American Defense Products and Public Cams are Being Made by the Communist Party

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When I was teaching undergraduate and graduate business students the methods of Strategic Management, I routinely covered the glories of global business as required by our accrediting agency.  We used to call it “International Business.”  As the years went on, there was more and more pressure to call it “global business.” Unfortunately, most of the world doesn’t abide by the Judeo-Christian code of the Ten Commandments, especially the Communist Party.

One example I used to illustrate global competitiveness was about China making parts for our jet fighters.  We all know that China makes a huge number of products for American consumers.  Strangely, they also make parts even for our Department of Defense products.  I would always ask my senior business students in my Strategic Management course, if we got into a fighting war with the Chinese Communists what would we do if they had been making replacement parts for our F 22 fighter jets?  Would we continue to receive our parts orders during a war with them?  The answer was so obvious that I never once got an answer.

Now, come to find out, the Wall Street Journal came out with an article entitled “Surveillance Cameras Made in China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.” by Dan Strumpf, Natasha Khan and Charles Rollet [11-12-17].  What’s the difference between parts made by our enemy for our national defense and parts made to monitor our personal privacy?  Both issues are related and both concern our national security; one our national defense secrecy, two, the secrecy of our private personal lives.  I have examined many Communist Party documents over the decades. I can promise you these diabolical people compel their operative agents to use any method whatsoever, legal or illegal, that advances the goals of Communism in the United States.  And this little known fact explains much about the corruption of our own government.

If Communist China not only makes our military plane parts, and can cease production at any time, and also knows the private habits of all Americans, especially those in the urban and metropolitan areas, don’t those facts make us vulnerable to our enemy, Red China?

We have to assume that China is making the majority of pubic surveillance cameras since their cameras are made by the cheapest price possible; slave labor.  America prices labor at the competitive market rate while the Chinese slave state prices labor at the price of slavery.  That’s because the Communist “government” owns all the business in China.  There is no free market competition to reduce business costs and product prices. There is no competitive market rate in China since all prices are strictly controlled by the Communist Party.

We need to demand that all American military and surveillance products be made only in America by patriotic American Companies!

More Survey Results: Why do Blacks Still Vote for Communism?

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The “Annual Report on US Attitudes towards Socialism” recently published in October, 2017, by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reveals many insights about current American attitudes and trends.  One question I have had for a long time is why is it that blacks vote for democrat candidates at a consistent rate of about 92% decade after decade when the evidence suggests that they are voting against their own self-interests?  Voting for more and more social entitlements has already bankrupted America and has made blacks slaves to government hand-outs.  Why don’t they want to be free and self-reliant?  You can’t tell me that anyone is holding them back.  For God’s sake, we had a black president for eight years.  Opportunity abounds for anyone with the initiative and desire.  Instead, blacks continue to vote against the goose that lays so many golden eggs.

The demographics section of the report shows that 71.2 percent of whites have a favorable view of Capitalism while only 8.3% of blacks do.  That’s a huge difference in values. This tells me that blacks do not like Capitalism even though it is responsible for offering them the highest standard of living in the world.  Whoever dislikes Capitalism will also dislike the Republican Party since it is most in line with the values of business.  Haven’t you heard the prejudicial propaganda that “republicans are the party of big business”, and that “republicans don’t care for the little guy?”  It’s just the opposite. Democrats just say they are for the little guy only to get elected and then stay in power with more entitlements that drain tax payers’ pockets.  They bribe their gullible voters with false promises of government hand-outs that others pay for against their will. Democrats just “redistribute” other’s wealth.  This kind of criminal racket is not doing anybody any good.  They sling around their false accusations of racism against any conservative republican who dares to be honest.

Another question of interest is what values are learned in today’s colleges? One would think that a well-rounded education would only strengthen business values.  Not true.  The survey found that 37.2 percent who have either a high school degree or less have a favorable view of Capitalism while only 19.5% of college graduates do.  What? If less college education leads to greater confidence in Capitalism, then we would expect more college education to produce the opposite and this is what we find in the data.  Postgraduate students favored Capitalism even less than college graduates.  Only 11.2 percent of postgraduates favored Capitalism as compared to the earlier cited figure of 19.5 percent of 4-year college graduates.  Taken together, these two data points suggest a trend and positive correlation that the more one gets exposed to college professor’s Communist worldview, the less they like business.  The only ideology that hates business this much is that of satanic Communism, and there is no question that this worldview is the norm in today’s American colleges, not the exception.

