Communism: There are Many Flavors ButThey’re All Still Just Ice Cream

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If you listen to the tremendous surge of media reports about this and that violent so-called “hate group,” you might become thoroughly confused about who’s who.  You might even notice quite a few conflicting reports. Specifically, these conflicting reports indicate the presence of Communist hypnotic conditioning through a barrage of intentional, propagandistic disinformation.  Who is doing this?  Why?

The Communist Party is totally based on deception and deception feeds confusion.  A striking pattern feeding this confusion is the mis-identification of the real perpetrators.  For example, white American patriots are not neo-Nazis, bigots, or white supremacists as the phony press has tried to convince us.   White patriots are simply Americans who love their country. So-called bigots are those who stubbornly hold a single viewpoint and are totally intolerant of all other viewpoints.  Did you really think the Democrat Party believes in tolerance of all people?  If you did, then you have been affected by Communist hypnotic conditioning. These are all characteristics of the Communist Party, the ugly insides of the Democrat Party.

If you find this hard to believe, check out how many democrats voted with republicans to repeal Obamacare.  The answer is zero.  Nazis can only be Nazis; there is no such thing as “neo” Nazi as the prefix indicates. The Communist Nazi Party would never allow any part of their religious belief system to be watered-down by the prefix “neo.” Nazism is only one of many “flavors” of Communism, more accurately called Fascism.  The methods of fascism are the same as red Communism, they just had a different leader in the 1930s and 1940s Germany. Instead of Stalin’s flavor of Communism, Hitler favored the Fascist flavor.

The dishonest term “white supremacists” came from the activities of the Ku Klux Clan, and you really should know that the clan was invented by democrats, not patriotic republicans.  The Ku Klux Clan was an organ of the Democrat Party which was intended to function as the street fighter against the Republican Party to restore slavery and their agrarian lifestyle in the American south.  Do you believe that the “Clan” was a so-called “white supremacy” group of the Republican Party?  If you do, then you have been significantly influenced by Communist hypnotic propaganda.

The point here is that the Communist Party street agitators, along with their willing accomplices, the press, are calling patriotic Americans the very labels that they themselves are!  Can you think of any better way to conceal the true intent of a global criminal organization than to constantly blame everybody else who opposes them? Continual repetition of the same Communist hypnotic narratives over months and years induces many to accept and even promote Communism, and far too many do so without conscious awareness.

Did you know that one of the Communist Party’s tricks is to create an acting play where one half of the group plays the part of street fighters (the ultra-left) while the other half play the role of their (phony) opponent, such as, for example, when the false term “white supremacists” is used to discredit the Republican Party? But both groups are really only two flavors of the same Communist Party and its co-conspirators working in concert to deceive the American public with a very big set of lies.

Another little insight I wish to share is the Communist Party always wants to make an exciting melodrama in the streets to draw video coverage to use later as hypnotic propaganda on what many believe to be the local and national “news.”  If the video media refused to come, the staged “play” would be either postponed or cancelled until they could get the press to cover their antics for popular consumption. Otherwise, these staged peaceful-turned-violent mobs would not waste their time.

Be very careful what you believe.  Have an open mind and check assertions with independent, objective, confirmatory research of your own. The Communists agitators wear many different masks intended to deceive the American public, but don’t be fooled.  They’re all still different flavors of the same poisonous dessert:  Communism.  See what happens when a country buckles under the pressure of persistent Communist violence with the example of Venezuela here.

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Still not Calling the Dogs Dogs

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If you have read my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, you recall that one of the primary points of the book is that our problem as a nation is that we don’t have the fortitude to call our enemy by its correct name. As I argue in my book, no country can win any kind of a war, political or otherwise, if they cannot first correctly identify their enemy.  The enemy is not the Muslim religion, the enemy is the Communist Party hiding within the Muslim religion!

There has been some improvement, however, with our new president, Mr. Donald Trump.  I believe it was Trump who correctly identified and labeled the vast majority of so-called “mainstream news” “fake news.”  Frankly, over 95% of what people think of as news is in reality worse than fake, a nicer term for massive prevarications; which is really Communist hypnotics.  That’s a whole lot worse that simply a “fake job.”

As described and explained in my book, Communist hypnotics work, in part, by constant repetition, mostly aural.  For example, have you been paying attention to the constant repetition of the so-called news that Russia was in cahoots with Donald Trump to “steal” the election from Hillary and is now being investigated?  He is being unfairly investigated, but he had nothing to do with the Communist Party. This false report is an example of Communist Disinformation, i.e., it originates in Moscow, Soviet Union, but represents itself as coming directly from the US press.  It is the constant day-in and day-out repetitive drone that people hear and read about that gradually hypnotizes large segments of the US population into believing lies.

Of course, the entire story is completely false, bare of any factual support.  Numerous pundits have already stated so, yet the false story continues just as if there was hard evidence. Former President Obama, a member of the Democrat Party, which we know is really the Communist Party in disguise, is the one that has been in cahoots with V. Putin.  This was evident to anyone watching when Obama told Putin he would have to wait until he was re-elected to implement any more Communist Policies into the US Government.  Put simply, Obama was the one conspiring with the Communist Party, not Trump.  Just think; why would a die-hard capitalist conspire with the Communist Party, a violent organization strongly opposed to any free-market capitalism?

The reason this Communist deceptive strategy of disinformation is currently hypnotizing many is to deflect attention away from the Democrat Party’s collaboration with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  They believe that they can turn a lie into an accepted truth by continually repeating a certain phrase to the American public. We’ve got to quit calling all this nonsense “fake news” and call it what it is:  Communist Hypnotic Disinformation.