Good News! A Communist Agent has just been Outed and Thrown-Out of UT-Austin

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What’s the Difference Between a United and Popular Communist Front?

As I have said in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party [CP] uses united fronts and popular fronts to conceal their activities in each of their target countries.  A united front is one which collects a large number of separate groups, but each with the same common interest that binds them together.  You might think of them as political pressure groups, but those are not necessarily run by the Communist Party.  But the Democrat Party is a united front controlled by the Communist Party.  Actually, it is the Communist Party’s biggest front in the US.

Popular fronts are also a collection of groups but they are focused on popular culture as their binding element. For example, the Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood’s labor union, is a popular front since it both creates and drives new cultural fads and trends in today’s fallen secular, humanistic culture.  Virtually any popular trend or national icon is used by the Communist Party to capture the minds of the unwary, those who believe it is just “the latest thing” in fashion, the newest technology, belief system, language, values, Hollywood star, idol, or hero.

Both types of Communist front groups have the same goal:  They capture the American mind and body which is then secretly turned against our own country in preference for the goals and values of the International Communist Party.  [Recall that the destruction of our two World Trade Center Towers were destroyed with the use of our own commercial planes.]

Some people are vaguely aware of these CP front groups that secretly undermine our country slowly until it can be conquered militarily, but there are few actual examples of their accurate identification and expulsion. Each front’s name is cleverly chosen to deceive us of their true identity and purpose. Fortunately, Josh Rogin writes in the January 14, 2018 issue of the that one such united front has been caught trying to influence and manipulate the minds of students at the University of Texas [UT].

Even more uplifting is that by correctly identifying the leader of the CP front group, its clandestine objective of using UT to unwittingly continue to spread Communism in the US has been slowed. This is great news, America! The downside is that virtually all US universities have already been undermined by the CP for decades now.  If you don’t believe me, just follow the seemingly crazy but very true stories at

It’s Not Only Academic Freedom at Stake; It’s Human Freedom that’s at Risk!

Virtually everyone is aware of the importance of academic freedom to our universal institutions of higher education.  But how can our institutions of higher learning accomplish this goal if there is no freedom to express individual viewpoints without fear of retaliation?  I for one, can personally testify that viewpoint discrimination against conservative views is the norm, not the exception in US universities today.  It is only the isolated, rare exception to this rule that student evaluations in concert with lazy administrators and Communist faculty allow views that are conservative, patriotic, or otherwise unpopular.  The punishment that is doled out for these kinds of expressions comes from the instructions of Communist Party leaders and enforced by their student evaluations of faculty teaching, administrators, and faculty who have already fallen prey.  I emphasize; this condition is the norm now, not the exception.  And it is the CP that is the organization ultimately behind all this oppression.

Rogin reports that it is a certain Tung Chee-hwa, Vice Chairman of the China United States Exchange Foundation [CUSEF], who is the front group leader who was caught and denied access, thanks to the heads-up of Senator Cruz. This CP front leader was correctly identified and caught trying to give money to UT in return for opportunities to brainwash Texas students and recruit internal spies among the students, but was denied access thanks to Mr. Cruz’s initiatives.

How do People Become Agents for Communism?

But who is Tung Chee-hwa?  His disguise, or personal front, is that he is an industrialist from Hong Kong who inherited the business from his father.  There are many ways people get sucked-into becoming dupes for Communism.  Here’s the way Che-hwa succumbed to Communism.  Since he had inherited the company, he knew nothing about the business, and the firm quickly ran into bankruptcy around 1985, but the Chinese Communist Party bailed him and his company out. This meant that Chee-hwa owed the CP a huge debt he could not pay, and this is one personal weakness the CP uses to seduce vulnerable people into doing their bidding for them.  That way, if any law is broken, only the dupe is exposed and punished instead of the real instigator, the CP.

This is but one important lesson.  It is an illustration of one way the Communist Party recruits and gets control of new agents, either individual people or institutions, which are then used to spread the CP’s seductive control of a country.  Any subsequent loss of loyalty to or betrayal of the CP by a recruit such as Mr. Che-hwa, would result in financial ruin or “accidental” death. This is also an important example of a government official responsible enough to call a Communist a Communist and take appropriate action.

Thank-you Ted!  You truly are, in word and deed, The Honorable Ted Cruz!