Putting Together Pieces of the Communist Puzzle

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All things are interrelated in some ways although we often can’t see these hidden relationships and connections.  Some are direct relationships while others are indirectly related.  Still other relationships contain both direct connections as well as indirect, more subtle connections.  By their nature, the indirect relationships are much more difficult to detect.

Think about this another way, perhaps.  When putting together the pieces of a new puzzle, can you visualize where the next piece fits?  Moreover, can you visualize where several new pieces fit simultaneously?  Similarly, can you see several moves ahead of your opponent in a game of Chess or Checkers?  If you can, then you understand hidden interrelationships.

As I suggest in my book The Hypnotic Communist, the American institution of higher education has been completely expropriated by the Communist Party.  In other words, it has been subverted from its primary purpose of education and is now a Communist propaganda front.  For example, studies have consistently demonstrated that Christians and other conservatives are not welcome as students or professors.  The most recent article  on this particular issue is by Tom Ciccotta’s “Survey:  Only Nine Percent of Yale Professors are Conservative” [October 6, 2017] at Breitbart.com. I worked as a professor for about twenty years and can testify to the truth of this survey finding.  If you are a conservative of any type, Christian or not, you are either passed over for hiring, tenure, or have a shortened career.  This puzzles me since so many conservative parents send their children off to be indoctrinated into Communism while paying huge tuition hikes all along the way.

How bad is the Communist culture of today’s American universities?  I can tell you it’s much worse than you know, and consistently getting worse.  How obvious does it have to get before parents will begin to consider sending their children to trade and technical schools instead?  for example, just consider Simon Kent’s piece “Students Protest After Cambridge College Uses Image of Auschwitz on Welcome Leaflet” [October 6, 2017] at Breitbart.com.  Granted, the University of Cambridge is not an American university, but it doesn’t matter a whit since the higher education disaster is a worldwide phenomenon foisted on us by the worldwide Communist Party.  The school denied that the menacing image of the entrance to Hitler’s mass murder factory was intended to suggest students should imagine themselves entering the gas chamber at Cambridge, but don’t believe it because lying is the most prevalent Communist pattern.  It’s just another piece of the puzzle of Communist hypnotic conditioning lodged in the minds of our young people. Why would anybody send their children to institutions such as this?

Then what happens to a country whose citizens are willingly blind and deny what’s really happening to them that is evil?  The German citizens denied that Hitler was evil.  Instead, they cheered him on all the more.  Frances Martel writes  in “China Unveils Over 100 Smartphone Apps to Track ‘Loyalty’ to Communism” [October 6, 2017] at Breitbart.com.  Communism is total and complete mind, body, and soul control, in a nutshell.  Anyone who wavers even the slightest into independent, rational thought, behavior, or attitude, will be arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, brainwashed, or disappeared by murder.  Forcing all human subjects to be monitored 24/7 by clandestine technology defines a Communist police state.  People who have lived under these conditions describe it as a paranoid hell on Earth. The technical infrastructure for this is already built and installed in our own national intelligence bureaucracies and there have been many stories about the abuse of this technology already.

I brought you the three references noted above to demonstrate something.  What appears to be three separate issues; the total mind control of Communism on students and faculty at universities puts the mind into bondage to Communist “controllers” which are later reinforced with the stark images and reminders of Communist intimidation such as the mass murders by Hitler and associates.  After years of hypnotic conditioning, this training eventually morphs into complete Communist control of entire countries as it spreads out from academia into the broader American culture.  [Notice, for example, how television topics are now trending toward Satanism].  And their mind-control is getting ever more effective now with the continued sophistication of modern communications technology.  Taken together, the three stories noted above are three related pieces of the same puzzle.  What is happening in China today will be coming to America tomorrow if we don’t return to our constitutional principles and begin loving human freedom and dignity more than peace, safety, and comfort.