It’s as if The Communist News Network Wanted to Prove They are Good Communists

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In last Monday’s article, I explained how the Communist Party operates to deceive entire countries with their false and misleading terminologies, false identities, and staged public melodramas; all techniques of Communist hypnotic propaganda to influence the unwary into accepting the doctrines of Communism.  Now come to find out, apparently these staged melodramas, originally used so successfully on college campuses during the 1960s youth demonstrations and protests, are expanding outward to include the exploitation of the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

I invite you to carefully watch this U-Tube video of a fellow whose white pickup just happened to drive off into a flooded area in south Texas at the exact time the reporter began speaking.  What are the odds of a vehicle driving off into the water behind the newscaster at the exact time of the “news report”?  Did you see the journalist seemingly switch from khaki shorts to dark, long pants as he rushed to “save” the victim?  And what about the straw cowboy hat on the white pickup’s dashboard?  By appearances, the “rescued” victim was no cowboy, this Texan can assure you.  The CNN script offended real Texas cowboys by asking the victim, who, had a hard time keeping a straight face, if he got the rope.  Texas cowpokes know full-well the comment was intended to be demeaning to them.  Notice the interviewer-rescuer seemed to also be coaching the victim during the interview as if to help him along with his phony act.

As I said in last Monday’s article, the Communist Party has been staging skits for decades, but mostly they were episodes framed on college campuses and in the streets of America.  So what was the Communist Party trying to say to the American subconscious with this act?

Not only were they trying to degrade Texas cowboys, they were trying to degrade and insult a tradition of American patriotism, since cowboys are among those who have the most patriotic blood running through their veins and who symbolize our American heritage of freedom out of adversity.  CNN was attempting to deceive their viewers with this Communist propaganda film into believing the same lie that the Communist [democrat] Party has been propagating for decades, i.e., that they are the only political party that cares for the “little guy” and all the other helpless victims of American exceptionalism.  In this case, their dupe was posing as a flood victim. Was CNN trying to convey the message that they were the good guy?  Texans do not see themselves as victims.  If you recall, we Texans may be heard with the patriotic refrain, “Remember the Alamo!” And I’m sure they’d love to tear down the Alamo, a proud symbol of Texas and American patriotism.

I have been known to refer to CNN as the Communist News Network, which they literally are.  When most people hear me say that, they often laugh because it sounds so odd yet they secretly believe it to be true.  If it’s been hard for any of my readers to see and believe what I was saying in my last article [Communism: There are Many Flavors But They’re All Still Just Ice Cream] is true, maybe this latest example will clear things up a bit.

The CNN “news report” is the most blatant and unethical example of so-called “fake news” I’ve ever seen, but the video in question is much worse than journalistic prevarication. It’s an undeniable example of hard-core Communist hypnotic propaganda, a tactic being forced on us by a foreign power!  I don’t even think Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would be proud of this poorly executed propaganda film.

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The Fake News Revelation is a Good Start but there’s so Much More

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A recent article by Jon Rappaport entitled “Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media” identified the more common forms of methods of manipulating human perception. In that piece, he provides a case study to illustrate how mass deception appears in its natural state.  His article is a good example of what the American public needs to know a lot more about.

I would add the following additional deceptive methods to his collection:  Selective story choice [picking only stories that are consistent with a prearranged template], disinformation [the deceptive representation of stories as originating domestically when in reality, they are produced in foreign countries hostile to American values and interests], misinformation [domestic stories, but which also align consistently with previously distributed disinformation stories that served as their template], false attribution [attributing blame to scapegoat the innocent as a way to hide the actual perpetrator], discrediting credibility [assassinating the character and therefore perceived credibility of a truthful news source], and the use of front organizations [any organization perceived to be credible, often because of its appealing name, used to conceal the false news source’s identity, motives, and methods.]

The repeated use of methods of mass deception is a critical part of the core of America’s recalcitrant problems.  However, the so-called “fake news” is just the symptom of a more complex and serious problem.  The more serious questions are (1.) Where are the ideas used in false news originating? (2.) What are the authors’ motives for creating such false news narratives? and (3.) What is the scope of these influential mass deception methods?

Number one: The answer is these ideas are originating from the theoretical doctrines of Max Weber and Vladimir Lenin.  These are the original gangsters who dreamed-up the imaginary fantasy of Communism.  That means the false ideas are coming from the minds of devout Communists, party members, are their co-conspirators.  But the geographical origins of these Communist ideas are the Soviet Union, now falsely called “Russia,” and Red China. Since Lenin was a Soviet, this is the ground-zero source of all Communist ideology, no question.

Number two: The answer is that the Soviet Communists’ motives are to hypnotically condition the mass American mind to accept all the concepts of Satanic Communism.  It is hypnotic, Pavlovian conditioning, i.e., the learning and acceptance of ideas without conscious awareness, that is their motive.  Ultimately, the objective of this step is the total annihilation of all-things American to be replaced with all-things Soviet. That means the total loss of all American freedoms, and much worse.