I really thought a college education was supposed to make one more intelligent and knowledgeable.  Instead, it appears that our colleges are turning our young graduates against the business of Capitalism.  This finding can be attributed to the anti-Capitalist, anti-American,  Communist propaganda among college professors who continue to corrupt our young adults’ minds.  What’s worse, is the drastic cost of higher education these days that leaves graduates strapped to college loans for years to come.

Vladimir Lenin and Adolph Hitler both focused on brainwashing the young with their satanic Communist notions.  They focused on the youngest because these are the most naïve, gullible; and idealistic, i.e., the easiest bunch of people to fool with their pack of lies.  Lenin and Hitler were also both demon possessed, by the way.  I saw it first-hand when I was teaching patriotic, Christian values in the business schools. Now, I see the toll it continues to take on our American blacks and youth.



New Study by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Highlights Millennials

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Did you know that President Trump declared November 7, 2017 as our “National Day for the Victims of Communism?” The day of remembrance was intended to remind America of the extreme amount of mass murder and misery the Communist Party has wrought on the world since it recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary of the forced takeover of the Soviet Union.

Each year the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation performs a survey of American attitudes toward the evil doctrines of Communism.  This year’s survey was conducted October, 2017 and billed as the “Annual Report on US Attitudes toward Socialism.” I’m going to summarize some of the findings from that survey and let you be the judge.  How aware are we as a country of the very real dangers of the deadly doctrine of Communism?

For openers, only 31 percent of Americans know what Communism is, according to the survey.  The primary reason I wrote the book The Hypnotic Communist was to educate and warn my fellow Americans of this satanic organization’s objectives, methods, and activities.  [Looks like I still have a lot of work to do].

Let me summarize some of the other findings below. [Note:  Their survey treated Communism, Socialism, and Fascism as separate concepts.  But as I argue in my book, Socialism and fascism are not conceptually distinct from Communism.  They’re all just different flavors of the same poison:  Communism].

The 2017 Annual Report on US Attitudes Towards Socialism found the following:

  • Sixty percent view our former president Ron Reagan as a hero, but 40 percent view Bernie Sanders, an admitted Communist, also as an American hero.
  • Only 4 percent of baby boomers and 3 percent of older Americans believe Communism has never been a problem, but this contrasts with 12 percent of Millennials who believe it has never been a problem for humanity. [This should be considered a measure of the degree of Communist hypnotic propaganda’s influence].
  • Thirty-two percent of Millennials view the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, favorably.
  • Fifty-eight percent of Millennials prefer Communism over Capitalism compared to 41 percent of the general population. [I added Socialism, Fascism, and Communism percentages together to come up with a single measure of the Communist worldview].
  • Only 51% of Millennials correctly define Capitalism compared to 67 percent of all Americans.
  • Only 44 percent of Millennials would be offended if they were called a Communist versus 63 percent of Americans.
  • Forty-eight percent of Americans think our economic systems works against them, but 53% of Millennials do.
  • Seventy-three percent of Americans believe all speech should be protected.

The reason I cited Millennials so much is that this segment, those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, appears to be the most left-leaning segment of the US general population.  They are still young adults but they are now about to become upper-level decision-makers, and a person’s values and worldviews directly influence the decisions they make.  What do you think? Will Millennials come to appreciate Capitalist America or push us closer to becoming The Soviet States of Amerika?

Did You Know that so-called “Tax Brackets” Originated in “The Communist Manifesto?”

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Tax brackets and tax rates sound boring to a lot of people until time to pay them.  Then, boredom changes to frustration and anger.  To make a long story short, we Americans are taxed numerous times on the same dollar.  But the current debates and wrangling about tax rates is only one dimension of the tax issue.  What is not discussed is the absolute number of taxing categories.  Virtually every human activity is taxed at some point, either directly or indirectly.  So why the issue of fiddling only with tax rate brackets?  Why not delete some taxing categories?  That would be a real tax cut. Oh, I forgot, I guess that comes under the political category of “tax reform.”

Regardless of these common-sense concerns, the current federal review of excessive taxation seeks only to fool around with the taxation rates, the different proportions of taxes taken from different segments of the American public.  That works to divide us. Deep down, we all know that taxing one at a higher or lower rate than another is fundamentally unfair. Since it’s an unfair policy, why do our representatives continue to perpetuate it by only lowering rates?  At best, that provides anesthesia to temporarily reduce the pain of an unfair taxation scheme.

