Your Local Movie Theatre may be Owned by the Communist Party: Spell it-Communist Propaganda!

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Communist Red China is currently expanding their hypnotic propaganda network of influence throughout America using our own visual media companies.  From their perspective, this kind of psychological warfare makes perfect sense because they are acquiring movie production and distribution channels that make and spread visual imagery, potent psychological stimuli that sway the attitudes of the subconscious human mind.

Take for example, the document by Aaron Bandler about the question of “Has China Taken Over Hollywood?” at the [February 17, 2017].  From my own work, The Hypnotic Communist, we already know that the Communist world has been very busy for years capturing a variety of our companies and institutions for the purpose of spreading Communism, but Bandler gives us more specifics about how this is now being accomplished.

Bandler says that it is the acquisition of American Multi-Cinema [AMC] that is allowing Communist China to vastly expand the hypnotic power of Communist propaganda movies thrust into the American culture.  According to Bandler, the Chinese Communist Party’s acquisition firm is named the Dalian Wanda Group which is owned by Wang Jianlin, a Communist agent picked by the Red Party specifically for this expansion of Communist influence on America. It is important to add that the Dalian Wanda Group is not really a business, but is only a united front organization that does the actual work of the Chinese Communist Party.  That way, the Party never gets exposed.

Bandler says that Jianlin has accomplished the following acquisitions:  AMC, which, in turn, acquired Carmike Cinemas; Legendary Entertainment, and Dick Clark Productions. The Communist Party is also planning to invest heavily in Paramount to the tune of one-billion dollars as well as working with Sony Corporation.  Bandler suggests that our new attorney general should intervene since our law prohibits the ownership of both  production and distribution companies due to conflicts of interest and monopoly concerns.  Unfortunately, the Communist Party cares nothing about American rule-of-law since it is the corruption and destruction of America that they seek. Communism is an extremely corrupting influence.

There is another relevant piece that clarifies the magnitude of the threat of Communist hypnotic propaganda on the American people.  Carrie Gracie’s October 13, 2017 essay at entitled “The Thoughts of Chairman Xi,” provides a psychosocial profile of the ultimate individual behind this strategy to increase hypnotic control over American minds via the Hollywood film industry.  It is Xi Jinping, the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.  Communist countries do not have an elected president, only an appointed Communist Committee Chairman.

Gracie suggests that Jinping is trying to turn Americans against our own country by changing our patriotic American identity to the Communist Chinese identity.  Although Gracie does not mention the method of hypnotic induction possible through propaganda movies, she does thoroughly identify and explain what Jinping’s goals are for the world.

For example, Chairman Jinping, a notoriously devoted Communist, wants to eliminate any diversity of ideas or values characteristic of a free country according to Gracie.  She states that he seeks “absolute loyalty” of all Americans to the Communist Party’s way of thinking. He wants to eliminate any influences of American culture in videos and films to be replaced by Communist Chinese culture and values.  She suggests in this vein that the reason for this is that Communist dictatorships feel threatened by politically active citizenry.  Of course, patriotic American films encourage and reinforce increased political activism.  [The 2016 election of Mr. Donald Trump was an event the Communist world abhorred, no doubt.]

More specifically, Jinping has a specific program he calls “four identification,” according to Gracie. [Also notice that if you take-out the “u” in “four,” you have “for identification” indicating an additional Communist code that implies a plan to identify for future arrest anyone who doesn’t soak-up and exhibit the newly implanted Communist culture in the altered movies.]

The coded four identification program is apparently to be achieved by the replacement of the pro-American identity with the anti-American Chinese Communist identity by way of the concepts of:  The “Motherland,” “race,” the “socialist road,” and the “Chinese Dream”, i.e., world conquest, power, and Chinese domination, according to Gracie.  “Motherland” is the same love of land that Hitler once espoused as was the Communist concept of “race.” The “socialist road” refers to the desire to keep America on the road to becoming a full-blown Communist dictatorship and satellite of Red China.  And of course, the overall “Chinese Dream” is to make Red China replace America as the premier world power according to Gracie.  They believe this is only possible if America’s patriotic culture is destroyed and replaced by the foreign, anti-American, Asian Communist culture of complete submission to tyrannical authority.

