The Communist Alphabet: The Beliefs and Demands of Communism

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When I was a university professor, I once had the question: “What is Communism?”  That question made me realize that the doctrine of Communism is very hard to condense into one or a few sentences for instructional purposes.  I did my best, but I wish I had had a better answer at the time.  Since then, I have come to a list of defining traits that capture the nature of Communism that anyone can understand. This is a simple list distilled from the mass of Communist writings the author has read and examined over many years.  These are listed below and appropriately entitled “The Alphabet of Communism.” Key words and phrases are italicized.

a:  Has a worldview that is primarily Communist [One does not have to believe in all traits to be considered a Communist, only a majority].

b:  Believes in forced equality, if not voluntary

c:  Total centralization of authority and power of a country

d:  All power reserved for a tiny ruling elite of atheists

e:  Mass deception the primary method of acquiring and retaining power, authority, and control

f:   Rejects all individual freedom

g:  Rejects all authority of the Bible

h:  Rejects all principles of the US Constitution with its protections for individual freedoms

i:   Rejects the impartial rule-of-law

j:  Adheres to and promotes the principles of Marxism

k:  Rejects all principles of free-market Capitalism

l:  Views centralized government as a substitute for the authority of God; government is the god

m: Rejects all religions, especially those that worship the one true God

n:  Seeks to undermine and destroy all Western civilizations

o:  Desires to replace Western civilizations with Communism through organized violence

p:  Seeks the total control of all humans on earth under one totalitarian rule; mind, body, & soul

q:  All criminal activities are condoned if they advance the goals of Communism.

r:  Seeks unlimited power and authority over world populations

s:  Driven by the power of Satanism

t:  Indoctrinates ignorance, gullibility, and naivety of entire populations

u:  Fosters dependency of populations on the tiny Communist dictatorship

v:  Hypnotically conditions and brainwashes entire populations from birth into Communist beliefs

w: Punishes or murders any deviations from Communist ideas by rugged individualists

x:  Demands total loyalty and obedience to the small Communist ruling group

y:  Only Communist dictator must be worshiped

z:  No private property or individual privacy allowed

Question of the Day:  Is Robert Meuller a Communist Agent attempting to destroy our duly-elected American President, thereby nullifying an election by forming an independent council without any evidence a-priori?  This is what Communist Revolutions around the world attempt to do, i.e., to nullify election decisions.  All such formations are required to have, at a minimum, credible evidence and judicial approval to go forward based on that evidence.  This commission has neither, yet this miscarriage of justice continues as if an Alice in Wonderland story.

According to Kellyanne Conway, five out of a total of six of Meuller’s hit-team are devoted to the Democrat Party [the primary US front group for the Communist Party].  “Devotion” is indicated by the five out of six “attorneys” in question having endorsed Democrat Party candidates in the past, i.e., that is a proportion of 83.33 out of 100!  Since the Democrat Party is the Communist Party, the selection of a clear majority of their partisans for an investigation of the president, clearly indicates the creation of a Communist Fifth Column. A primary requirement for any independent counsel is impartiality. Isn’t it true you can determine a person’s values and beliefs by where he spends his money?  One’s decisions and behaviors are the best predictors of future decisions and behaviors. Remember, Communists believe it’s fair to be unfair, a dialectical contradiction.

The answer is “Yes.” Comrade Mueller is leading a Communist coup against the Executive Branch of the US Government.

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