The premise of differential taxation is based on the unethical assumption that those who have the most money should be taxed at the highest rate.  So, corporations get taxed at around 40% while the middle class gets taxed at 15% to 25%, or more.  Of course, a huge number of people pay no federal taxes because they are assumed to be too poor.  All the assumptions of different taxation rates are false and destructive.

The idea of different tax rates came from the mind of the Communist Party.  Yes, in The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels clearly state this as their number two goal, which reads [to require] “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax” [Signet Classic, 1998, p. 75].  What does this mean?  It means that America’s entire federal income taxing scheme is in reality a Communist policy of income confiscation and redistribution from the “haves” to the “have-nots.” The increase in federal entitlement programs continues to serve as the primary excuse for increasing tax rates.

Since the ideas of Communism stem from the ideologies of Satanism, we should refocus the debate off of fiddling with the various rates, since taxing some more than others is unethical and should be illegal.  The progressive [This term is itself a synonym for Communism] and graduated [This term refers to the idea of a graded scale based on some variable, for example, amount of money owned].  As a result of a federal taxation system based on the worldview of satanic Communism, no adjustment of tax rates will satisfy the federal appetite for more and more private income.

What would fair taxation look like?  It would be a flat-rate taxation system where everyone pays the same low rate.  [Only Steve Forbes has consistently advocated such a change in the national public arena]. In reality, a flat tax would bring-in more to the government coffers since the entire country would pay their fair share, not just the middle and upper classes.  [By the way, these are the classes that Karl Marx sought to destroy.  Excessive taxation at different rates is a potent weapon in the class warfare Marx advocates].  To put it in context, the Bible mentions only one reasonable rate, that of 10%.  Why shouldn’t Americans be able to keep 90% of their own earnings?

The burning question our government should debate is why isn’t the majority of our legislature focused on implementing a fair policy instead of perpetuating the wrong policy?  why does our own government demand us to pay up to 40% when God only asks for 10%?

Red China’s Chairman Mao Zedong Would be Proud of the NFL

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Since the Communist Party lost the White House in 2016, it has stepped-up the aggression of its agitation fronts in America, the most blatant being the recent player agitation during the national anthem prior to NFL games.  The short-term goal is to completely capture the NFL to add to their increasingly large portfolio of Communist agitation groups. But now, another pattern is starting to emerge that we should recognize.

It was during the Viet Nam War [1959-1975] that the Communist Party’s fifth column front groups began agitating on US college campuses.  [All along, this fifth column has been nothing less than an exported application from China of Chairman Mao Zedong’s Communist Cultural Revolution in 1966.  Its objective then was to eliminate all traditional Chinese culture to be replaced by Communist thought.  The same is true now, but the target is the US].  Before that, they were quietly organizing faculty.  They had not yet become overtly hostile and aggressive to the public with such tactics as propagandizing Communist doctrine and prohibiting patriotic student or faculty counterpoints.  The internal intimidation and hollowing-out of traditional American culture that followed the subsequent organization, promotion, and implementation of Communist-inspired riots, weakened America’s moral resistance in support of the war.  The Communist fifth column that developed at universities helped dilute America’s hold on our Christian values and institutions.  The net effect of all that domestic chaos was to distract, confuse, demoralize, and ultimately derail public support for the Viet Nam war.

This pattern has now begun to reappear more clearly than at any other time since that war.  Mr. Trump is correct in trying to rattle Jong-un. The North Korean dictator is genuinely frightened by President Trump’s bellicose warnings.  He is so frightened now that he is seeking psychological maneuvers to characterize himself as a victim of capitalist aggression instead of the psychotic aggressor he really is.  Leah Barkoukis  reported in a article “China Will Defend North Korea…” [August 11, 2017] that Red China, the Communist country around which North Korea orbits, has already declared that China would get involved in war between the US and North Korea only if the US declared and started the war first. That is precisely the appearance that Jong-un is trying to paint as Corey Charlton and Sam Webb imply in article, “READY TO STRIKE North Korea moves warplanes…” [September 27, 2017].  The secret is that Red China has been chomping-at-the-bit to go to war and demolish the US for many years. They would love to use their North Korean proxy as an excuse to go to war with the US.  But is calling Jong-un “rocket man” equivalent to declaring a state of war on North Korea?  No, not even close.