Bandler suggests we should be on the lookout for more films with Chinese and Asian characters playing pro-Communist roles with their attendant anti-American themes.  And it wouldn’t hurt to contact Attorney General Sessions and demand an inquiry into China’s breaking of US law in these illegal acquisitions, as he aptly points out.

Mass Murdering is the Communist Work-Around Method for Disarming the American Civilian Population

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Virtually all Americans know of the latest mass murder of innocent civilians.  The Las Vegas mass murder was well planned by a white male, the type that Al-Qaeda already stated years ago would become the future method of operations in America instead of the more obvious middle-eastern profile.  Consistent with the pattern the Communist Party has always operated, they hide in plain view among us. They use their chosen dupes and accomplices as proxy-warriors instead of identifying themselves as the actual perpetrators.

There are all kinds of questions now about why the murderer did what he did, how he did it, and whether he had accomplices.  These are all interesting and useful questions to answer, but they are not aimed at the appropriate perpetrator; the Communist Party.  We miss the bigger picture by getting distracted by all the little details about the immediate crime stripped of its larger context and historical background. It makes us look like a dog chasing its own tail.

The Communist Party wants to secretly turn us against ourselves in order to divide and conquer.  These are the same agents who have recently organized and implemented the turning of NFL football league into an agitation front for the Communist Party.  These are also the same agents who attempted the mass murder of republican representative Mr. Steve Scalise and the other republican baseball players during a practice game.  In short, the Communist Party’s political organization, the one hidden inside the Democrat Party, is behind all the many years of mass murders in the US.  The difference now is that they have turned their focus on the murder of conservative groups. Their motive is compensation for the loss of control of the executive branch in the 2016 presidential election.

The party is trying to accomplish at least three objectives.  First, and most obviously, they want to continue to create social chaos and mass confusion among our population.  This makes it much easier to manipulate, direct, and control the US population toward their longer-term objectives.  Second, the party creates this confusion by the method of mass murders of innocent civilians, no different than how all previous Communist dictators have done on their own populations once totalitarian control is achieved.  The only difference is that they select various dupes as proxies, who do not realize they are being used by the Communist Party as a method to bring-forth the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  Last, and most importantly, the short-term goal of the method of mass murder is to separate us from our own constitutional right of self-defense:  our guns.

Just think back over the common threads of mass murders here in the US.  The murders are unexpected.  The perpetrator is usually one or two unknowns.  The attacks are always aimed at a group of unsuspecting Americans.  Afterward, the perpetrators are usually killed.  There is mass confusion among the US population with no definitive answers.  Then, government control is increased at every potentially vulnerable public site.  As a result, more of our constitutional rights are infringed.  Along with this, there are immediate screams of the Communist slogan by democrat [Communist] operatives about more “gun control.” But why would we need even more government control of private firearms when the present gun control regulations already exceed constitutional limits? [When the so-called democrats use the term “gun control” they really mean complete “gun confiscation.”]  The recent perpetrator purchased his weapons legally.  Criminal perpetrators, however, never have to worry about more gun control, do they?  They can always steal or buy their guns on the black market now can’t they?  And they are more than happy to mass murder any number of innocent American citizens as a way to scare us into giving-up our constitutional freedoms in exchange for the seductive illusion of Communist peace and safety.  In short, the Communist Party cloaked as the Democrat Party, is trying its hardest to disarm all law-abiding, private American citizens, in preference for the criminal elements. This is the same pattern exhibited in the issue of illegal alien entry into the US.  Democrats prefer these sorts of criminals over lawful US citizens.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about the false rhetoric used to make all Americans defenseless should know that gun control only means to take away and make illegal all American personal self-defense.  Does a pencil perform calculations or does a human hand connected to a human brain perform a calculation using the pencil as a dumb tool?  Similarly, do guns kill people or do people with evil intentions put their finger on a loaded gun trigger and make their own personal choice to kill other people?  The logic is irrefutable.  That’s why the Communist Party has to use the work-around method of mass murder as a scare tactic to falsely justify more gun regulations leading to eventual disarmament of the American civilian public.

