Who is “Special Prosecutor” Robert Mueller Anyway?

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Robert Mueller is the so-called special counsel being used to investigate President Trump even though there is no legal justification to do so since (1.) former FBI Director Comey had already stated that President Trump was not being investigated, and (2.) the requirement of credible, material evidence necessary to justify a special counsel has not been met.  This suggests there is a hidden motive for Mueller’s so-called “independent counsel.”

President George W. Bush hired Mueller as Director of the FBI in 2001.  After Obama came into office in 2008, he retained Mueller for the first two years.  By all outward appearances since then, Mueller still seems to have a top-notch resume.  However, that may be changing.  For example, he has hired a vast majority of democrats for his new job as special counsel. [Remember, the Democrat Party is the Communist Party].  Shouldn’t that be more like fifty-fifty republican-democrat?  Further, as Jerome Corsi notes, there is a little something else that is not yet displayed in his resume.  That little something is that in 2009, Mr. Mueller played a significant, direct role in actually giving control of twenty percent of the US uranium reserve to our arch rival, the Communist Soviet Union.

According to Corsi, in 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had Mueller take some uranium, you know, the stuff that makes atomic bombs, to the Soviet Union; I believe that would be V. Putin.  The delivery was reportedly in the form of a “plane-side” meeting.  That means that the two planes pulled up beside one another at the airport.  Putin’s people apparently thought the sample was good stuff, kind of like a cocaine sampling before two dope peddlers make a trade.  After that, the Soviet Union managed to get control of twenty percent of all of America’s uranium!  https://www.infowars.com/robert-muellers-role-in-clinton-scheme-to-sell-20-percent-of-us-uranium-to-russia/

Consider the key facts here.  Mueller is hiring virtually all democrat operatives for a so-called independent investigation of a republican president even though  Mueller has already been found to have worked for democrat [Communist] operatives of the worst kind.  In that work, the end result of giving control of twenty percent of US uranium to the “Evil Empire” is an outrageous violation national security!  And Mueller is said to be an impartial judge of our patriotic president?

Ask yourself, who is Mueller really working for now?  What is the real plan? It is impossible to imagine it to be an impartial investigation. Communists are fond of boasting that their strategies are never as they appear to be on the surface, and that is a rare true statement by them. Consider Mueller’s previous compromise of US security in 2009, why wouldn’t the next step be to then undermine president Trump?  You know, the commander-in-chief of our national defense?  Anyone who has already compromised the national security of our nuclear weapons is certainly disqualified from heading-up any impartial investigation of the commander-in-chief of that security!


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