If you notice the ways the “news” in the US is routinely twisted, then you understand how Jong-un has twisted what China said about their conditions of war.  Communists prefer to lie than tell the truth, so this is no surprise.  That’s why our government representatives have failed so frequently in negotiations with any Communist country. Our leaders are extremely naive and gullible about how Communism works.  Even worse, the Republican establishment doesn’t even understand its own party’s conservatives, which means they haven’t figured out how former Judge Roy Moore defeated his primary opponent in the revealing Alabama primary this last Tuesday.

What can we expect to happen now?  The way the Communist Party is behaving leads one to expect that they are going to increase pressure on the American public with more and more organized protests in more venues.  I fully expect to see more institutions and organizations seduced by the Communist Party with their favorite tactics of protesting and “demon-strations” [if you get my drift].  By encouraging NFL dupes to disrespect our patriotic national anthem, they are exhibiting the same methods that were used in the 1960s and 1970s to turn public opinion against our own military, while at the same time, demoralizing and discouraging the military themselves.  As they sought President Richard Nixon’s head then, now they seek that of President Trump.  Nixon won in a landslide; Trump won a surprisingly solid victory.  American patriotism horrifies the Communist world.  The Communist tactic of fifth column agitation to turn American public opinion against ourselves remains the same.  The objective of weakened support for our own military means Jong-un will have an easier time if our countries come to blows.

It’s all about fueling the flames of a domestic cultural war on America’s insides, while the Communist military outside covertly prepares for war.  The inside culture war is coordinated by the outside military machine.  I’m certainly no war enthusiast, but the clouds of war are forming.

Judge Roy Moore Will Change America for the Better

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God is going to test America next Tuesday, September 26, 2017 when Judge Roy Moore will be voted upon for the US Senate seat vacated by Mr. Jeff Sessions.  This election in Alabama will be a sign whether the American people have decided to follow God’s way or their own.  God’s way is always better than man’s, yet we tend to try to do His work in our own, humanistic way. In this case, the question is whether we will uphold a man who really believes in God with all his heart, mind, and soul.

If you recall, Mr. Moore was the judge who was famous for resisting repeated attempts by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1995, a very powerful Communist front group of the Communist Party, to unseat him from his godly judicial position.  The reason this satanic organization became hostile to Mr. Moore was no more complicated than the simple fact that he chose to display a plaque of the Mosaic Ten Commandments behind his seat on the wall as well as to pray prior to the beginning of each court proceeding.  [By the way, invoking the so-called doctrine of “separation of church and state” as an excuse to attack Mr. Moore is nowhere in the US Constitution.  That slogan is only in the Soviet Communist Constitution.  Never forget that the ACLU is a Communist front organization in America.]

What’s strange is that the Ten Commandments as well as prayer before important decisions has been an integral part of traditional America since our inception.  But because Mr. Moore honored God by recognizing and publicly honoring God’s Mosaic law, the same law whose obedience brought about the founding of America, he was unfairly punished.  The Ten Commandments were removed from his Chamber and he was removed from office, simply for invoking the original religion of our American constitutional forefathers!

The act of censoring and punishing an innocent, God-fearing Christian judge in public, amounts to no less than the wishes of Satan the Devil to kick God out of the American public venue.  One would expect this only in Communist countries, not America.  But Communism is active here in America today.

If this blasphemy is allowed to continue, all America Christians will be arrested and put in concentration camps someday.  [If you think that’s funny, explain one thing.  How is it that the Jews didn’t recognize the same evil before the Nazi wagons and trains came to pick them up?]

Next Tuesday, the people of Alabama will have a chance to make their wishes known to the rest of America.  Will they choose to once again honor God and put one of his faithful servants back into public office or will they choose the road to hell for this country by insulting and dishonoring the God that has been so good to them and the rest of our nation?

My guess is that the Alabama voters will honor God next Tuesday.  God bless America!


Abortion Promotes Diversity in the World of Communist Delusion

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Communist hypnotic language has had deadly affects on many of America’s institutions, not the least of which is the judiciary.  For those determined enough to appeal lower-level decisions upward, it’s now likely they will come under the jurisdiction of a single federal judge who has already been seduced by Communist hypnotic language into making the worst decisions for the rest of us.