The Communist Party wants all Americans defenseless so when they come to the final solution of their militarily conquest of America, they will face little resistance from the population at large because we will have no guns for self defense.  They will have already confiscated them.  Remember, Hitler also had all personal guns registered.  Conveniently, their guns were then confiscated just prior to his reign of terror, tyranny, and world war.  That’s a major reason the Jews were unable to resist his monstrous holocaust. They had no self-defense.  In our case, the holocaust will be all Americans who resist the Communist monster in any way.



We can Lose All Our God-Given Freedoms if We’re Not Real Careful!

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Thank God for the grand experiment of American freedom. Most of the world believes human freedom is granted by men, but our wise founders realized that freedom is only granted from God. As such, the founders wisely decided to minimize the scope of their new government since they knew all governments drift towards the accumulation of centralized, bureaucratic power at the expense of human freedom. They wrote their new Constitution with the knowledge that government’s attitude toward citizens is always coercive, so they chose to minimize the possibilities of tyrannical coercion and maximize the potential for individual freedom.

About half of the founders were ordained ministers of the Christian faith. They realized that free men and women could not remain free unless there was a strong sense of moral virtue among the people. By that is meant moral virtues such as abiding by the Ten Commandments, as well as the rest of the principles of Christianity put forth in the Bible. One did not necessarily have to be a born-again, evangelical Christian. People were only expected to largely abide by these proven moral principles. In short, these principles were meant to control the dark human impulses that cause disruption among people. A small government would work, but only if most citizens were morally upright and self-controlled. People were also called to embody a related concept: Public Virtue. That meant that only the most morally virtuous members of the country should be elected to public offices since public officers make and enforce the laws for the public good.

The primary enemy of all this American freedom is the Communist Party. In contrast to the foundations of American freedom, the Communist Party’s foundation is the religion of Satanism in all its many deceptive faces. The reason there are so many bizarre shootings and mass unrest in America today is the result of mass hypnotic conditioning by the Communist Party to convince us to give-up on all the notions mentioned above. You see, the Communists know very well the underlying strength of America, i.e., our Christian faith. In order to undermine America from within, that Satanic Party seeks to demoralize and undermine every institutional manifestation of that faith. Have you ever noticed that all the attacks we see and hear about hit directly at the very freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution?

For example, mass immigration is really a pagan invasion intended to uproot Christian-based institutions completely since the two are diametrically opposed. Similarly, mass shootings are intended to frighten us into voluntarily giving-up our constitutional obligation of self-defense. The destruction of every single freedom is the objective, at least for now. The mass destruction of every dissenting individual will be their next step. They have already enabled the mass destruction of millions of American persons through their method of so-called “abortion.”

The election of Donald Trump is a hopeful and encouraging sign. Keep tweeting Don! If you like this article, you’ll love my new book, The Hypnotic Communist! You can get it fast and at a discount at this website today!

This is Not Immigration or even Illegal Immigration: This is an Invasion of Countries!

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The so-called Democrat Party has now lost a string of consecutive races that they thought they would surely win.  The Communist hypnotic campaign known as “fake news” is crumbling under the weight of truth.  The American people are much more interested in the economy than ginned-up stories about Soviet influence over our election process. [One definition of insanity is doing the same behavior over and over but expecting different results.] The democrats with even a smidgen of sanity are calling for a change of leadership.  But a change in leadership will help their agenda only by making it more deceptive, i.e., changing their tricks.  Remember, the Communist Party never changes its objectives, only the strategies and tactics used to achieve them.

