The Making of a Communist Agent in the Most Unlikely of Places

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Since the Monster of North Korea has raised its head in defiance of everything good, we should take a look back at its behavior so we can see more clearly how it operates now to deceive America into a [false] sense of self-blame.  It was in the North Korean War that this beast revealed its true colors which are on open display now if anyone cares to know what’s hidden beneath the mass Communist propaganda aimed at the North Korean people and its neighbor, South Korea.

Charlie Moore provides such a perspective in his article “Horrifying portraits of American soldiers torturing women with pliers…” [September 28, 2017] seen here.   As you scroll through the portraits of the many false depictions of American soldiers torturing their many innocent victims, don’t let yourself be deceived.  American troops did none of the acts depicted in the paintings.  These pictures are, however true and correct examples of Soviet Communist hypnotic propaganda intended to induce the people of North Korea into believing it is America who are the evildoers, not their own North Korean dictatorship.  The pictures are undeniable examples of the false blame placed on a political enemy, America, in order to deflect blame away from the true perpetrators, the North Korean dictators themselves.

Now I want you to translate these pictures into the modern propaganda imagery thrust on the American people every day by imagining each picture simplified to be much more-subtle, less obvious images and messages.  Imagine, for example, all the constant messages about “victim rights” and the anti-American image of NFL players defying their patriotic obligation to salute the flag of freedom and human dignity for which hundreds of thousands of Americans have died.  The images are of protesters and mob violence in the streets and universities of America, and the constant message in our movies and t.v. shows that America is to blame for being greedy, selfish, and mean.  The graphic images provided by Mr. Moore represent the visible surface structure of the subterranean, subtle, and seductive Communist hypnotic imagery that has been injected into all America’s multi-media of today. These too, like the North Korean paintings, are meant only to deceive. The false and deceptive nature of the 1950s paintings are obvious to us now, but the messages within them still resonate in their place at the much more subtle level of modern Communist propaganda in America. So, when you sense a hypnotic propaganda message in the future, think back to what it really is by comparison to these graphic, but false images from 1950s North Korea.

Let’s take this a step further.  What’s the end result of someone having been seduced and taken prisoner by Communist propaganda?  The short answer is that they begin to act differently.  Consider, for example, the recent article by Kistina Wong “Exclusive: West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Leave” [September 28, 2017] seen here.  Wong’s report chronicles the making of a Communist agent at West Point Military Academy, of all places.  The method was for a professor, who was already a Communist agent, to convert one of his student protege to Communism through the seductive use of the power of his authority. Notice the professor apparently teaches “Middle East history…” and he went so far as to “mentor” his subordinate.  Instead of being a genuine professor, however, we can piece-it-together that he is a secret Communist agent who has manipulated his subordinate into accepting, endorsing, and propagating the beliefs and objectives of Satanic Communism. This is the result of the hypnotic seductions using the bait of the lust to have superhuman powers over all others.

How can this happen?  It’s been happening in America for many decades as I suggest in The Hypnotic Communist.  Unlike the graphic North Korean pictures provided by Mr. Moore, however, it’s seductively Satanic in its subtlety and nature. The recruitment of a soldier in the American military to Communism is the most unlikely of conversions, but is an object lesson that shows just how affective the conditioning of human minds and hearts can be by our Communist enemies.

More Communist Agents Revealed in the US Senate

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There’s nothing quite better than a good voting record to reveal what a representative truly believes.  Remember, actions are a better indicator of underlying ideology than words, or US Senate speeches.

Most everyone knows that Senator John McCain has come down with brain cancer so that automatically qualifies him as a victim in good standing.  He portrayed the hero role yet again when he returned to DC for the sole purpose of casting a vote Wednesday on H.R. 1628.  You know the Bill that Senator Rand Paul called a “clean repeal” and the very one that the Republican Party has vowed to repeal for years.

I listened to McCain’s extended speech, but kept being distracted by his long string of stitches above his left eyebrow.  More important, however, was the clear intent and message of his speech to the senate. Along with his recent diagnosis of brain cancer, the graphic stitches sealed the perception of his public persona, that McCain was a victim.  [Victim-hood is yet another indicator of the presence of Communist ideology]. This garnered sympathy in the psyche of the public.

Distilled down, the message Mr. McCain sent to the American voting public Wednesday was that it was time for the senate to straighten up and fly right.  He said it was time “to get things done” but without saying what those things were.  I came away from the speech with a clear impression that he was going to vote for a clean repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHCA).  That’s why I couldn’t have been more shocked when the record showed that he voted against its passage!

A total of seven Republican US Senators voted against the message Americans sent to the congress when they voted for Donald Trump, i.e., get “obamacare” repealed now!  These Republican Senators were:  Lisa Murkowski (AK), John McCain (AZ), Susan Collins (ME), Dean Heller (NV), Lamar Alexander (TN), Shelley Capito (WV), and Rob Portman (OH). The following day, the senate voted on the “skinny amendment,” (Amendment 267 to H.R. 1628) to repeal only several of the most egregious aspects of Obamacare.  The result?  John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted against their own party, enough to sink even a tiny bit of Obamacare repeal. I always wondered how Obama could have figured this when he said years ago “…and you won’t be able to repeal it.”  Now I see.