Let’s look at the stubborn issue of the abortion of human babies.  More specifically, what are the hypnotic terms that have seduced enough judges to facilitate the implementation of Satanic Communism, whether they know it or not?  Consider the following hypnotic induction terms hoisted on them by the international Communist Party.  [It’s a 100% certainty you also have heard them so many times, you could easily construct such a list with only a moment’s notice].

a woman’s right to choose
A woman’s body is her own.
womens’ rights
Keep abortion safe and legal.

Are you very familiar with these words and phrases?  Then you have been influenced by Communist hypnotic stimuli.  What’s worse, as I suggest above, is that influential public officials come under the spell of Satanic Communism via these types of hypnotic terms. [I discuss the link between Satanism and the Communese language in Chapters 5 and 6 of The Hypnotic Communist. Notice the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the other terms].

Take for example the recent article by Thomas D. Williams at entitled “Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Satanists To Promote Abortion In Missouri” [September 13, 2017].  Williams  provides truth-loving men and women with more evidence that the Communist Party’s energy, methods, and directions are controlled by the ungodly religion of Satanism.  I recall just after Roe v. Wade was passed, the Communist Party said they couldn’t have achieved passage if the Christian churches had stood up to them.  In other words, the church did not stand up to Satan’s political party, the democrat-Communist Party!  Now look what we have:  Massive child sacrifice in America by the millions, as Williams points out.  Sought after as the crown jewel of the democrat-Communist Party, child sacrifice, more commonly referred to with the sterile term “abortion,” is the chief sacrament devoted to Satan’s Communist plan for America.

Now, do you believe that the so-called Democrat Party is really democratic?  Here’s clear evidence that they are not.  Dr. Susan Berry points out in a article entitled “Hillary Clinton: Democrats Who Are Pro-Life Must Vote To Promote Abortion” [September 12, 2017]. If that political party was really “democratic” they would allow their members to vote against human abortion.  But because the Democrat Party is in reality the party of Satanic Communism, one “must” submit all; soul, mind, and body to the Communist dictatorship of world population control.  What?  Population control?  The goal is not abortion-on-demand that they want the public to believe.  As the core of the Communist Party, Satanism, is always deceptive.  The real goal is eugenics; the science of selective breeding through control of the human gene pool.  They want to birth only children who will readily accept the beliefs of Communism in support of the one-world government now being formed. The founder of the American abortion mill, Margaret Sanger was a demonically possessed Communist Party member.  Many of the leaders of Communism today are also demonically possessed. This explains their psychotic belief system which runs contrary to natural law, including the laws of human nature.

As previously noted, the term “inclusion” seems out of place with the language of abortion.  But it’s not.  It functions to expand-out the influence of the Communist abortion program by way of its connection to many more clusters of hypnotic terms. They are hypnotic in part because these associations are not apparent on their face.  Have you ever considered that the “Diversity Program” is part of the “Abortion Program?” They are, and Evan Lambert of in his article “College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections” [September 12, 2017] helps us see this.

The Diversity Program along with the Affirmative Action Program helps the Communist Party [CP] expand-out the influence and acceptance of the Abortion Program of mass killing of babies. The key connection word is “inclusion,” a part of the broader Communist cluster of terms of the linguistic node  “diversity.”  To be diverse, one must include others even if they are illegal aliens.  [Notice also, this connects to the term “discrimination” which means America must not interfere with the CP’s evil activities.  The subconscious message is we must accept all facets of deceptive Communism]. Under the Communist doctrine, criminal trespassers must also become equalized to the same status as law abiding citizens just as sexual and reproductive rights must be equalized regardless of the reality they can never become so. The common thread among these seemingly unrelated terms is the Communist doctrine of moral equivalencies, i.e., the lie that there is no such thing that distinguishes good and evil. We’ve all heard the commandment numerous times:  Thou shalt not discriminate!  There is no such moral dichotomy; only humanism, i.e., the philosophy that man is the measure of all things and there are no moral absolutes such as for example, thou shall not kill.

