How are the Catholic Church, dreamers, and white men all Connected in the Communist Plan for America?

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If you thought the free world was under attack under comrade Obama, the attacks have only increased in frequency and intensity since we now have a genuine American president in office.  In combination, the attacks have the psychological affect of mass disorientation and confusion.  Individually, each attack appears as a separate incident which is unrelated to the others, but they are all parts of the whole, integrated and coordinated political war against America by the satanic Communist Party.

The Catholic Church is Now the Communist Church

Last time, we looked at evidence that the Catholic Church has fallen to Communist control [February 9, 2018] via its Pope Francis and Bishop Sorondo.  Further evidence for this contention is the response of the Communist world.  The Catholic Herald published a commentary [February 6, 2018] from the Communist Party’s Global Times, which is only a mouthpiece for Red China’s Central Committee Chairman Xi Jinping, saying “…thanks to the “wisdom” [sic] of Pope Francis,…” the Chinese Communist Party and the Vatican [i.e., Catholic Church] are getting-along a lot better these days. The substance of the commentary was the agreement that the Chinese Communist Party is now going to be able to appoint new Catholic bishops, thanks to Pope Francis’s capitulation. This being the case, the result will be a Catholic Church run by the Communist Party, the same as already in all Communist countries.  In effect, the Catholic Church is being undermined by its own leaders at the bequest of the Communist Party, resulting in its nullification.

Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Finally Wake-Up

As I said in The Hypnotic Communist, the Democrat Party cares nothing for “the little guy” as they purport.  Now, here’s more evidence in support of that statement.  Reporting from the Daily Caller, Amber Athey [February 10, 2018] says in reference to an original Fox News report that a recent immigrant, Hilario Yanez, accused the Democrat Party by saying they “…have used people like him as ‘pawns’ to score political points…We have been confused, I think at the end of the day they have been using us as pawns.”  So if the democrats are really honest, wouldn’t they rebut this comment?  No, they don’t because they can’t.  As I have repeatedly argued, the Democrat Party is a disguise for the Communist Party USA, and has zero interest in these little guys beyond using them as battering rams to get their Communist dupes into positions of influence. It seems like their “dreamers” might be finally waking-up after all,…but don’t get too optimistic just yet.

White, American Men are the Real Endangered Species, not the Spotted Owl

In another article that appears on the surface to be unrelated to those just reviewed, Robert Kraychik reports at Brietbart [February 10, 2018] that one of the two most influential leaders of the so-called Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, is calling all white male Americans criminals.  This is especially strange since Nancy, herself, is a wealthy white female.  [By being a radical feminist (i.e., a Communist), Pelosi’s exempt from the same unfair accusation as her white male counterparts.]  Kraychiko cites credible Michael Savage as saying they only intend to “target the white male…for extinction.” You may have heard the hidden Communist Party’s prior announcements that there is a “war on women.” [Remember, Nancy’s exempt from any blame no matter how foolish].  This is Communist hypnotic propaganda to sensitize minds to receive the real message that this war is really on white men, you know, those who led in the founding of America as well as other strong white men, for example, like President Donald Trump.  The absence of white men will work only to make America weaker, but this is exactly the purpose of extinguishing all American white men by the Communist Party.

Can You See the Big Picture any Better Now?

Now let me pull together these seemingly disparate reports so you can see the forest instead of only a few individual trees in the foreground.  The Catholic Church is now being converted by the Chinese Communist Party into an influential united front for the world Communist Party.  Similarly, the so-called “DACA Dreamers,” that popular front created by comrade Obama’s previous Communist policies, may be waking up to the reality of their exploitation as popular fronts by the Communist Party, USA.  One of the objectives of the use of these two fronts, and many more not discussed here, is apparently to fire-up the old Nazi extermination camps once again, but with one new slant.  The targets are not only white Jews, but a greatly expanded mass extermination of all white men.  This objective can only be satanic in origin.

I just knew affirmative action would be deadly as some point, and that point is coming into view now.  Recall, affirmative action implements a government preference for everyone except  young white men, resulting in blatant “reverse discrimination” in employment against white men.  You might say, it will end once hiring quotas make the balance equal, but you’d be wrong.  Communist policies never have an off button once begun…That’s true madness.  First, the Communist Party prevented young white men from getting jobs  by creating a government spoils system for blacks and women.  It’s affirmative action label was deceptive.  Now, they plan to take our lives as well.