Do You Want to Keep Your Property? Better Quit Voting Democrat, Californians!

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As I said in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, what the public knows as the environmentalist agenda, is in reality, only a cover label for the Communist Party’s long-term agenda to abolish all property rights in America and around the rest of the world.  As I said, this agenda is the most aggressive and dangerous of all their tactics since private property ownership is essential to the survival of a free republic such as America.

It’s no secret that the formerly great state of California has already collapsed under the Communist boot.  It’s already past time for the voters of California to wake-up and vote-right if they want to reclaim any of their lost freedoms and properties.  Many in that state are fleeing just like other countries who’ve already lost all their freedoms to the Communist Party.  Otherwise, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

Most recently, it was reported in the Sacremento Bee that almost two million acres were confiscated by the Obama regime.  Dale Kasler, Carolyn Wilke, and Bryan Sabalow reported that three species of frog and one of toad are the culprits.  Right now, the Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog, the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog, and the Yosemite Toad are sitting mighty pretty.  They just got a huge bail-out in the form of affirmative action preferential treatment.  Unfortunately, their human co-habitants just lost a big chunk of their constitutional property rights.  Guess these amphibians are a lot more important than the human California inhabitants, cattle ranchers, and tree loggers.

Seems strange doesn’t it?  Since California is a solid democrat state, the voters themselves chose to have their property confiscated by the federal government.  The environmentalist agenda is one of the most radical planks of the Democrat [Communist] Party.  Are they aware of this ironic fact?  Timber logging and cattle ranching on federal land has been a cooperative effort for years, but now, with these smothering regulations, the property rights of likely Republican voters, i.e., rural logging and cattle ranchers, will be snuffed-out due to the increased costs of doing business in the hostile environment of environmental Communist Policies.

Do you see how the Communist Party is taking away constitutional freedoms? In this case, the party hides behind the Democrat Party label.  Then, they get the Democrat Party to make nonsensical, excessive regulations for a seemingly good purpose.  Many fail to see how their new “laws” will play-out years down the road when they are enforced and expanded.  In this case, environmental regulations are not really intended to preserve the toads and frogs.  The Communist Party cares absolutely nothing for these creatures.  Like all the other human victims they deceive, they only use gullible voters as stepping stones to enact destruction on their real targets, i.e., the bourgeoisie! These are the class of people Karl Marx bitterly hated as the middle and upper classes, you know, the ones who make all the new jobs for the lower class.  Maybe the hypocritical environmentalist Al Gore should quit using so much electricity too.

Did you know that the production of electricity pollutes the environment even before it is consumed as energy by dishonest Communist minions such as Al Gore? Yes, that’s right.  It is a frequently used propaganda tool of the Communist Party that electricity production and consumption is “clean energy,” but this is all a lie.  Coal is used to produce the heat that produces electricity.  If you want to see your future, just read how Venezuela is being destroyed from within by the Communist Revolution being forced on them! Is that what you democrat voters really want?

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