The unique psychologic of the CP that connects the two platforms of so-called “womens’ rights” and “diversity” via “inclusion” is this:  Communism’s allure is the temptation of the doctrine of “equality” in every imaginable way. In this particular context, the goal is sexual and reproductive equality.  The tortured reasoning is that if men can impregnate women with no concomitant responsibility to the child, then women should be allowed to also be equally irresponsible, if they choose.  Womens’ rights must be “included” as equivalent to mens’ rights, regardless of the obvious differences in sex roles and unique reproductive functions. Therefore, the child must be sacrificed on the altar of self-worship, a satanic concept.  This is why the democrat-Communist Party demands that all democrats vote for abortion, regardless of any moral objection.  This is also why there is no off button.  [The next step is to create a single “Unisex” ultimately to make all human reproduction a strictly scientific affair with sperm and ova joining artificially under strict government regulations.  You might find this logical extension more difficult to believe, but that uncertainty does not necessarily make it untrue.]

The Communist mantra of diversity demands that all countries become equally multicultural.  Unfortunately, multiple, competing intra-country rivalries break down “United we stand.” As there must be no inequality in sexual-reproductive rights, there must not be a national identity of united Americans, sharing the same patriotic values and beliefs.  Lambert writes that the College Park, Maryland city council recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in their city elections.  That opens the door for representatives of foreign hostile powers such as the Soviet Union, Red China, and North Korea, to legally vote by proxy to destroy America from within just as I suggested in The Hypnotic Communist concerning the Trojan Horse in the Communist Fifth Column.

Neither Dr. Berry, Mr. Williams, or Mr. Lambert attribute the illegal and unconstitutional activities noted above to the CP, but that’s exactly what you need to know.  The CP never identifies itself truthfully when it is in action-mode. Instead, they make-up a variety of labels that create false identities for public consumption.  And they will never disclose their actual intent until it’s too late!  Dig deeper America, and see what’s hidden beneath their self-righteous, but satanic activities.



Do you Really Believe America is One Big Hate Group? The SPLC Does

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The Communist Party has their own special definitions of words of the English language.  One such linguistic grouping injected into the American subconscious is what I call the hate cluster of “hate group” and “hate crime.” We all have heard these hypnotic conditioning terms repeatedly over the years. According to the Communist worldview, a hate crime is when a white male, most likely a Christian or conservative white male who “offends” one or more members of the so-called minority community.  The crime is the false attribution of hatred to an imaginary enemy.  [That’s called a delusion, by the way, by the mental health profession].  Their short-term solution is the elimination of hate through censorship, also called “political correction.” The Communist mind really believes that the crime is simply to have the identity of a Caucasian, the same as the founding fathers. The delusion is that all white American people are “haters,” therefore justifying mass retaliation by all nonwhites. And the Communist Party is only too happy to organize and direct these retaliatory campaigns, both in our streets and our institutions.

The concept of identity answers the single question:  Who am I?  America is known as a “melting pot” of many identities into one.  This makes us strongly united. Americans who speak English understand that hate is not associated with any specific identity as the Communist Party’s identity politics purport.  For those of us who believe in the impartial rule of law, hate is only a sinful condition of the human heart.  Anyone who commits a crime against another individual or group is not labeled an individual hater, hate group, or guilty of a hate crime because no one can really know for sure the spiritual condition of another’s heart.  The impartial rule of law focuses on the act or behavior of a crime, which is observable and knowable.  Communists care nothing about the rule of law or objective truth.  The Communist Party makes false attributions of hate to others in order to cover-up their own evil plans for America.  [Notice that the word “evil” turns into the word “devil” by simply adding one letter. Devil is synonymous with Satan.]

The Communist terms in the hate cluster are like all deceitful Communist speech. They are manipulative political terms that are intended to function as weapons of war against human sanity and morality.  They are created with the specific purpose of turning America against itself.  They do this by falsely accusing innocent people of bogus crimes to try to make us feel guilty even when we have done nothing wrong.  More importantly, they are trying to do what the Communist Nazis did against the German Jews. Prior to the implementation of the plan to mass murder all Jews, the Communist Nazis tagged them as a subhuman group in order to justify what was about to be thrust upon them.  Likewise, by falsely labeling various American groups as “hate groups,” they are trying to stigmatize patriotic, Christian group identities as a precursor to our future mass extermination; genocide.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a Communist fifth column front group used for Communist subversion.  The SPLC identifies under the heading of their manufactured hate groupings; such groups as the American Family Association (AFA), an evangelical Christian association; the Family Research Council (FRC), a protector of the nuclear family from the Christian worldview; and (WND), a Christian news website.  To show you that the SPLC is a Communist Front organization for the Communist Party, they list America as having 917 such hate groups and the list is still growing.  See here

