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Well, well, now it has been proven through the testimony of the FBI Director who was, we should not forget, originally appointed by former president Obama in 2013 and his department of injustice.  Should it then be any surprise that it was FBI Director, Comey, who publicly disclosed a secret FBI document in order to protect his own job? [A sense of public virtue was totally absent from his character].  After all, this was standard procedure within the Obama Administration for eight long years. Why should he straighten up now just because the American people had just elected a patriotic American president?

Have we publicly identified the fifth column enemy within our own federal government yet?  Recall, the enemy is the Communist Party, not the Department of Justice per se.  What the so-called “press” is calling the Communist Party now is the “Deep State.” This new term conjures up imagery of a clandestine organization consistent with a Communist regime, but calling the Communist Party organization a deep state is still inaccurate and misleading.

So what is a deep state?  A deep state could be called a “Meta-State.”  “Meta” means something new, transitory, and substituting for something else.  Indeed, a foreign government has secretly and covertly been installed within our own federal government.  My book, The Hypnotic Communist, refers to it as a “Hermit Crab.” By hollowing-out a vacuum in the government shell, it seeks to gradually change our form of government from a constitutional republic to a Communist dictatorship. In part, this would extinguish the rule of law entirely. What do you think the Communist hypnotic meme “hope and change” repeated constantly for eight long years was intended to do? The answer is to gradually condition our subconscious minds to accept the “new” Communist agenda for a new Amerika.

What we are witnessing now is merely the executive branch trying to “Drain the Swamp” as promised, yet the “press” is certainly misrepresenting this as something else.  Mr. Comey is one of the alligators being currently drained for the corrupt activity of making a confidential document public. Recall that Comrade Hillary had already publicly disclosed a massive number of classified documents to numerous foreign agents, yet she remains free of charges!  More recently, the perpetrator named “Reality Winner” has been charged and jailed for stealing classified defense secrets. Both of these agents are part of the Communist underground now being called the “deep state.” Still, the question begs; why not just call it what it really is: The typical activities of the world Communist Party?  One of these is a Communist “dupe,” the other a Communist Agent.  Do you know which is which?  Hint:  Does her name “Reality Winner” sound odd to you?




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