Senator Lindsey Graham is a “Useful Idiot”

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The Tyranny of Communese Language

The terms heard in the public venue these days are “immigration,” “dreamers,” and “migration,” but no mention of the original language of the “illegal immigration” of “illegal aliens.”  The word “illegal” is simply omitted. Why do you suppose that is?  Of course, the most common political smear-terms you hear every day are “racism” and “racist.” Why is it that these particular terms are shot-at virtually everyone who has light skin but not to any who have dark brown or black skin?  I wonder if these contradictions seem as odd to you as they do me. It seems to me like the ones who use these prejudicial terms are the racists, if there was such a thing.  The correct term is “prejudice.”  Why don’t these slanderers use the correct term?  The answer is because the word “prejudice” doesn’t incite the masses to move toward Communism.  [Remember, it was Hitler who popularized the term “race” since he thought it was the most important political issue, i.e., to exterminate what he called the Jewish race].

The only intellectually honest terms above are “illegal alien” and “illegal immigration.”  Remember, we are a country of laws, not a country of kings.  All the other new linguistic inventions, have come from the minds of satanic Communists, intended to deceive America into giving up our constitutional republic to a Communist dictatorship.  The term “racist” is a Communist trick intended to falsely shame and silence anyone who disagrees with the Communist agenda of the destruction of America through massive illegal immigration. Can you imagine what life would be living under a Communist dictatorship?

Enter the Useful Idiots

Neil Munro has recently commented on Senator Lindsey Graham’s statements about the issue of illegal aliens in “LINDSEY GRAHAM TO AMERICANS: YOUR COUNTRY BELONGS TO THE WORLD” [, January 12, 2018].  Graham is classified as a republican, but he is really a liberal democrat promoting Communism in America.  All the made-up terms noted above are intended to mislead and confuse the American public into subconsciously accepting the implied premise of Communism.  His methods are very subtle but effective in deceiving the public.  The truth is that our immigration laws were intended to allow those who were being persecuted for their religious faith to come to America as their safe haven.  For example, consider the mass legal immigration of Jews and others who fled Nazi Germany prior to, during, and after WW II. Contrast this fact with what’s being done now, and I hope you can see that this is not legal immigration but an illegal, mass invasion to overwhelm and suffocate America.  It is an underhanded trick to destroy America by crushing us with a pagan invasion, and people like Lindsey Graham and the Democrat Party are running interference to enable this to come to rotten fruition.  It is also designed to increase the spread of Communism in America by getting these illegals to vote illegally for the Communist Party’s primary front organization, the Democrat Party.

Munro says Graham stated that “…America is…not defined by its people…” This is lie number one.  America is defined as “by the people” and “for the people” in a self-governing, US Constitution.  We have uniquely defined ourselves as no other country ever has.  Lie number two:  “Diversity has always been our strength,…” Not true.  The unity of shared values has been our strength.  Consider our statement:  “One nation under God,” for example.  Diversity of values tears a country apart. The flow of illegal aliens have no intentions of adopting American values.  The seek to remain separate as Communist agitators for Communism. Lie number three from Mr. Graham:  “The American ideal is embraced by people all over the globe.”  Not true.  People all over the world hate America.  Whether out of envy or other motive, they want to see our way of life completely destroyed, and that’s why they are coming here by the millions.  Illegal aliens are coming here to destroy America, not to make us better. To hear Graham speak the lies of the Communese language one would come away with the impression that American’s land is not even our own?  Suggesting there is no private property in America, a fourth lie, is Communist rhetoric at its very worst, Mr. Graham!

Who Is the Real Lindsey Graham?

Lindsey Graham is a Communist collaborator, a weak and foolish fellow who has been deceived by the Communist Party to try to seduce America with his false, Communist views.  It’s unbelievable to me that the voters of South Caroline chose Graham to represent such a conservative state.  He should be voted out immediately and replaced by a solid American patriot who abides by the US Constitution.

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