Hopefully, all of these senators will be defeating soon in upcoming elections, but these senators who voted against America’s best interests, especially after years of being told by voters to cleanly repeal the AHCA, demand a serious explanation, especially about McCain. McCain was the influential agent.

These seven individuals are not republicans, they are covert Communists.  As I discovered years ago from my own independent research into the Communist Party, the Communist leadership has stated they intend to infiltrate and turn the Republican Party.  The evidence for that was apparent in the recent votes.

And McCain is the most outstanding Communist among this bunch. McCain played-out the Dialectical Contradiction, a big part of Communist Theory, by indicating he would vote for the bill in his above-board speech, only to contradict his earlier position in his private, below-board vote.  And a proud Communist he is since he knew the contradiction between his statements and subsequent vote would be made a part of the public record.  I’m sure the Communist Party in America, as well as in other countries, must have been extremely gratified. In essence, he poked America straight in the eye! One gets the feeling that America is in the choke-hold of Communism even now!

Former military men will tell you the only war heroes are the ones who died in action.  McCain survived, and I believe he was turned in that Vietnam POW camp so many years ago.

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Illegal Aliens: The “Western” Invasion You Probably Don’t Know About

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Okay, most everyone knows quite a bit about our southern invasion.  That is, the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border.  We still don’t know enough about the full extent of the type of aliens entering illegally from the south as we ought to know nor do we know how many aliens are entering.  I suspect illegal entry is down since we have a genuine American president, but how much?

Ironically, there is an under-reported invasion through our west coast entry point, and in this case, we DO know the nature of their dark identity.  Did you hear about this from the Communist press on television or the newspapers?  Not so likely.  If you had read my book, The Hypnotic Communist, what I am about to inform you of, would not be a big surprise.

A new revelation has been published by Bill Gertz [The Free Beacon, July 11, 2017] that a certain Chinese dissonant named Guo Wengui disclosed, that up to 25,000 Chinese Communist espionage agents have entered the US illegally or been activated who are already in our country.  They work for the Ministry of State Security (MSS) of Communist China and their missions are, in descending order of priority according to Gertz:  (1.) steal classified military information about new weapons, (2.) bribe and extort US politicians and other influential officials, (3.) bribe and extort the family members of these officials and leaders, and (4.) corrupt and overwhelm the US internet with viruses and malware. [This would explain, for example, why the Republican Party seems to oddly self-destruct when, instead of voting-in the legislation their voters put them there for, they join in with the Communist democrats as a form of suicidal death-wish.] As I say in my book, it also explains why we have treasonous republicans in the legislature, especially the senate, who simply will not vote for constitutional common sense laws.  Notice the resistance to the repeal of Obamacare.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party has been engaged in this subterfuge for a long time. [Don’t forget China fell to the Communist Party in 1949]. It’s just that Gertz indicates that this activity has accelerated greatly from a defensive posture to an offensive one since 2012 when Xi Jinping came to power in Red China.  The ultimate goal is to destroy the United States and make us a Communist country.  That means loss of all freedoms then massive death, if their espionage offensive is successful.

Like I say in my book, the Chinese Communists (Chicoms) are expanding their agent base outward to more minority groups who are already in America.  This is what I called the Trojan Horse Fifth Column in my book.  Among the greatest dangers we face today is this flood of both foreign and domestic Communist Agents.  [If you have a job in an influential area of government, business, or are a government contractor, you may be a target so be very careful who you associate with and what you say and do]. Communists produce very little new technology.  They simply steal our plans and copy our technologies.  Why do you think China’s new military jets and ships look so much like America’s?

Mr. Wengui warns our elected officials to beware of attempts to influence them in unscrupulous ways such as gifts, bribes and threats to them and their families.  He also warns that “…the U.S. insistence in relying on the Chinese government to deal with North Korea is ‘madness.” North Korea is a firm satellite of Red China.  To expect China to stop North Korea’s nuclear missile program is like expecting a snake to walk on all fours. This means that Communists are ruthless; lie, murder, and rob without shame, and do not respect the rule of law as we do.  He calls the Chinese Communist Party and their spy army who seek classified information “the mafia.”  Correction…they are the Communist Mafia. Wengui also says that our government’s current naïve and gullible approach to the Communists is …”tantamount to [national-mine] suicide.” He’s right as I argue in my book because we can’t even call our enemy by their correct name:  Communists!

So, as you listen to news about “leaks” of “classified documents” and watch the Communist agitation groups “protest” on American streets and elsewhere as indicators of Communist activities, don’t forget that there is also a vast army of both domestic and foreign termites eating up our freedoms by stealing our best knowledge only to be used against us now, and later in a military war.  Right now, it is a “moralitical” [moral + political] war. Later, it will be a shooting and bombing war.

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