How Far Down Does Communist Corruption go in the FBI? Consider This

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The news this week shows accelerated movement toward potential indictment of high level FBI Administrators because of credible evidence they have obstructed justice repeatedly and conspired to conceal their clandestine activities.  Robert Mueller has been found to have lied and covered-up an FBI investigation into what appears to be 9/11 co-conspirators and now, we learn that the current Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, took this a step further recently, some seventeen years after the twin towers destruction by Communist Muslim operatives.

According to Vince Lanci’s blog reported  By Tyler Durden at, “…McCabe may have instructed FBI agents to alter their ‘302 forms’ – the paperwork an agent files after interviewing someone: …” This is consistent with the Communist radicalization of the FBI years ago, by the Obama Administration, to use the FBI to undermine the rule-of-law in our country in order to pave the way for an accelerated pace of the [Communist] restructuring of America.  As the Communist Party [CP] used our own commercial planes against us on 9/11, so they use our own law enforcement institution [FBI] against us as their weapon of choice.

Two important points about this development:  One, the FBI has been under virtual control by the CP for at least seventeen years, and two, McCabe’s more aggressive recent attempts to conceal their activities within the FBI have progressed beyond Mueller’s lying and denials, to now include actually forcing otherwise honest agents to falsify their own reports.  Reporting for, Alex Pappas says that viewing the classified memo that indicates government subterfuge in the FBI, was … “likening the details to KGB activity in Russia.”  But America is not Russia.  This means the Communist Party is becoming increasingly brazen in the FBI in order to undermine and control our top law enforcement agency.

Let’s remind ourselves of the bigger picture this represents.  It indicates the satanic CP’s activities are in the process of forming the One World Government, as I suggested in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist.  The recent revelations will ultimately point to the chief Communist Fifth Column agent, Barack Obama himself, as the instigator behind FBI corruption.  According to Adan Salazar, Dan Bongino, a former US secret service agent said, “The secret FISA memo will likely reveal former President Obama was privy to intel obtained from spying on the Trump campaign,…” If he was privy, then he was also the chief co-conspirator.

As I said in The Hypnotic Communist, it is the leaders that are targeted most often for internal espionage.  That’s because leaders have the most influence over everyone else.  I believe the FBI just needs to drain the swamps at the highest levels in this case.  By comparison, notice how our new top leader has set a new, patriotic American tone at the executive branch.