Edina, Minnesota’s Communist Brainwashing Public Schools in Action

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Just a look at Edina, Minnesota’s public school mission and curricula might not tip us off to what’s going on behind closed doors.  However, a rare, inside look reveals a perfect transplant of a Communist brainwashing camp no different from the ones in Communist Red China, the Soviet Union, or North Korea…no different.  This is an implication from Katherine Kersten’s investigation published February 1, 2018 at The Weekly Standard.

This important case study presented by Kersten describes a complete breakdown of public education in Edina, Minnesota, through a transformation to a Communist brainwashing camp.  It is neither an approximation or exaggeration of Communism, as most are in the US to hide their true purposes, which makes this blatant example all the more frightening.  Everyone knows that Minnesota is a liberal democrat state, but Communism is anything but liberal.  It’s one hundred percent totalitarian and authoritarian, even satanic.  This fact is what most don’t understand, but you sure would if you had to live in this insane nightmare called a Communist dictatorship.

I’m going to briefly list the activities, goals, and methods that the school staff are using on their students in the Edina Public Schools according to the information provided by Kersten, in order to give the reader a clearer idea for the methods of Communist indoctrination being used in American public schools and what it means for America, if left unchecked.

  • Most important is the young age at which the indoctrination begins.  Introducing a suffocating menu of Communist propaganda to Kindergartners, around age five, robs childrens’ minds of a legitimate education by not waiting until their brains’ analytical and critical reasoning abilities develop sufficiently so they can make up their own minds about what each child decides to believe.  This method literally crams a false reality of lies down the throat of helpless children and amounts to nothing less than massive child abuse.
  • The next worst thing being done to abuse their community’s children is robbing them of the competencies they need to be successful in life.  Since all the curricula are focused only on Communist indoctrination, student’s academic achievement begins at a stunted level, only to later render them intellectually incompetent and ignorant; this produces a learned helplessness that facilitates the spread of Communism in the US.  [As adults, it makes them desire government handouts, for example].  Academic achievement slides far behind other states’ average peer test scores, as Kersten indicates, because students are not being taught legitimate academic subjects.  Instead, students are being indoctrinated into a satanic cult, otherwise known as Communism.
  • There is extreme social and coercive pressure being applied to helpless children by “teachers” and “administrators” in Edina that force students to mindlessly turn-of their own critical-analytical and evaluative thinking, in preference for only the distorted feelings and sensations of atheistic Communism.  This renders them incapable of discerning truth and making wise decisions in the future.  Authoritative pressure to force-feed impressionable children damages their ability to become emotionally, spiritually, and behaviorally competent as mature adults.  [Of course, the end-game is to force these children to one day vote for the Communist Party via its major front group, the Democrat Party, but if asked why they did, they will not be able to tell you how they reasoned to vote that way, for there is no reasoning process allowed under Communism].
  • There is mob violence going on in this public school system according to Kersten, that targets anyone who either doubts or refuses to accept the Communist regime.  This is certainly a crime.  Communist “confessionals” are being used to make any such student to feel guilty if they do not accept Communist notions, which amounts to the force of totalitarian, coercive power on young, defenseless childrens’ innocent minds.
  • Especially the young, white male children, are being “taught” to hate themselves and to believe they don’t deserve to be treated fairly.  [The purpose of this is to weaken America.  The Communist Party believes that white males are the strength of America, thus a threat to a corrupt system that tries to make the entire population weak and dependent on a tiny group of evil, Communist dictators who demand absolute power over everyone].
  • Students are also being taught a uniquely coded Communist language, which means American English words and phrases are changed to alternative, often opposite meanings.  As such, the children will not be able to effectively communicate in American civilization later in life since their worldview is completely opposite of a normal, patriotic adult’s views.  [For example, contrast Communist terms “social justice” mentioned by Kersten, with the American term “equal justice under the law”, and the Communist dictate “All for All” that Kersten mentions, with the American “…and liberty and justice for all,” and you can see how the Communist Party twists our English language and turns it against impressionable minds].

As one who has researched this phenomenon extensively over many years, I can say without question that what Katherine Kersten presents to the reader in her article is no joke, nor is it an exaggeration.  What is happening in Edina is happening to our children all over the country to one degree or another.  The take-away is parents, please carefully read your school’s curriculum and stop these kinds of “programs” now.  If not, we’ll all be speaking Russian and Chinese in the not too distant future.  In that case, we’ll all be forced to forget the wonderful American guarantee…”and with liberty and justice for all.”

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