Instead of all these silly distractions, we should refocus on national security, specifically the continued flow of illegal immigrants from hostile countries and governments.  Especially dangerous are organized crime syndicates and Muslim adherents.  By the way, the Muslim religion is, without a doubt, a violent regime aimed at forcing itself on everyone, with death the only alternative. It’s yet another shell for the Communist Party to hide within.

The southern border wall must be built, and soon.  But what is the ideology driving all this illegal immigration?  What’s the theory that this fifth column in America is using and why?  The theory comes from the work of Francis Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward in a May 2, 1966 article in The Nation entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A strategy to End Poverty.

In that article, the authors explain their strategy to destroy America from within by using the previously constructed Communist system of welfare created by the Franklin Roosevelt administration. Their tactic was to use their Communist organization to enroll so many more recipients onto the US welfare rolls that the massive drain on federal money would collapse our economy sparking a civil war.  Once the civil war was in full swing, the implication was and still is, that the Red Party’s military wing would be able to easily slip into the conflict, turn it, and conquer the United States in a violent revolution; a goal they always say is “inevitable.” They are also using the Piven and Cloward strategy now to undermine the legislative process by stonewalling the Trump Administration at every turn with political “resistance” and Communist disinformation.

What we see now framed as a crisis of “immigration” or “illegal immigration” was earlier framed as the flow of “illegal aliens.” Notice how the Communist Party gradually change these terms to hypnotically induce entire countries to accept the underlying premise of their propaganda campaigns. Also notice also how all the flimsy distractions noted above in paragraph one, guide attention away from this much more important and immediate issues. A country without borders is no longer a country.


The Communist Party is on a High

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We now know that the Democrat Party is a cloak for the Communist Party.  As such, we would predict that the Democrat Party would behave just like the Communist Party.  Those of you who read my work should know by now how the Communist Party behaves, knowing its objectives and diabolical methods.  One thing stands out among all:  They never play by civilized rules and principles that the rest of us respect.

With the loss of the Executive Branch, November, 2016, and with their continued losses in all the state races to replace those hired into service by the Trump Administration, one would have good reason to believe these enemies of freedom would be in disarray.  And that is the message repeatedly given by the mainstream Communist mass propaganda. Yet, even though common sense would indicate this, and even though some conservative press report this, it is not really accurate.

You see, the Communist Party is nearer to its goal of overthrowing the federal government than before in recent history. [It compares best to the period just prior to the US Civil War, around the time Lincoln was elected [1860].  That’s because the overriding method of that Party is always raw violence.  And that’s what they are currently high on!  In reality, they view their current position as a heyday, a time of party and celebration, since they taste victory by mass violence against America.

Consider the escalation of violence observed by Alex Griswold at The Communist Party is currently trying to mass-murder a significant segment of the House of Representatives.  Similarly, Ann Coulter concurs with this conclusion at her blog saying that various leaders of the Communist Party, i.e., Bernie Sanders and others, are using Communist language to inspire their collaborators to murder our government representatives as well as any individuals who publicly support our patriotic president

Those using Communist fighting-language including specific cue-words and phrases, are inciting mob violence against “We the People.”  Two most recent examples include the now infamous Bernie Sanders, telling his supporters, “So you have got to, Mary, act in an unprecedented way, think big, get involved in every way that you can” Sanders added, “So, Mary, stand up and fight back in every way that you can.” [It’s the phrase “…fight back in every way that you can” that hypnotically inspires violence]; and Johnny Depp today giving the Communist hypnotic suggestion: “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”  [I believe the answer is April 14, 1865 when the republican Abraham Lincoln was assassinated]. Both of these individuals are Communist agitators, one working within our own government, the other in the US film propaganda industry.  Both have the same Communist agenda:  Overthrow the US Government through mass violence.