In addition to artificially created hate groups, the SPLC lists various “hate identities.”  These are human psychological and social identities that the Communist Party constructed out of whole cloth to pin on those they believe are threatening to their own identity: Communism.  The “Christian identity” and “white nationalists” are among those listed.  But it was the Christian identity of the founders and the families that settled America for freedom and liberty who were our great strength.  The same thing goes for the identity of those patriots who fought-off the British invasion that eventually led to the creation of this constitutional republic. Similarly, so-called white nationalism is a prejudicial term for patriotic Americans. In short, the SPLC is stigmatizing Americans as a prelude to our eventual, violent overthrow.  Just look at all the current street fighting.  These fights were also aroused in Nazi Germany by the Fascist Communist Party prior to Hitler’s takeover of that country.

What is the SPLC up to?  As with all their covert manipulative terminologies, they are trying to seduce America into believing we must hate ourselves.  The Communist Party is trying to outlaw the type of American individuals who interfere with the Communist hypnotic campaign to change the American identity from one of freedom-loving constitutionalism to that of atheistic slavery to Communist dictation.  To accomplish that, they believe it is necessary to change who we believe ourselves to be. By stigmatizing the strongest among us, they are attempting to nullify our continued patriotic influences on our country.  So far, they have injured us, but have not been successful [yet].

In short, the Communist Party is trying to destroy every strongly principled and patriotic person that helps make America strong and great while hiding behind the false title of “Law Center” with its implied sympathy for the impoverished. [Communism has always tried to turn the lower class against the middle and upper socio-economic classes as a strategy to divide and conquer]. These are also the well-worn tricks of the Democrat Party that have been working for many decades on the minds of gullible people. But more people are starting to wake-up finally to see that the Communist [democrat] Party is just one cluster of interconnected lies!




That Magic Word “Racism:” What Does it Do and How does it Work?

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What is “racism?”  Isn’t it odd that the Communist Party’s favorite political tag is never defined?  That’s convenient, since there are no such things as different human races as I document in my recent book, The Hypnotic Communist.  This means that this political term refers to something else altogether.  If you watch and listen to how and when it is used, one might conclude it is hurled at another intended as a harmful political attack when the speaker simply disagrees with the recipient. Communists don’t use words to communicate information. They use language only as a political weapon.

Calling someone a racist is a special case of the more general human practice of name-calling. But what is its purpose?  How does it work?  Why is it used so frequently today?  It has not always been this way, at least in America, as the younger-set might imagine.

By now, you would know if you read my book, that the propensity to name-call stems from the motive and strategy to destroy the social status of a hated enemy by socially transforming a human into an inhuman, inanimate object.  This is called the dehumanization process.  Psychologically speaking, once one has been socially “tagged” into a new social category of sub-human existence, this new victim loses virtually all credibility and human rights.  Tagging then functions to drastically increase psychological distance between the accuser and his new victim.  Once distance has been increased, anonymity increases.  Anonymity further depersonalizes the victim and then allows the accuser to degrade the victim without bounds, making it much easier to continue to inflict psychological and emotional harm on the innocent victim without accountability. [This is what the Communist Nazi Party did to transform the German Jewish community into enemies of the state just prior to WW II]. The accuser assumes that human rights are dependent upon credibility.  Lose social credibility and then all human rights are lost, by default.

On a spiritual level, name-calling is a manifestation of the hatred of the human heart.  The dark heart of accusers of the phony charge of racism, are themselves, the ones infused with dark, satanic hatred, not their innocent victims.  I have been asked, are these accusers aware of their own sins in falsely accusing others?  Yes, they are.  That’s because God imprints into every human heart and soul the basics of right and wrong.  That’s the reason these Communist accusers need to project blame on the innocent for their own crimes.  They know it’s wrong, but they don’t want to accept responsibility for their own spiritual crimes.  They demand someone else take the blame.  This process is known as “scapegoating.”

But there are many more patriotic Americans who believe the truth that all of us are accountable to God, not a satanic political party of self-appointed dictators who believe they are above God. Communists and their allies do not believe in absolute truth.  They believe that “truth” is only relative to whomever has the biggest stick!

Isn’t it then a coincidence that the loss of all human rights is a primary objective of the Communist Party?  Top it off with an entire Communist vocabulary of such political weapons, and you have a drastically increased number of prejudiced social groupings.  Once these artificial social groupings are constructed, each can be easily controlled by simply shaming them with terms like “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” “Jew,” “Jude,” or many others noted on pages 200-01 in my book. Sometimes, an entire country is the target such as, for example, whether America is accused of being “a racist country.”

