I’m Confused: Can We Just Kinda Pull-Together all these Investigations into One Coherent Pattern?

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As I have stated before, the Communist Party [CP] uses two types of front groups to hide and promote their illicit activities behind their masks:  United fronts and popular fronts.  These fronts infiltrate our institutions in order to corrupt and redirect them. I’m going to refer to recent political events here to illustrate how all these activities are connected to and implemented by the CP.  Most everyone is already aware of these issues but maybe less so about the accurate understanding of their source, purpose, and deceptive methods [John 8:44].

The NFL Communist Popular Front

One by one, our beloved cultural pastimes are being infiltrated by the CP, corrupted, and turned against Americans.  The latest to fall is the NFL. Warner Todd Huston at Brietbart.com [January 24, 2018] says that the undermining of the NFL is only going to increase.   This means the CP will continue to push the NFL down the Communist road as a popular front using the hypnotic terms “social justice” and “equality for all.”  These are satanically inspired Communist propaganda terms that deceive.  Social justice is code intended to corrupt and ultimately ban American rule-of-law.  Social equality is code that everyone must be made to be equally unjust and unequal.  [Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it?  That’s because it was intended that way].  As you can see, the Communist Party hides their different definitions within common English terms in order to deceive and covertly manipulate American minds.

The DACA Communist Popular Front

Illegal immigration to the US is just that:  Illegal.  Then why are Communist agents pushing for more of this?  In effect, the agents of DACA were the ones most responsible for shutting down the US Government last weekend, but their own best ally, the Communist united front, the Democrat Party [DP], got the blame.  So, we see here that a popular Communist front is working in concert with an influential united front, the DP, to force the American people to accept the break down of the rule-of-law leading to the overthrow of the country through a mass invasion by foreigners.  Most recently, however, they have now turned on one of their own, US Senate minority leader, Mr. Chuck Schumer. John Binder reported January 23, 2018 at Breitbart.com that one such “United We Dream” group went to Schumer’s home and yelled at him “If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!” They see their own Communist colleague failing to effectively undermine US rule-of-law and national security.

The FBI Communist United Front

For many months, we have had to read, see, and listen to heaps of evidence that our Federal Bureau of Investigation is itself corrupt.  There is increasing evidence, for example, that Communist Obama personally orchestrated its corruption along with just about every other federal agency.  In this case, Obama forced the FBI to spy on then presidential nominee Donald Trump prior-to, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  This was an all-out effort by the CP to keep the American patriot, Mr. Trump out of office, and the Communist Party’s own, Hillary Clinton into office.

For example, John Nolte reports in the January 24, 2018 issue of brietbart.com that the US public actually wants the FBI itself to be investigated.  Imagine that.  The CP has created so much corruption already that there is a need for one legal federal agency to investigate another.  What if they’re both corrupt?  If our own federal law enforcement agency is completely corrupted, how will we be able to enforce legal immigration by prosecuting illegal immigration? Nolte concludes that this issue amounts “…to the erosion of trust the public has for the FBI…” which is precisely the goal of the Communist Party.  [It would help greatly if we would stop using terms such as “deep state” and use the accurate term:  Communist Party front groups and agents. That way, the real perpetrator would be investigated instead of its masked front groups.]

The Special Prosecutor United Front

This [“special prosecutor”] Communist front is working with the FBI united front described above to breed confusion, chaos, and corruption in American rule-of-law.  Enough corruption will discredit federal law enforcement leading to the loss of our national boundaries and America all together into complete chaos. Robert Kraychik reports in his interview with Peter Schweizer in his breitbart.com piece [January 24, 2018] that Schweizer says that one of Meuller’s “special” prosecutors was seriously compromised with a strong, pre-existing anti-Trump bias making it impossible to be an objective third-party investigator, the main reason for this special office.  Mueller himself is responsible for hiring this corrupt agent [Peter Strzok]  and his accomplice, Lisa Page, so what does that say about the integrity of Robert Meuller?  Kraychik concluded by citing quotes from Mr. Schweizer that “The problem is that the investigative process has been corrupted.  Let’s remember, the FBI is a law enforcement agency.” “We follow the same procedure whether we’re investigating the janitor or the CEO” said Schweizer to Breitbart News Tonight’s Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak according to Kraychik.

Apparently, our federal government is now run by the method of special favors only for those who accept and abide by the dictates of Communism.  I guess the rest of us are supposed to play dumb and go along.


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