Do you Really Believe America is One Big Hate Group? The SPLC Does

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The Communist Party has their own special definitions of words of the English language.  One such linguistic grouping injected into the American subconscious is what I call the hate cluster of “hate group” and “hate crime.” We all have heard these hypnotic conditioning terms repeatedly over the years. According to the Communist worldview, a hate crime is when a white male, most likely a Christian or conservative white male who “offends” one or more members of the so-called minority community.  The crime is the false attribution of hatred to an imaginary enemy.  [That’s called a delusion, by the way, by the mental health profession].  Their short-term solution is the elimination of hate through censorship, also called “political correction.” The Communist mind really believes that the crime is simply to have the identity of a Caucasian, the same as the founding fathers. The delusion is that all white American people are “haters,” therefore justifying mass retaliation by all nonwhites. And the Communist Party is only too happy to organize and direct these retaliatory campaigns, both in our streets and our institutions.

The concept of identity answers the single question:  Who am I?  America is known as a “melting pot” of many identities into one.  This makes us strongly united. Americans who speak English understand that hate is not associated with any specific identity as the Communist Party’s identity politics purport.  For those of us who believe in the impartial rule of law, hate is only a sinful condition of the human heart.  Anyone who commits a crime against another individual or group is not labeled an individual hater, hate group, or guilty of a hate crime because no one can really know for sure the spiritual condition of another’s heart.  The impartial rule of law focuses on the act or behavior of a crime, which is observable and knowable.  Communists care nothing about the rule of law or objective truth.  The Communist Party makes false attributions of hate to others in order to cover-up their own evil plans for America.  [Notice that the word “evil” turns into the word “devil” by simply adding one letter. Devil is synonymous with Satan.]

The Communist terms in the hate cluster are like all deceitful Communist speech. They are manipulative political terms that are intended to function as weapons of war against human sanity and morality.  They are created with the specific purpose of turning America against itself.  They do this by falsely accusing innocent people of bogus crimes to try to make us feel guilty even when we have done nothing wrong.  More importantly, they are trying to do what the Communist Nazis did against the German Jews. Prior to the implementation of the plan to mass murder all Jews, the Communist Nazis tagged them as a subhuman group in order to justify what was about to be thrust upon them.  Likewise, by falsely labeling various American groups as “hate groups,” they are trying to stigmatize patriotic, Christian group identities as a precursor to our future mass extermination; genocide.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a Communist fifth column front group used for Communist subversion.  The SPLC identifies under the heading of their manufactured hate groupings; such groups as the American Family Association (AFA), an evangelical Christian association; the Family Research Council (FRC), a protector of the nuclear family from the Christian worldview; and (WND), a Christian news website.  To show you that the SPLC is a Communist Front organization for the Communist Party, they list America as having 917 such hate groups and the list is still growing.  See here

In addition to artificially created hate groups, the SPLC lists various “hate identities.”  These are human psychological and social identities that the Communist Party constructed out of whole cloth to pin on those they believe are threatening to their own identity: Communism.  The “Christian identity” and “white nationalists” are among those listed.  But it was the Christian identity of the founders and the families that settled America for freedom and liberty who were our great strength.  The same thing goes for the identity of those patriots who fought-off the British invasion that eventually led to the creation of this constitutional republic. Similarly, so-called white nationalism is a prejudicial term for patriotic Americans. In short, the SPLC is stigmatizing Americans as a prelude to our eventual, violent overthrow.  Just look at all the current street fighting.  These fights were also aroused in Nazi Germany by the Fascist Communist Party prior to Hitler’s takeover of that country.

What is the SPLC up to?  As with all their covert manipulative terminologies, they are trying to seduce America into believing we must hate ourselves.  The Communist Party is trying to outlaw the type of American individuals who interfere with the Communist hypnotic campaign to change the American identity from one of freedom-loving constitutionalism to that of atheistic slavery to Communist dictation.  To accomplish that, they believe it is necessary to change who we believe ourselves to be. By stigmatizing the strongest among us, they are attempting to nullify our continued patriotic influences on our country.  So far, they have injured us, but have not been successful [yet].

In short, the Communist Party is trying to destroy every strongly principled and patriotic person that helps make America strong and great while hiding behind the false title of “Law Center” with its implied sympathy for the impoverished. [Communism has always tried to turn the lower class against the middle and upper socio-economic classes as a strategy to divide and conquer]. These are also the well-worn tricks of the Democrat Party that have been working for many decades on the minds of gullible people. But more people are starting to wake-up finally to see that the Communist [democrat] Party is just one cluster of interconnected lies!