The Hypnotic Communist BookI wrote this book out of the deepest concern for the continuation of America as the constitutional republic it was always intended to be. That means two things.  One, America cannot continue to be America without strict devotion to the US Constitution as originally intended.  As the book offer on this website amply demonstrates, we have already strayed far away from this constitutional focus already.  Two, I am concerned for those who come after us; our children.  Will they have the same freedoms and prosperity that we have had since America’s inception?  Already, our freedom and liberties have been so seriously eroded that many of us who grew up during the 1950s and 1960s, or before, find it a little challenging to recognize our country now.  Yet, because of Communist hypnotics in virtually every American institution now, our younger generations have been deceived into turning against their own country. Doesn’t that seem strange that so many seem to hate the country that gives them more freedom than any other?  Why would that be?  Frankly, and this is not meant to be condescending be any means, they don’t know any better because they have been misled.

I am just a plain man, but one with a special love for truth and the principles underlying the concept of human dignity. Human dignity displayed by the individual freedoms we enjoy, but freedoms require us to follow the rule of law as well.  When people stand up for the freedoms already been won by our forefathers, human dignity is maintained.  That’s why this book is important.  It contains truth that is rarely brought forth and exposed for public awareness.  If the public doesn’t know the truth about our enemy, the Communist cult described in this book, how can we resist and defeat this most deadly enemy?  It is my prayer that you will get a copy of this book and educate yourself so you can “see” the devil’s party at work, then counter and defeat its plans and actions before it is too late.

This is a nonfiction book. The type of person that will be most interested in it are most likely Americans who are already patriotic.  This does not necessarily include those who are genuine Christians, but the Christian community is most likely to find it interesting since they will be the ones who are aware of and appreciate the underlying Christian principles conveyed.  They are also the ones who love the plain truth, not a distorted version. But I have already been surprised to find that most who like the book are in the younger age bracket of twenty-two to fifty instead of the older class of over fifty-five, as I originally guessed.  The military like the book especially well.  The enemies of America also probably buy the book and read it for the intel it provides them, but certainly they will not like this book because it exposes their clandestine plans and methods.

Regardless, the book will benefit anyone who engages the work. It is an uncommon book since it is not popular to write about certain ignored truths that strengthen America. Only partial versions of truth combined with outright lies have become acceptable.  In this way, this book stands out as a bright shining light on reality.

You see, Communism’s appeal is for what is said to be a better world and their words do convey ideas that most people find attractive. Unfortunately, their words are all lies meant to trick and deceive millions into accepting the Communist agenda without knowing they are being deceived.  Once they have bought into their lies, a campaign of mass murder ensues that takes the life of everyone who might resist or undermine their agenda once the Communist devils take off their masks.  By then, it is far too late.

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