The Communist Party is the inventor of the intellectually dishonest term racism as well as all the other terms in the language of Communese.  The linguistic method of using prejudicial terms to marginalize, discredit, and eventually destroy those who disagree with the concepts and objectives of Communism has been used for many decades as a part of the theory of Dialectical Materialism.  This method seeks to use a country’s own language against its most patriotic members in order to put them into a Schizophrenic condition where one is guilty as charged, no matter the evidence proving innocence.  The method continues to be implemented in prison camps against their innocent victims when they are forced into the Communist confession routine of admitting guilt when there is no offense.  The only “offense” is the refusal to agree with and promote the lie that Communism is best for everyone; the truth is the lie in the mind of a Communist.  Entire countries are turned upside down in this way.  The only ones who are not racists, then, are the Communist Party members and their many, ignorant dupes.

Communism: There are Many Flavors ButThey’re All Still Just Ice Cream

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If you listen to the tremendous surge of media reports about this and that violent so-called “hate group,” you might become thoroughly confused about who’s who.  You might even notice quite a few conflicting reports. Specifically, these conflicting reports indicate the presence of Communist hypnotic conditioning through a barrage of intentional, propagandistic disinformation.  Who is doing this?  Why?

The Communist Party is totally based on deception and deception feeds confusion.  A striking pattern feeding this confusion is the mis-identification of the real perpetrators.  For example, white American patriots are not neo-Nazis, bigots, or white supremacists as the phony press has tried to convince us.   White patriots are simply Americans who love their country. So-called bigots are those who stubbornly hold a single viewpoint and are totally intolerant of all other viewpoints.  Did you really think the Democrat Party believes in tolerance of all people?  If you did, then you have been affected by Communist hypnotic conditioning. These are all characteristics of the Communist Party, the ugly insides of the Democrat Party.

If you find this hard to believe, check out how many democrats voted with republicans to repeal Obamacare.  The answer is zero.  Nazis can only be Nazis; there is no such thing as “neo” Nazi as the prefix indicates. The Communist Nazi Party would never allow any part of their religious belief system to be watered-down by the prefix “neo.” Nazism is only one of many “flavors” of Communism, more accurately called Fascism.  The methods of fascism are the same as red Communism, they just had a different leader in the 1930s and 1940s Germany. Instead of Stalin’s flavor of Communism, Hitler favored the Fascist flavor.

The dishonest term “white supremacists” came from the activities of the Ku Klux Clan, and you really should know that the clan was invented by democrats, not patriotic republicans.  The Ku Klux Clan was an organ of the Democrat Party which was intended to function as the street fighter against the Republican Party to restore slavery and their agrarian lifestyle in the American south.  Do you believe that the “Clan” was a so-called “white supremacy” group of the Republican Party?  If you do, then you have been significantly influenced by Communist hypnotic propaganda.

The point here is that the Communist Party street agitators, along with their willing accomplices, the press, are calling patriotic Americans the very labels that they themselves are!  Can you think of any better way to conceal the true intent of a global criminal organization than to constantly blame everybody else who opposes them? Continual repetition of the same Communist hypnotic narratives over months and years induces many to accept and even promote Communism, and far too many do so without conscious awareness.

Did you know that one of the Communist Party’s tricks is to create an acting play where one half of the group plays the part of street fighters (the ultra-left) while the other half play the role of their (phony) opponent, such as, for example, when the false term “white supremacists” is used to discredit the Republican Party? But both groups are really only two flavors of the same Communist Party and its co-conspirators working in concert to deceive the American public with a very big set of lies.

Another little insight I wish to share is the Communist Party always wants to make an exciting melodrama in the streets to draw video coverage to use later as hypnotic propaganda on what many believe to be the local and national “news.”  If the video media refused to come, the staged “play” would be either postponed or cancelled until they could get the press to cover their antics for popular consumption. Otherwise, these staged peaceful-turned-violent mobs would not waste their time.

Be very careful what you believe.  Have an open mind and check assertions with independent, objective, confirmatory research of your own. The Communists agitators wear many different masks intended to deceive the American public, but don’t be fooled.  They’re all still different flavors of the same poisonous dessert:  Communism.  See what happens when a country buckles under the pressure of persistent Communist violence with the example of Venezuela here.

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