Number three: The scope of these mass hypnotic programs is global.  And since the Communist Party is the only well-organized, world-wide political party, only they could pull off such an arrogant and outrageous procedure of this scale of influence.  Over the decades, their mass hypnotics program has already been far too effective. Just look at what Anousha Sakoui says China is doing to gain even more victims’ minds today. Chicom’s goal is to gain total control of all Hollywood film content. Just what kind of content do you think will be demanded? [To read more on this important subject, get a copy of The Hypnotic Communist on this website.]

This is Not Immigration or even Illegal Immigration: This is an Invasion of Countries!

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The so-called Democrat Party has now lost a string of consecutive races that they thought they would surely win.  The Communist hypnotic campaign known as “fake news” is crumbling under the weight of truth.  The American people are much more interested in the economy than ginned-up stories about Soviet influence over our election process. [One definition of insanity is doing the same behavior over and over but expecting different results.] The democrats with even a smidgen of sanity are calling for a change of leadership.  But a change in leadership will help their agenda only by making it more deceptive, i.e., changing their tricks.  Remember, the Communist Party never changes its objectives, only the strategies and tactics used to achieve them.

Instead of all these silly distractions, we should refocus on national security, specifically the continued flow of illegal immigrants from hostile countries and governments.  Especially dangerous are organized crime syndicates and Muslim adherents.  By the way, the Muslim religion is, without a doubt, a violent regime aimed at forcing itself on everyone, with death the only alternative. It’s yet another shell for the Communist Party to hide within.

The southern border wall must be built, and soon.  But what is the ideology driving all this illegal immigration?  What’s the theory that this fifth column in America is using and why?  The theory comes from the work of Francis Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward in a May 2, 1966 article in The Nation entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A strategy to End Poverty.

In that article, the authors explain their strategy to destroy America from within by using the previously constructed Communist system of welfare created by the Franklin Roosevelt administration. Their tactic was to use their Communist organization to enroll so many more recipients onto the US welfare rolls that the massive drain on federal money would collapse our economy sparking a civil war.  Once the civil war was in full swing, the implication was and still is, that the Red Party’s military wing would be able to easily slip into the conflict, turn it, and conquer the United States in a violent revolution; a goal they always say is “inevitable.” They are also using the Piven and Cloward strategy now to undermine the legislative process by stonewalling the Trump Administration at every turn with political “resistance” and Communist disinformation.

What we see now framed as a crisis of “immigration” or “illegal immigration” was earlier framed as the flow of “illegal aliens.” Notice how the Communist Party gradually change these terms to hypnotically induce entire countries to accept the underlying premise of their propaganda campaigns. Also notice also how all the flimsy distractions noted above in paragraph one, guide attention away from this much more important and immediate issues. A country without borders is no longer a country.


Still not Calling the Dogs Dogs

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If you have read my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, you recall that one of the primary points of the book is that our problem as a nation is that we don’t have the fortitude to call our enemy by its correct name. As I argue in my book, no country can win any kind of a war, political or otherwise, if they cannot first correctly identify their enemy.  The enemy is not the Muslim religion, the enemy is the Communist Party hiding within the Muslim religion!

There has been some improvement, however, with our new president, Mr. Donald Trump.  I believe it was Trump who correctly identified and labeled the vast majority of so-called “mainstream news” “fake news.”  Frankly, over 95% of what people think of as news is in reality worse than fake, a nicer term for massive prevarications; which is really Communist hypnotics.  That’s a whole lot worse that simply a “fake job.”

As described and explained in my book, Communist hypnotics work, in part, by constant repetition, mostly aural.  For example, have you been paying attention to the constant repetition of the so-called news that Russia was in cahoots with Donald Trump to “steal” the election from Hillary and is now being investigated?  He is being unfairly investigated, but he had nothing to do with the Communist Party. This false report is an example of Communist Disinformation, i.e., it originates in Moscow, Soviet Union, but represents itself as coming directly from the US press.  It is the constant day-in and day-out repetitive drone that people hear and read about that gradually hypnotizes large segments of the US population into believing lies.

Of course, the entire story is completely false, bare of any factual support.  Numerous pundits have already stated so, yet the false story continues just as if there was hard evidence. Former President Obama, a member of the Democrat Party, which we know is really the Communist Party in disguise, is the one that has been in cahoots with V. Putin.  This was evident to anyone watching when Obama told Putin he would have to wait until he was re-elected to implement any more Communist Policies into the US Government.  Put simply, Obama was the one conspiring with the Communist Party, not Trump.  Just think; why would a die-hard capitalist conspire with the Communist Party, a violent organization strongly opposed to any free-market capitalism?

The reason this Communist deceptive strategy of disinformation is currently hypnotizing many is to deflect attention away from the Democrat Party’s collaboration with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  They believe that they can turn a lie into an accepted truth by continually repeating a certain phrase to the American public. We’ve got to quit calling all this nonsense “fake news” and call it what it is:  Communist Hypnotic Disinformation.