Mankind Does Not Cause Global Warming and Here’s Why: New Study

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There is a new scientific article of importance by Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller (February 13, 2017), entitled “New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temperature Model” [in Environmental Pollution and Climate Change, 1 (2)], that provides rigorous empirical evidence that mankind does not contribute to so-called global warming by the CO2 emitted from human activities.   This is important stuff. [Read more here.]

As I have said in my book, The Hypnotic Communist, the Communist Party wants you to believe that their disinformation and misinformation hypnotic campaigns are truthful.  By definition, Communist hypnotic campaigns are all tempting but in the end, entirely false.  If that Party could convince mankind that we are at fault, especially if industrial business activities cause their idolized god, Gaia, to be offended, then all business activities could be outlawed; precisely the outcome the Communist Party has been salivating for, for a very long time. It is also the reason for the false hypnotic meme of man-made global warming.

Let’s briefly review the oft-cited theory which originated as early as 1824. Briefly, the old theory of global warming states that warmth to the earth comes from the sun, but then part of that warmth bounces off the earth.  Unfortunately, as the theory goes, certain man-made “Greenhouse Gases” interfere with by forming a barrier around the earth prohibiting the release of this run-off warmth, causing the earth to re-heat due to the excess heat being retained instead of escaping into space.  Psychologically, this paints a subconscious picture in human minds of panicked-suffocation inside a prison-camp hotbox.  In other words, mankind is to blame because our activities prevent this excess warmth from escaping into space as it should.  These gases are assumed to be carbon dioxide (humans exhale), methane (cattle and other mammals produce), water vapor, and nitrous oxide (from agricultural fertilizers). I don’t see how water vapor is man-made by any stretch of the imagination though. Maybe the gasses travel on the water vapors.

Nikolov and Zeller developed a new method of analysis by comparing other planetary data with earth’s in order to make a more rigorously controlled and objective test of an old theory.  What they found pulls the rug out of the entire argument that mankind is the culprit in hypothesized atmospheric and temperature changes.

They found that the so-called “greenhouse effect,” is actually caused by natural atmospheric air pressure, not some hypothetical barrier of man-emitted gasses collecting upwards to trap heat from escaping earth.

The authors state, “The down-welling LW radiation is not a global driver of surface warming as hypothesized for over 100 years but a product of the near-surface air temperature controlled by solar heating and atmospheric pressure.” In other words, the entire premise of the global-warming explanation if false!

There is no man-made barrier trapping us into an unbearable hothouse.  When it gets hot, relative atmospheric pressure increases, which makes it even hotter.  Haven’t you ever watched the nightly weather broadcast and noticed that when there is a high-pressure dome over an area that won’t move, it continues to get hotter and drier until a low pressure area comes in to move it out?  When that happens, it’s more likely to get cooler and rain.

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