The Words We Use Influence How We Think [and Behave]

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In my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, I say that word selection influences how we think.  If we choose to curse a lot, for example, our minds gets cluttered with nastiness.  The more we prevaricate, the more dishonest our minds become.  Similarly, the more we use negative words, the more negative our thinking and behavior become.  All this implies that if we change the words we use, we change the way we think, for better or worse. But what if an unknown agent chooses the words we are forced to use, particularly if those terms are false and misleading?

Seems the Department of Agriculture agrees with this paradigm.  In a recent article by Oliver Milman, the wording of what I identify as Communist hypnotic language is now being intentionally modified for the purpose of nullifying the hypnotic hooks of the Communist language of “environmentalism.” See here.  As I said in my book, the environmentalist front campaign is the most malignant of Communist front groups in America since they are used to take away our property rights.

For example, Milman says that the term “climate change” is no longer allowed in preference for the new term “weather extremes.”  This new term refocuses attention onto “weather” instead of the term “climate.” This is correct, since use of the term “climate change” conditions the human subconscious to accept the idea that there is “global warming” when in fact, the globe is cooling. It really doesn’t matter whether the earth is cooling or warming since it is the height of arrogance to believe that mankind can control climate trends. Only God manages the weather with its seasonal patterns.

The Communist Party has been intentionally tampering with weather measurements for years in order to make the weather appear to be heading toward a global climate crisis of either overheating or freezing.  This is one way they create crises in order to use them to sneak-in more of their Communist plan while causing human minds to become paralyzed with irrational fear and anxiety. Creating mass panic with their Communist terminologies is one way they destabilize and then manipulate entire populations into accepting the big lies of Communism.

Another example of linguistic change noted by Milman is the replacement of the Communist hypnotic meme of “reduce greenhouse gases” with [to] “build soil organic matter” as the Trump Administration is wisely doing.  Since the issue of greenhouse gases has been shown to be empirically false, they don’t need to be reduced.  The new term refocuses attention on something more productive.  There is no need to reduce gasses since nature has already been endowed with a natural equilibration mechanism that corrects potential imbalances.  Mankind can enrich soil to make it produce more food and agricultural products for the human race as well as our domestic livestock.

The takeaway for me is that we can and should replace false Communist terms with true and accurate American terms.  I got the distinct impression, however, that Milman thought it a bad idea to change terminologies, especially since he referred to the changes as “censoring” the false terms instead of “correcting” them.

There are lots of types of war; military, psychological, political, economic, and so on.  It is a very good move by our new governmental leadership to stop the hypnotic influences of deceptive Communist jargon on the American psyche!  What do you think?

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