Government Assassination Attempt by Communist Party indicates Escalation

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The latest political war skirmishes in Congress with the testimonies of Mr. Comey followed by Mr. Sessions were bothwon by the truth.  The Communist Party was unable to break through Republican lines by using a barrage of lies suggesting the ludicrous theory that a free market capitalist president colluded with the Russian Communist government to help him win the presidential election. The truth is just the opposite, which the Communist Theory of Dialectical Materialism posits.  The Democrat Party has been colluding with the Soviet government for decades.

The next day, this morning, the Communist Party has now escalated from political to the military tactic of assassination attempts on leaders of the Republican Party during a baseball practice game.  Communists always resort to violence at some point, and this latest incident suggests that they have now reached this level of attack on our republic.  The goal, like all of their political attacks over the last several months, is to slow down and eventually stop the constitutional legislation process of our free country.

Just think of the circumstances of this mass assassination attempt:

  1. The attack was violent and focused on the political party that opposes the Communist Party.
  2. The assailant had previously campaigned for Mr. Bernie Sanders, an admitted Communist, in the 2016 presidential election campaign.
  3. It was a mass murdering attempt characteristic of Communist regimes.
  4. The attacker wore the color of the Democrat Party; blue. [Even though the Republican Party has always been coded as blue, but which was reversed around 1997 to confuse the public.]
  5. All congressional voting for the day was stopped, the assassin’s secondary goal after the initial goal of mass murder was attempted.
  6. A Russian made .762 military rifle was used in addition to a semi-automatic pistol.
  7. The sniper was reportedly from Belleville, Illinois, an historically liberal Democrat controlled state.
  8. Isn’t it interesting that today is also President Trump’s birthday?

Make no mistake, this military-style attack was an effort by the Communist Party to attack our publicly elected officials to keep America’s conservative legislative agenda from going forward.  Never forget, as documented in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist, that the Communist Party leadership is satanically inspired.

Still not Calling the Dogs Dogs

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If you have read my new book, The Hypnotic Communist, you recall that one of the primary points of the book is that our problem as a nation is that we don’t have the fortitude to call our enemy by its correct name. As I argue in my book, no country can win any kind of a war, political or otherwise, if they cannot first correctly identify their enemy.  The enemy is not the Muslim religion, the enemy is the Communist Party hiding within the Muslim religion!

There has been some improvement, however, with our new president, Mr. Donald Trump.  I believe it was Trump who correctly identified and labeled the vast majority of so-called “mainstream news” “fake news.”  Frankly, over 95% of what people think of as news is in reality worse than fake, a nicer term for massive prevarications; which is really Communist hypnotics.  That’s a whole lot worse that simply a “fake job.”

As described and explained in my book, Communist hypnotics work, in part, by constant repetition, mostly aural.  For example, have you been paying attention to the constant repetition of the so-called news that Russia was in cahoots with Donald Trump to “steal” the election from Hillary and is now being investigated?  He is being unfairly investigated, but he had nothing to do with the Communist Party. This false report is an example of Communist Disinformation, i.e., it originates in Moscow, Soviet Union, but represents itself as coming directly from the US press.  It is the constant day-in and day-out repetitive drone that people hear and read about that gradually hypnotizes large segments of the US population into believing lies.

Of course, the entire story is completely false, bare of any factual support.  Numerous pundits have already stated so, yet the false story continues just as if there was hard evidence. Former President Obama, a member of the Democrat Party, which we know is really the Communist Party in disguise, is the one that has been in cahoots with V. Putin.  This was evident to anyone watching when Obama told Putin he would have to wait until he was re-elected to implement any more Communist Policies into the US Government.  Put simply, Obama was the one conspiring with the Communist Party, not Trump.  Just think; why would a die-hard capitalist conspire with the Communist Party, a violent organization strongly opposed to any free-market capitalism?

The reason this Communist deceptive strategy of disinformation is currently hypnotizing many is to deflect attention away from the Democrat Party’s collaboration with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  They believe that they can turn a lie into an accepted truth by continually repeating a certain phrase to the American public. We’ve got to quit calling all this nonsense “fake news” and call it what it is:  Communist Hypnotic Disinformation.