Have You Ever Thought that Un-Funding the US Government is a War Tactic?

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According to my calculation, about ninety percent of democrat senators just voted to shut the US Government down while 88% of republican senators voted to keep the government funded according to voting data at the U.S. Senate Roll Call.  Now why would the big-government democrats want to stop funding the Government?  Isn’t that contrary to their established pattern of wanting more and more dependent-making giveaways and false promises by the government god just to get more votes to stay in power over the American people?

In fact, it is the US military who is hurt more than any other federal program by this interruption.  The Department of Defense [DOD] is one of the few constitutionally chartered parts of our government.  They protect us from all external and internal military enemies, but what if our most dangerous military enemy is cloaked in suites and skirts pretending to be US Senators?  You might call them Communists disguised as democrats, or you would be more accurate to call them a Communist Fifth Column, a plain-clothed, clandestine Communist inroad into American government designed to undermine our government, then the rest of us, prior to military attacks.

I hope you are beginning to get my drift here.  An indicator of internal subversion by the Democrat Party’s cutting-off of financial resources to the US Government is that it’s the opposite of common sense.  Democrats now risk alienating their own base, the majority of which dearly love big government control at any cost to everybody else.  Why would their leadership suddenly make such a risky move?  It could be to achieve a far more valuable Communist Party goal:  Permanent shut-down.  This is their utopian, collective dream from the beginning with Karl Marx.  Remember, Hitler shut-down the German government in order to take totalitarian control and wage world war against his neighbors.  Our US democrats are made from that same, hitlerian fabric.

But rational judgement is scarce among democrats.  On the surface, they look insane, but if you understand that their actions betray their intentions, it makes perfect sense.  This step is what many misunderstand about the democrats.  Their controlling Communist Party has been arduously trying for decades to get absolute control of the US Federal Government and they are  determined to undermine and eventually destroy the US Government.  Destroy our federal government organization and we’re defenseless.  Remember, the Department of Defense’s most important function is to defend the country from hostiles, and with no money to continue to fund its personnel and equipment, our country becomes extremely vulnerable to attack.  Only a strong military keeps the peace, not the other way around.  [From another perspective, our most important wars were fought with an all volunteer military.]

Think about the political context right now in the US and among our most dangerous, external Communist enemy countries; North Korea, the Soviet Union, and red China.  We now have a war of words with all three of these Communist countries.  Wouldn’t it make sense, now, that their fifth column spy operations in our Senate and House are trying to do everything possible to cut off our DOD supply lines?  At the least, it leaves us weaker and lethargic once we get the government back on line.  In the meantime, much can be gained by our enemy countries while we are stuck in the mud.