not be deceived. Only then will we be able to resist them effectively.